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  1. That's exactly what I've been thinking. When I'm in Asia I always use the high powered hose provided, ditto the bidet provided in Continental hotels. Much more hygienic than bog roll anyway.
  2. A bit of googling and I have found out that buying 99% isopropyl alcohol and mixing it with aloe vera gel at a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio produces an effective home made alcohol gel. The large Asda I visited earlier has bare shelves where all the hand sanitising products should be, price ramping is apparent on amazon and E bay. I have just bought a litre of isopropyl alcohol off Ebay for £7 and I have an unused aloe vera aftersun unopened bottle from the summer. I refused to take any signatures on my device today, if the management pull me up on this, Ill remind them of their duty of care to employees and question why they haven't issued any advice and guidelines to drivers in the light of this outbreak.
  3. I work as a delivery driver in London.The advice to wash my hands for 20 seconds in hot soapy water is laughable. Where am I supposed to do this? In London's non existent public toilets? The customers toilets which I am not allowed to use, not that I would feel comfortable asking in the first place. I deliver to 30 plus addresses a day, I have to get a signature off my hand held device, perfect virus transmission environment. All the couriers in the major Cities and towns will face this issue, I feel I am in the front line for infection.
  4. WICAO. I always enjoy reading your posts, I have read your blog and truly doff my cap to what you have managed to achieve. I know that you are a believer in passive investments and realize that timing the stock market is nigh on impossible, along the lines of monevator (another superb resource). I would just like to ask your opinion on stock market valuations at the moment. I currently have 55K invested in VWRL. I have a two year fixed cash ISA at 75K which has matured, I know that passive investment should be just that...but with the stock market at a high after a six year bull run, coupled with sterling being on the floor to USD I am worried about sticking this into VWRL. With inflation at 3%, cash rates at 1% and bonds looking very likely to dive, if/when interest rates rise this moment in time seems like very tricky environment in which a sensible investment decision can be committed to! I should add that I am 43, looking to retire at 57ish, so I have at least a 10 year time horizon before I am likely to be drawing down any funds.
  5. I live in a very safe Tory seat. For the first time in my life I spoilt my ballot paper. The Tory candidate will win regardless, I cannot bring myself to vote Labour, 13 years of Blair and Brown are still very fresh in my mind. Considered voting Lib Dem, as I thought the coalition government of 2010 were actually not all that bad and that in the event of another hung parliament, the Lib Dems would at least have a tempering effect on the Tories or alternatively produce another General Election with a better Tory leader. When I was actually in the voting booth though I just couldn't bring myself to vote for any of the candidates. If I was in a marginal constituency though, I would have voted conservative with no hesitation.
  6. Like spyguy I am a veggie, almost a vegan due to the fact that I have hated cheese, butter, cream etc since I were a kid. the only dairy food I consume are eggs. Anyway, as has been stated on this forum on many threads, the concept of being too poor to eat healthy is simply a false premise. If you can forgo meat and instead use vegetables and pulses, lentils, beans etc that are packed full of protein and cost next to nothing you can save loads of money. I can make a huge pot of dhall, or a veg curry that yields 5 to 6 meals for maybe £2/3. All you need are onions, garlic, lentils, tins of tomatoes and a few spices and a bag of rice. All of these items cost pretty much zilch. Admittedly you have to buy the spices which can cost a few £, but once purchased they last a year. Even Asda sell 100g bags of cumin, chilli, coriander, turmeric etc for around 60p. You can make a spag bol or chilli, with quorn mince instead of beef, its often on offer for £1 a bag at supermarkets, nero fat, packed full of protein and fibre. A chill from scratch 2 onions 30p garlic bulb 30p, 2 tins of tomatoes 50p, tom puree 30p worth, 2 tins of red kidney beans 60p, chill powder, cumin and oregano £2 to buy, prob used 10p worth in this meal, bag of rice that is enough for about 10 or more meals £1. So thats a pot of chill and rice for 5 people for £3, full of protein, fibre and low in fat, sugar, salt and all the rubbish that's in mass produced processed food. I see the problem as a lack of education regarding cooking and food in general. whenever I go round Asda I am amazed by the amount of overpriced, fatty, salty gunk that many people seem to live on. Many people have simply never learned to cook and have developed a taste for supermarket ready made food and nasty US fast food, MaccyD, Pizza joints etc. I realise that this may come across as a bit preachy, but I scoff at the argument that people in the UK are too poor to eat healthy.
