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  1. No surprises here. The BoE have been trotting out excuses for 10 years to keep rates pinned at rock bottom. Whatever happens to the economy they will continue to trot out excuses. The elite are making too much money from their assets to be bothered about making money out of rate increases, hence no real rate increases.
  2. Anyone who thinks Labour (even this new "proper" Labour) are going to sort house prices out at a stroke needs to go back and read the HPC forum when they were in power, 1997-2010, because they won't. I'm not even sure if they really are too stupid to see any correlation between population growth and housing demand. This is not a defence of the Tories, because things like HTB are moronic, but they at least started to tax the BTL'ers. New Labour were a Buy to Letters dream.
  3. If only that were a joke. They will throw the kitchen sink at the property market if it starts to tank, I've learn't that from events of the last 17 years,
  4. For them Brexit gave is an excuse not to raise rates for another few years.
  5. This is hardly surprising given Brexit. The lefties hate him because they don't really have an answer to him, that's why they resort to trying to make out he's a liar and a racist. I didn't vote Brexit by the way.
  6. People say he's all these terrible things yet no one is prepared to come up with any convincing evidence to prove it, as this topic shows so far. The difference between the haters and everyone else as far as I can see, is that the haters take his words and infer something else out of them to suit their own agenda. I am happy to be proven wrong, but calling someone names isn't proof in my book.
  7. I saw this. Firstly, he didn't blame politicians for the actions of extremists. There is a very important distinction between blaming a politician for the actions of a terrorist and blaming a politician for allowing a terrorist to openly walk into the country to carry out their actions. As for the comments about the charity, I don't know enough about them, but I would rather wait to hear his reasoning rather than just assume the worst, like the haters always do.
  8. This Quote feature is hopeless, I can't make head nor tail of it, my last post came out totally wrong. I said "It's the fact that when QE was started, the fears of printing money were allayed by saying it would be reversed, like it would be a short term temporary measure. Yet there is still no sign of it almost 10 years on. "
  9. It's the fact that when QE was started, the fears of printing money were allayed by saying it would be reversed, like it would be a short term temporary measure. Yet there is still no sign of it almost 10 years on.
  10. I'll believe they'll reverse QE when I see it. I remember them saying it would need to be reversed at some point when they first started it when people we're airing concerns about QE, but we're nearly 10 years on and there is no sign of it. My guess is they will reverse it once inflation makes reversing that amount of money a lot less painful, i.e. many years away.
  11. But we've already established no lies were told in the examples you gave, if you want to interpret facts as lies that's up to you. I was also around before this forum on the old HPC by the way.
  12. I haven't. It was a final question I thought of for you to answer.
  13. That they do, Simon. What exactly is your challenge, other than that I'm being unfair to Farage and possibly should use a softer word than 'lie' to describe his interventions? A lie is either a lie or it isn't. There is no softer in between. Do you think your contribution to this thread by calling him a liar is consistent with the facts?
  14. I think if anything you've just reinforced what I thought at the start of this thread, but at least you had a go and didn't resort to calling me names. I know more than you think I do though, it was about getting you to explain your criticisms. I don't think I've got anything else to add to this debate.
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