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  1. Not sure. I have searched the internet and also phoned up 101 to check. Apparently they'll speak to me later
  2. No that bit on bold happened in 1997. Now is the beginning of a bright future when people can enjoy a long and happy life, with reasonably priced accomodation, energy to satisfy their needs and not destroy the planet, and healthy food to keep them sustained and happy for the rest of their long lives. That's what the Chinese Embassy have told me what will happen soon and I can't find any evidence to the contrary.
  3. When the thing that was in the middle become nearer to the previous end than the next start, and the next end is closer than the current beginning to the previous beginning.
  4. No, the EU is always excellent and the UK is always awful, just ask 98% of the posters in the Brexit thread. They have graphs and Guardian articles to prove it.
  5. Maybe Brexit has got a little bit to do with it. Can't give Covid all the credit can we?
  6. Well, feck knows where I was reading about this from then. I will go back to watching hilarious cat videos with a beer instead.
  7. I made a paltry 15-20% out of gold and silver last year 😭 The struggle is real sometimes, but I certainly value a diversified portfolio because Bitcoin might actually hit zero! My Bitcoin end game is to buy a house and then fund the retirement. I'd sell to get those no matter what I thought of the future trend, but I'd keep some behind just in case.
  8. Beat me to it.... https://www.joe.ie/news/pics-this-pile-of-cash-worth-22bn-was-found-inside-the-insane-home-of-a-mexican-drug-lord-409313 Posted again because people don't learn! USD, GBP etc etc has been used for bad things before too 🙄
  9. I'd definitey sell a couple if it did something like this this year. In fact, I'd probably have sold a couple a bit before. Maybe 500%, maybe 400%..... Itchy trigger finger time then!
  10. No it isn't possible. Just like FTL or perpetual motion. House prices only ever go up. Moar help pls thx.
  11. I looked at the photo and just knew he goes to Elevenerife. His favourite three words are "That's nothing, I've..." too.
  12. @Peter Hun Weren't we playing Fantasy Bitcoin earlier this month? You sold at £30k and were going to buy back at £20k? As it hasn't hit £20k, I'm assuming you haven't bought back in yet or did you buy it at the lowest point (just under £23k) after seeing how the weekly graph panned out up until now? I think you have £30k in Fantasy Cash, and no Fantasy Bitcoin. I have no Fantasy cash, and £29k of Bitcoin. A little bit to make up but not unassailable. A very exciting race! I'm playing with real money, and several Bitcoin, so it's extra exciting!
  13. Love central bankers. Always got our backs and looking out for the little guy. Maybe turn off the money printers, raise the emergency interest rates, and give people an alternative to investing in "BE PREPARED TO GO BUST" assets. The Bitcoin price has responded by ticking upwards ever so slightly.
  14. I had a decision. Spend 21 years slaving away at spreadsheets and emails and calls and what have you, or spend 4 of those days to reduce it by (up to) 14 years 😄 The worst thing that can happen to me in Bitcoin is that I lose a grand. That's 3 months of season tickets or the amount I have spunked on the Unity Asset Store since June. I saved almost 4x that, so far, due to COVID anyway so Fate and Boris seem to have my back. The best thing that can happen is gold toilets, cars....... ♥️
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