  7. This is a subject that has preoccupied me for some time. Having realised that there is no way on earth I can afford, or have the urge to buy a house in my overpriced home counties town I am saving for a hopefully early retirement outside the UK. i am saving hard, investing in Index trackers and hope to gain enough capital so live a reasonable life in Spain or possibly SE Asia. I have spent a lot of time in SE Asia, I agree with the comments on Thailand, it is an unappealing place for foreigners, the Thais genuinely believe they are the master race, I have seen far to much nasty business to even go back for a holiday,let alone live there. Vietnam kicks spots off Thailand, sure its corrupt, its SE Asia afterall! Yet unlike the Thais the vietnamese are hardworking and welcoming to foreigners. Its a damn sight safer than Thailand and is not a magnet (yet) to Eurotrash and sex tourists! Local food is delicious and cheap, as is the beer! One has to question though, how long countries such as this will remain cheap. The picture 10/20 years from now as these countries economies grow can and shall probably be very different. With regards to the tragic Scarlett case, I vaguely knew her mother years ago and a father of one of her other kids. All I can say is how sad I feel for Scarlett, her mother was free to screw her own life up with a half arsed attempt at a benefit fuelled bohemian existence, the kid never really has a choice. I love Goa, I have been there six times, great for a winter sun holiday, Most Goans are pretty cool, but, but there are a lot of dodgy sleazy characters and I am not just talking about the police! Like most places in Asia, watch your back, western sensibilities do not apply. As a single man a few years back and now with my partner we love spending a month there in the middle of the UK winter. If I had a daughter I would strongly advise against travel to Goa, but most particually Thailand. Ko phan yan, Phi Phi and Ko Tao are the dodgiest places one could dream of for a young backpacker girl to visit.
  8. A personal opinion on this. It is July 16th and the first day that anything approaching summer has appeared in the UK. At the end of September Iam flying out to an apartment on the Costa del Sol that is huge, has air con, cable TV a balcony overlooking a swimming pool and has many bars within a 2 minute walk that sell wine by the glass for 1 Euro. This apartment costs £32 a night, what would that get you in the UK, a camping plot? Who cares if the £ only gets under Euro 1.20, it was less than that in 2010 and I would still leave this overpriced depressing country if I only got 50c to the pound If Europe gets too expensive, just look further afield, I had a month in Vietnam for less that £1000 including return flights. This was staying in decent hotels with air con, fridge, free breakfast etc. Beer 30p a pint, local tasty food £1 or less a meal. A week in Cornwall in August would probably cost a similar amount. I shudder at the sound of the word Staycation and I am pretty certain that I am not in the minority of Brits who think along these lines.
  9. I am looking at Spain with a great deal of interest at the moment. After saving for over 10 years to buy a house in the SE of England, I have pretty much thrown the towel in at the thought of buying in the UK. I have managed to save up quite a chunk of cash and I have a modest final salary pension that I am thinking of cashing in at 57 (am 42 now). Looking at the prices in Spain, I wonder how long houses will remain this low? I am thinking of possibly buying a place to use as a holiday home until I can retire out there. The other option of spending my pension and savings on UK rent is not too appealing funnily enough!
  10. I caught a bit of that earlier. O'Brien as noted earlier is the worst type of London champagne socialist. He thinks that shouting over callers he disagrees with in sentences constructed via swallowing a thesaurus makes him look very big and clever. He is an obnoxious, arrogant and contradictory tool and they are his good points.
  11. . You sound like you are in the same position as me I have been saving since 2000 to buy and house and watched in disbelief at the rampant HPI. I have managed to save 130K, yet in the SE town I live in this would only buy a crappy flat. I am not going to let years of scrimping to save to only buy me something that offers zero value for money. To be honest, I sometimes think that I should take to money and go and live in a cheap Asian country. I spent a year in SE Asia and India in 2009. The sort of money that people like us have saved can give you a very decent life in Cambodia/Vietnam/India etc. I give it a couple of years and I reckon Ill be out there, life is too short to be put on hold, a decade of waiting has worn me out. I should add that I have no kids or any real ties in the UK, oh and I was 40 last year, so maybe Im just starting out on the classic mid life crisis!
  12. Yep, £5000 taken from my account also. Hope they quickly replace the £4250 as I am gutted to be missing out on my massive 1.7% Gross interest! Ah well, I am off to find another great investment opportunity for my cash, just as well there are so many outstanding options to chose from!
  13. Breaking news. Nada for applications over 10K, looks like only £750 for everyone under. I put in for 5K, cannot say I am either too happy or surprized to be getting only the nominal amount. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24480450
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