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  1. Lots of people like spending their cash on cars, it's one of the things which give a reason to have any money in the first place, like holidays and houses. Not me I hasten to add, I have a low mileage 19 year old Focus, bought 3 years old for 6k. £200 to insure, £200 to tax, service / MOT £250 ish, plus petrol and maintenance, and I think it's already fully depreciated.
  2. No offense here, in fact it amuses me how people so intellectually superior and condescending haven't worked out why they keep losing elections yet.
  3. Nope, but it just shows the lunacy. A joke Crypto making people billionaires.
  4. I haven't seen such lunacy since 1999, but I suppose all that funny money has to find a home somewhere.
  5. It wasn't sarcasm, there are a lot of Remainers who talk down to Leavers, they appear to see themselves morally and intellectually superior, I don't think there's any doubt about that. I didn't vote Leave or Remain. I had sympathies with Leave but wasn't sure it was worth the upheaval in practise.
  6. Why don't you ask one? What's provocative about what I posted, if it was really aimed at me?
  7. That didn't take long for the insults to start. Which BS are you talking about specifically?
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2008/sep/02/economy.houseprices More of the same.
  9. I get it, only the morally and intellectually superior Remainers could see through all the bullshi*t.
  10. Like most, I'd still vote Tory ahead of Labour, even with the "wallpaper scandal".
  11. Silly me. I think you must have missed my comment about not voting for Brexit as well. Just look a little bit further back.
  12. Wanting the people of a country to have control of who governs them is a stupid idea?
  13. The Remainers made an awful lot of the "lying bus" , which fooled the stupid British public, apparently. Most people saw that the bus contained a general political aspiration rather than a "promise". I didn't vote for Brexit, but treating people like fools didn't do the Remainers cause any good.
  14. Well that's another typically meaningless statement I see Labour supporters often make. The inflation over that period of time makes it so. You could have said the same about the last Labour government. Why were Labour complaining about austerity and spending cuts if they kept spending? I simply voted Tories because they were the best of a bad bunch and the least "woke" for want of a better term.
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