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  1. I posted a link to the IMF predictions, not mine. Posting a link to a positive economic prediction and then saying I didn't think it had been a disaster yet doesn't mean I have to discuss all the ins and outs of Brexit and what I think of them.
  2. I wondered how long that would take. That's not my recollection since joining the thread.
  3. Here we go. I don't have to defend Brexit, I said I didn't think it was a disaster so far, which strangely seems to upset people.
  4. But when its the other way round , i.e. voting for Brexit and saying what a mess it is , that's totally believable, not a mention. Brilliant. I like how if you don't share the view of this little Remain club the insults start flying about and people get personal. Doesn't bother me, it just demonstrates the attitude of Remainers which put people off.
  5. I like how people keep saying things which I haven't, I didn't say GDP was the be all and end all, I said I thought it was - for those who are banging on about Brexit economic disaster. People voted Leave for various reasons, some because they thought it was the right thing to do , despite all the doom and gloom economic predictions from Remainers. I was asked why anyone would vote for something which harmed the economy, I gave an example in answer to the question. I don't see what your problem is.
  6. Why's that? I'll contribute as much or little as I choose, the arguments have all been made, the vote is done, people need to move on.
  7. More insults from the lovely brigade. I don't care if you believe me or not it is of no consequence to me, but someone claiming they know two people who lied about which way they voted isn't exactly compelling as I said.
  8. I'm not hiding behind anything, I said the economy hadn't fallen in yet, I do not need to lay out my entire political stance to make that argument.
  9. If you think I'm going to spend all evening discussing the ins and outs of the EU with you when the arguments have all been made , you can think again, I'll say some things I don't like, you'll argue the toss, etc. Been there and done it all, not interested.
  10. I don't need to explain myself to you pal. I'm not getting into the boring EU referendum argument again. Bore off.
  11. Seeing as you seem to know what I think better than I do, why don't you post what you think I think and then have the argument with yourself.
  12. Yes, but it might hurt UK GDP, which I thought was the be all and end all here.
  13. Well you've come to that conclusion yourself, I'm a spokesperson for no one. I'm not going to have another boring argument about the ins and outs of the EU with you. There's nothing I will say which hasn't already been said.
  14. What even if affected the sacred GDP? I thought the wealth of the UK etc was built on slavery. I wonder if you'll be making the same argument in that debate.
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