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  1. I have previously thought the same in other threads. Their interest in defending of China is more than would be expected of a standard commentator. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/iain-dale/labour-mp-refuses-six-times-to-condemn-china-for-uyghur-genocide/
  2. It'll be a damn shame if he goes before he gives me an HPC. He'd be merely the messiah rather than God. Maybe if prices started going down after he left (if he does soon), that could be worked in his favour 🤔
  3. Oops, too slow on forward guidance? Maybe an extra vigilant 1% at the start of Aug would be in order?
  4. Yes of course, and all under 18 too. Escaping war from France really does add many, many years to one's skin. Must be some pro-ceramide B or something for that
  5. I believe so, but happy to be corrected from anyone more knowledgeable about the subject (I'm a good boy and I haven't got caught). Could Sir Kneel avoid having to resign if he refuses the fine? Not sure the exact wording this lawyer gave as a condition of his resigning. I'd admire the steel of his balls if he did so! Edit. Probably this actually...I thought the fines could be like a caution and you could refuse them? Hmm, interesting.
  6. Keir Starmer could find out today if he is going to be fined over Beergate https://metro.co.uk/2022/07/04/keir-starmer-could-find-out-today-if-he-will-be-fined-over-beergate-16936212/ "A Durham Police source has told the Mail: ’It is important to be fair to Sir Keir and the others under investigation and give them time to digest the findings. ‘But equally this is a matter of real public interest and so there is a determination to inform the public as soon as is reasonably possible.’" 🍺🍻
  7. Not a bad score from this article. 115 points? I do need to codify the scores from this game, especially from the heart-wrenching stories that could be incoming over the next 2 years 10x "Mortgage prisoners" 0x "Homeowner" 3x "Mental health" (or derivative phrase. eg "vulnerable") 0x "Help"
  8. "The kids can’t reach the flushing system and they have to wait for me to come. They [the council] should have changed the flush in the toilet system." Also, the cheapest 3 bed flat I can find in Peckham on RM is £355k right now.
  9. Invest no more than you are willing to lose is the rule that every investor should live by. The meaning of the word afford is "have enough money to pay for", so technically losing 80k out of 100k does fit. Even so, I'd still say I can't afford to lose 80% of my entire investment portfolio. They're interchangeable in this regard IMO.
  10. Work from home and shop from home. Sheer pleasure
  11. Something I have been thinking about recently. If your roots are not in the UK, yet you work here and are a mortgageowner, what might you do if you found your repayments have shot up and your house value has shot down? Are there enough who would exit elsewhere to cause a massive supply-side increase? I know half a dozen who have bought or upsized in the past 12 months and I can't see it's going to be that easy for banks to get the shortfall back if the debtor is in a different country/continent.
  12. Ultimately, exactly the same thing as if you stopped paying your mortgage. And there we have the exact reason I keep calling out the overuse of the term home"owner"
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