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  1. Yes, I think you're right. I haven't seen the UK this broken since the 70s. Friend of mine in his 80s narrowly avoided a fist fight in a petrol station this morning. Up until now, he was almost entirely insulated to the realities. Fuel and food though... never ends well (politically). Today he has woken up to the UK feeling like a Mad Max film and not the old sleepy game of cricket he was rather expecting RE: Brexit...
  2. Wow. The Mail has held back on the front pages (so far), but inside they've let rip. Quite the contrast to where they were. I think this might unravel to the point we find out where Aaron Banks money actually comes from now, you know. Won't be long until you proles demand scapegoats. We'll try the usual ones - the EU/migrants in dinghies/the poor/unemployed. If enough of you actually wake up (sorry... I know the anti-woke won't like that), then the elites and the shadow money that pushed all this might finally be exposed...
  3. Yeah... I totally believe this government are capable of organising and running a complex conspiracy...
  4. I had my car converted to run on sovereignty ages ago.
  5. Not funding ISIS (which Cameron genuinely tried to do briefly!) and generally not just running the economy for him and his mates. Hell, I'm not saying Ed Milliband was good. I think I've just woken up to how bad we've had it of late is all.
  6. I regret not voting for Ed Milliband in 2015 (in hindsight). Ran rings round Cameron, but beyond that it's nailed on we wouldn't be in this mess (hard to imagine anyone running the country as badly as it has been this past 10+ years tbh).
  7. It's all over my newsfeeds. Not confident anything will get sorted now tbh. Lots of blame shifting and whataboutry. As you say, we need to get on with it. I don't care whose fault it is, but I'm bored of people and politicians telling me it's not their fault now. State of the country, I'm just glad I'm still here, tbh. And I can easily leave it if gets really bad I guess.
  8. This made me laugh a lot. I'm a Leave voter but the clamour to deny any of this is down to Brexit is frankly embarrassing.
  9. Pre-1996 you couldn't borrow from a bank for a BTL. You either had the money or you already had assets you could secure the loan against.
  10. I'm going back in time to ask Tony Blair how he managed to inflict BTL on the UK a full year before getting into power. Impressive.
  11. We had over a thousand days between the Brexit vote and actually leaving. We SHOULD have been training lorry drivers and all the rest. Problem was, there was a blanket denial there would be any issues.
  12. That'll be the one my uncle had. The "electric" version had an electric light (it never worked and I think it was more like a dynamo or something). I might even still have the thing somewhere. If I find it, you can have it!
  13. Sadly, they're just autopeds. I'm pretty sure my uncle had an original German copy in an old lock up, actually! It was basically a lawnmower (didn't cut grass of course).
  14. Called this ages ago. Bitcoin will be the sacrificial lamb that dies for the global debt. It's the perfect vehicle to take cash in an overheated overprinted society and render it worthless almost instantly.
  15. Seems unlikely given we didn't have lithium batteries until the mid 1980s... Perhaps someone invented time travel just after?
  16. Doesn't job pressure suggest the market is drying up (if, as you say, it's new)? Looks like more applicants chasing fewer positions?
  17. Good. They used to get council houses, bless em. Don't worry - they'll have you all crammed into trailer parks within a few generations!
  18. Difference is the UK poor have - up until now - been much better looked after than their US counterparts. The Yanks don't know any different. I'm not actually sure why the Tories are seen as patriotic either, but I guess Northerners like flags more than an army, navy, police, a working border force, food, fuel, affordable housing, or any of the other things you'd associate with a strong country (all weakened this past decade). The numpties are probably all still booing the best England team we've had since 66 for kneeling, mind.
  19. I really doubt the money this chump is washing down in tax havens for the shadowy types is all that fussed about anything much tbh.
  20. I think they will. I'd give it another 18 months before anyone working class who voted for BoJo realises they haven't just been had, they've been lied to and treated like complete idiots. The thickest ones won't of course, but you suspect a great many of the unwashed will work it out pretty shortly. Nobody will give a monkeys about kneeling (or pretending it'll usher in a new Marxist dawn because they can't possibly be a bit racist can they?) when they can't afford shelter, food, or fuel. There's work out there. But no one can afford to move to find it or pay to train to get it either (2K+ for an HGV license and training currently).
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