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  1. A popular theory shortly before the general election was that Labour might not get the biggest kicking this great country had ever seen with the leader of the 'Lib' 'Dems' actually losing it's seat 😂 I like popular theories. They give great laughs months and even years after.
  2. All this despite Brexit and wallpaper. Funny old world ain't it.
  3. Labour set to lose 59 seats in ‘Red Wall’ councils next week https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2021/05/01/labour-set-lose-59-seats-red-wall-councils-next-we Even with the wallpapering outrage, third in the triumvirate of evil along with racism and Cummings, Britain still does not vote in the same way as Twitter informs them they should. I have no idea why those working class in the north would not want to vote for Sir Kneel's party of the people??? NB. Not a fan of polls, they have the habit of being very, very, very wrong. So I will hold fire on t
  4. I like the word somewhat. That to me implies 8% or more Which, ironically, ho-moaners will wish was only the monthly HPC number they'll then see later this year and continuing into the next two.
  5. What is it with these demented cows and their trotting out of these tropes? Makes it sound like you're snapping up a bargain, quite the opposite in fact.
  6. How dare you! My accent is pleasant and inspires confidence, and I would never even consider talking to someone on a commute, not even someone I know.
  7. This is a sensible proportion and is pretty much spot on the %ages I use myself for the 'fun' investments! BTC is the Daddy and while I believe now what I believed when I originally got in, that it could go to £1m each, or nothing, I am getting sold on the idea of ETH. Crypto's a massive proportion of my savings now (bouncing around 30-40% of the total) so I'm just leaving it for now.
  8. ‘Quite a challenge’: UK restaurants and pubs face staffing crisis after Brexit Rare piece of good news from the Gaurdain, even with 'challenge', 'crisis' and 'Brexit' in the title. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/may/01/uk-restaurants-pubs-brexit-staff-covid One man's problem is another man's opportunity? He then goes on and talks about microwaved food unless he gets more cheap immigrant labout, I think I'll avoid Peter Borg-Neal's establishments should I ever remember this in future. However, Fitch stick their oar in... 😄
  9. Saltier than a tin of anchovies that have been opened up in the Dead Sea only to find that they had also missed the opportunity of buying Bitcoin last year for a few grand 🐟🤽‍♂️💰 Charlie is a Loser (yes, a capital L) just like that gold bloke.
  10. People will be too busy this summer going to pubs, restaurants and holidays to worry about houses. Deflation of 10% maybe ☺️ Of course, people fecking love teh propertehs, so it could be an 'improvement' to +10%? Next year is going to be the interesting year. The Covid and Brexit results should be feeding through solidly then 🤞
  11. No one, you can't question the virtuous EU. After seeing what happened when we merely questioned our membership, raising deaths as a negative with their performance will be grounds for excommunication.
  12. Also at the younger end of Gen X. Realise I have been lucky in some things, unlucky in other, but all in all content with my lot. Lack of affordable housing is Issue #1 to solve now, but at least that is all it is. I'm not living in some diverse shittole sink estate with a life expectancy of around now, nor am I in an awful part of the world at an awful time in history either. Maintaining that perspective. Could buy a small shitti 2 bed terrace with change for some furnishings and Asda wallpaper, but that is not commensurate with my qualifications and standing so I won't. If this is my bi
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