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  1. ASPC: Aberdeen house prices rise marginally this year ASPC never miss the chance to spin the situation - “This may be a good time to buy".
  2. Do sellers not realise that you can see the price history... http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/51974138
  3. Barratt NHS 5% Deposit Scheme Whatever next. Anecdotally hearing that house sales in the Scottish Highlands have been very buoyant the last few weeks, a lot of this down to English buyers selling up down south and then buying the much cheaper houses there in cash. For that area at least the price crash seems to be on hold.
  4. BT to close base in New Telecom House in College Street This is one of the bigger office blocks in the city centre so more supply to add to the glut - though never realised that BT only used 10% of the building. Checking just now, with BT's departure that makes 7 floors empty. http://fgburnett.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Aberdeen-New-Telecom-House.pdf Now to wait for one of the Aberdeen City clowncillors to suggest converting part of it to residential flats.
  5. Aberdeen’s TECA sees £75m wiped off its value Aberdeen City Council really must be running towards insolvency with investment decisions like this - a labour/conservative coalition is not a marriage made in heaven. On different tack, was speaking to a surveyor this week and they report they have never been busier. Plenty new houses coming on ASPC, rightmove etc to support that. Prices not dropping though going by my ASPC watchlist.
  6. It's a appalling building in its current state, and must surely be a candidate for the next RIBA Carbuncle Cup. That aside, what astonishes me is why it looks like that (unless there is a outer layer of cladding still to go on). What happened to oversight of the project by the council planners? How can someone allow the planned design mutate into this monstrosity? What a shame the local rag doesn't do some investigative journalism and get some answers.
  7. Going by the increase in ASPC emails in the last week, property market slowly reopening again (also noticed they've reopened a lot of the building sites). So more supply appearing. But where will the buyers come from with gloomy job news like this?
  8. Testing for this virus is not always straightforward... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-53149046
  9. No surprise, number of empty houses in Aberdeen and environs on the increase - Homes in Aberdeen increase by more than 18,000 in the past three decades. Note the positive spin put on this by the Lord Provost.
  10. Operator of Aberdeen Market has been placed into liquidation Another bit of local history coming to an end. They'll have to update this site when they come to demolish it. On different note, see Aberdeen won the budget property of the week award - link 🤨
  11. Personally I really like this way of presenting the property as it gives you a proper idea of what is there. Makes glaring problems with the property more obvious as well - all to the good for the potential buyer. Just make sure you empty the house properly before getting this done though! What will be interesting to see is how long it takes the other estate agents to offer this as a service, though I suspect it will be a "premium" service as the 3D view is hosted by Matterport directly so additional cost (here's what appears to be the current pricing for the hosting, the camera is nearly £3k on top). Matterport
  12. Virtual Viewing This kind of virtual viewing is the way to go.
  13. Estate agent’s virtual viewings a hit with Aberdeen buyers In a market like this, in a local economy like this, and in a lockdown like this - they sold within 48hrs based on a virtual viewing. Whoever owned that flat needs to get a lottery ticket with that kind of luck 🤨 🤨
  14. Eye-watering amounts of money being borrowed by oil-service companies. In fact, the list of the top borrowers is fascinating - link Interesting to see that Halliburton and NOV are not in the list. You wonder though just how much of this money will actually be used to help retain jobs in the NE - and what ruse these companies will use to not pay it all back.
  15. What recession? Build baby build! Stewart Milne brings forward plans for 177 sea-view homes in Aberdeen suburb Developer unveils 150-home Aberdeen plan for first Scottish project
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