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  1. Never wait (IMO). IMO, if you have made a decision, go with it because the worst that will happen is that it will be a more expensive mistake than waiting. How will this feel? IMO, if you wait, the worst that will happen is £10k, then £15k, then £20k, then £100k in a few months. How will that feel? The movements are basically 50/50 either way, and whenever I have previously waited to see what happens, the bad result always felt worse than when I went balls out (and lost). DYOR. Invest no more than you are willing to lose. Fear is worse than failure!
  2. Wasn't it Injin or someone like that who used to go on flat out (ad nauseum) about 'intrinsic value'? That was about gold mainly IIRC. Never saw the attraction in it really. Can't buy food, beer, houses or pay your taxes with it, so I just leave it to the philosophers. Bitcoin, gold, silver, classic motorbikes you can (or at least swap it quickly with something you can)
  3. Indeed. Buying 2 bitcoin back then involved 4 or 5 individual transactions for me. Direct bank transfers on ebay (risky as hell), buying "second life lindens" with GBP in order to then buy BTC with the SLLs......all on MtGox. Youngsters today don't know how easy they've got it with their exchanges and stuff. In my day....
  4. I didn't know about it back then, hence I bought only 2. I didn't know it in mid-2014 when I only topped up a few more. I don't know about it now and so I'm not filling my boots. I think the chances of it dopping to zero is quite high, but I don't know so I will hodl. I will clarify again, and this was in the quote, that I think the chances at each point of it's lifecycle of the price going mental... That's is much as I know. If it goes to zero, I've only made a 400% gain in total with crypto, if it goes to the moon then it's 100,000%+. I'll take those odds 🙂
  5. I have an idea of the number I will sell at that I will not hesitate (and will be guaranteed) to ignore once it gets to within 15-10% of it. Just cautious by nature.
  6. Yes, it only needs to increase by 1,300% 2 of the bitcoins that I bought first, back in early 2013, have had that kind of increase happen to them........twice 🙂 I think I've said similar previously, that the chance of that happening again is not insignificant, and certainly not lottery win chances (with a finger firmly in the air on these future 'chances')
  7. Which may today be 'worth' as much as £4m That does quite excite me that houses could go one way, and Bitcoin the other (hopefully in the right directions!). The life changing amount I would need to FIRE (which needs to take account of the price of a house) would become substantially smaller. BTC might only need to hit $100k for me 🙂
  8. You're right, 100% correct. There is no alternative reality where Bitcoin will not go to zero at some point. But when? Tomorrow? 100 years? Most importantly for me, will it go to life changing amounts before that time? The chances of that, after seeing some of the previous increases, seems to be "not insignificant".
  9. No, I'm not sure that people are unhappy. Between indifferent and mildly interested for the majority maybe. Brexit is a slow burn now and there are many more important things to think about, losing one's job, one's house, not being able to see family and friends or do normal things in a normal way. I still reckon most normal people are less caring about Brexit at the moment than before, hence the lower number of comments. A pro-Brexit government with a big majority means tying up the loose ends are likely (in a normal person's mind) to be completed and there is no uncertainty around that.
  10. There may be other reasons why they're quiet. The battle was fought and the result was what we wanted, no need now for many to keep on about it really. I doubt they're at home, James Martin on in the background, head in hands weeping because of their voting mistake. Worrying about COVID, their jobs, and other things are probably in the forefront of their minds. I'm certain the lack of posts right now on my social media about Liverpool FC is definitely not anything to do with fans not liking them any more! There were quite a few a couple of days ago, but they have thankfully quietened down.
  11. No they certainly haven't! However it does feel like a bit of light relief now after the nonsense of the past few months.
  12. Seems only fair. The number of trolls giving the remain side a bad name are legion, we need to be attacked too otherwise it isn't good sport.
  13. I have also had a look at the charts and I can see that the future price of Bitcoin could be as low as zero, or as high as several hundred thousand USD! Take a look! I hope it's the latter as I fancy retiring before 45 🙂
  14. They just wanted to provide themselves with a pension for when they retire, you are all horrible. 😂 😂 😂
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