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  1. I feel it bro ✊ Used to do the 5am get up and the commute was 75 minutes each way. (yes, that was written in a Yorkshire accent) In the past year and half, none of the trains I have caught have been late, broken down, or cancelled due to any incident. I have managed to get my choice of seat for myself and my bag, and I only spent £15 on tickets in that time. Sounds like a commuter's dream, and it sounds like it because it is! There are certainly upsides to WFH, no doubt about it.
  2. Impossible I'd say. I find it quite funny (in an annoying way) that between Saturday when I thought about it, and today when I might actually get round to topping up, it's gone up by £5 grand. Oh well, the last time I bought BTC they were around £350 so I won't get too annoyed. Recently been scratching that ETH itch though so I might do that one instead again this month.
  3. 🥳 Thank you for bringing some good news to a particularly doom-ladened thread. So much negativity around that heartwarming stories such as this sometimes don't even get a look in 😄
  4. Literally on cue, someone pours petrol on the Bitcoin BBQ just before I want to top up 😂
  5. Lloyds have been playing ball recently (past couple of months) with small deposits of a few thousand to Kraken. Will let you know how next week's one lands.
  6. Another part of commuting that I do not miss and have not missed at any point in the past 493 days. Rail services face cuts as staff self-isolate https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57940660
  7. Endorsed by Momentum according to the wikis. Good job Starmer's on the case now!
  8. Oh FFS. I didn't realise me enjoying zero travel costs, zero travel time, and zero suited prks sitting or standing next to me on a train was actually me being fearful of returning to the office 😱💀👻 Especially in this weather! This has all the sophistication of a junior school playground argument along the lines of "Ooooh, you're scared". Do they think I will demand my company pay rent they don't need to so I don't get look like I'm afraid? See, here's me on the office, I'm not scared really 🙄 No final word on the office return just yet, thank God! Looks to be Q4(ish) and looks like we'll have some freedom to choose! I love my company!
  9. Amateurs. They should have come to HPC.co.uk, seen a thread about something called Bitcoin, stuck a grand or two into it, and made much more than a few hundred grand. Of course hindsight investing is a piece of cake, but they should've come to HPC rather than buying.
  10. Keir Starmer expected to back purge of far-left Labour factions https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jul/18/keir-starmer-expected-to-back-purge-of-far-left-labour-factions Haven't seen this posted, apologies if I am late for teh partay! Maybe Labour not hating the people it wants to vote for it might be a vote winner? Whoduvthunkit? Edit. YouGov are showing a 44/31 split in their latest voting intentions. An excellent Covid response has surely helped keep that high Maybe that photo of Sir Kneel has kept one side low too, hence the PURGE!!!
  11. Better example using real numbers. 60% are actually fully vaccinated (for some reason I was thinking of UK 1st doses, duh) 0.9% chance of going to hospital with both doses, 2% chance with no. The numbers still work I am in that lower bracket on my back of fag packet calcs! Champion!
  12. What proportion of Israelis are fully vaccinated? What is the percentage chance of being hospitalised if you are fully vaccinated? I assume you know these two numbers as they will feed into the "40%". Edit. Actually I will help you out with an example. Israel - population of 9m Say 87% fully vaccinated (v v high I know). Chance of going to hospital when fully vaccinated is 1%. Chance when not 10%. That gives a 40/60 split of vaccinated/not going to hospital, and sounds scary (woooo wooooo 👻) yet shows vaccines are great.
  13. It is better to sell at the peak. It is also better to buy at the bottom too. Were you aware of that one? Once you've learned these two rules, go and put the knowwledge into action and let us know how it turns out. Or if it's easier, toss a coin and heads you win.
  14. Tails You Win: The Science of Chance https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00yh2rc BBC Four at 9pm tonight. I think that the bald silver bearded bloke, who's surname is quite something, might have some persuasive information for some to ponder. 🤔😂
  15. I think it's not necessarily a failure of prediction, more that you cant predeict what an unpredictable psycho would do in any given situation. You might be okay, you might get a knife in your neck. I liken the economy, and especially the housing market, to a psycho off their meds.
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