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  1. American property sites are so much better to what we put up with the UK. Note how the size of the property is prominently listed and easily searched by - link. The cynic in me says its all to do with not highlighting just how small UK properties are in the greater scheme of things.
  2. Came across this document this evening whilst doing some house hunting research - Draft Housing Land Audit 2019. Dates from March 2019 but gives a good year by year overview of the number of houses built/planned to be built in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. Spent the day viewing a mix of houses today out in the shire and what a depressing affair. Feckless owners unable to answer simple questions through to home report surveys that miss out serious issues (a garage with a section of badly decayed asbestos roof). Add to that, made mistake of visiting a new build development at Inverurie at insistence of the other half - so much money for so little. Final rant, just wish ASPC et al would allow you to sort house searches by size in m2 and price per m2. Basing a search on number of bedrooms should be a secondary factor. Oh, and quantifying the height of the rooms in the sales brochures would help as well!
  3. Just heard about another pitfall of the slow housing market round here. Colleague at work bought a new house at the end of 2017 and moved into the new house then - they moved before completing the sale of their own house. As a consequence they were hit with the LBTT Additional Dwelling Supplement Tax (LBTT-ADS). Roll forward 19 months and they finally sell the old property - only to find that to get a refund of the LBBT-ADS,the sale of the first house has to be completed within 18 months. Ouch, thousand of pounds down the drain.
  4. Came across this article today - link - from last month discussing the precipitous drop in house size in the last few years. Depressing reading really.
  5. Looking for a new house at the moment and we've given up looking at the new builds - the incentives are good but it's the hideously small rooms and poor build quality that is making us look at older houses. It's a buyers market but the local builders still fixate on building doll houses with tiny gardens - even the developments quite far out of town are afflicted with the same disease (e.g. this new one under construction in Dunecht - link).
  6. Says something about the estate agent that they cannot shift a 4 bedroom property in the centre of Banchory after nearly 3 years - link. The home report is also seriously out of date (15th July 2016). Do the owners really want to sell??
  7. Positive spin on the Aberdeenshire housing market by Galbraith's - link The percentage increases they quote seem impressive but would like to have known the actual physical numbers used to generate those figures. Certainly seeing good properties going quickly now around here - for example this one now has a sold sign after just over a month on the market - link. Still a lot of unrealistically priced properties though.
  8. Trying to get my head round this listing on Rightmove Find the massive £158500 drop in price over 3.5 months completely unbelievable... and cannot find any entry for the house on ScotLIS = link Any ideas where Rightmove got the figures from?
  9. Typical P&J tactic where the title does not match the content of the article - How bypass has created property boom.
  10. Latest edition of the Aberdeenshire Council LDP 2021 Newsletter is out - link. Had a chuckle at this comment in the newsletter "Very little conversation took place on the overall scale of the housing numbers being sought, with the majority of attendees much more interested in the likelihood of development on a development bid site that was personal to them". As ever Nimbyism rules! ASPC is at 5711 just now but a difference I am definitely noticing this year is that good properties with a decent sized garden are going under offer quickly, even when the price looks pretty ripe - for example this one at £423k under offer after two weeks of listing.
  11. Perhaps the best way of buying and selling property in Aberdeen - via a re-release of the Aberdeen version of Monopoly.
  12. I see the latest edition of the Oil & Gas UK’s Business Outlook Report is out and being reported in the press - 'UK oil and gas industry 'needs £200bn of investment' for future development'. It will be interesting to see how much of this investment actually occurs - in meantime the USA seems intent on increasing instability in the oil market going by some of the comments from the Trump Administration last week (link 1, link 2). Locally, the sentiment in O&G and the housing market is more positive that recent years. Was speaking to a local solicitor yesterday and they commented that the housing market is definitely more buoyant this year than the last couple of years, particularly in the shire. I can relate to that anecdotally - two houses out at Alford that I had on my ASPC watchlist were sold in the last few weeks (both of them were on the market for over a year).
  13. A strange collection of land for sale in Newmachar - can see the value of the plot at the centre but who wants to own the thin strips around the estate (unless the owner can charge a fee..).
  14. Latest edition of the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2021 Newsletter has been published - here. The council has finalised the main issues report (video overview here) and are now inviting public comment on the proposals until the 8th April 2019. A lot of reading material there and worth a gander to see what is being proposed to be developed in your local area. Certainly plenty of interest from developers with over 600 development bids received.
  15. My pleasure, glad you liked it, always good to inspire thought and reaction 😀
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