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  1. I bought new... 12 years ago. Really liked the old shape fiesta when it first was came out and there wasn't a second hand market. I would consider doing it again. But to get the value from a car you do generally have to be the last owner.
  2. Completely disagree. My tax is 160 a year, insurance was 120 this year. I spend about 60 a month in petrol. So it can be done on the cheap. Unless you live in a city like London I don't understand how you can live without a car.
  3. I guess it depends on the make/model. If its a disirable car, eg a land rover or German thing with no indicators, why sell it for cash when some desperate saps will queue up to take it on tick? I can't imagine it would be the case for a citroen picasso tho
  4. Need to upsize but nothing coming to market, and what does we cant afford. I bought in 2016 and the market was nothing like this. Average 4 bed family home in my area is 500k, so im not surprised it's grinding to a halt. Waiting now for the crash or next government prop I can jump in on. Builders and estate agents will be calling for one or the other soon enough, surely their profits will start to suffer at these volumes?
  5. What about if you get a 95% mortgage and invest the remaining money. I've read the buying v renting pro's and cons on here before. To me, the value placed to the freedom of opportunity that people associate with renting is always overstated. The majority of people remain in their home towns, dont they? And if they don't selling isn't that difficult. Also of having a home paid for when you come to retire is undervalued. As important as your pension imo.
  6. I'm not risking it, we holiday every year and with young kids, unless it's Disney, it feels like a waste of money. It's so stressful. After seeing the prices this year for a static in Norfolk, we decided to spend that money on new patio and truf
  7. You don't need to read tea leafs to see its clearly a bubble atm. The average price between 2017s peak and now has been about 5k. Picking them up at 20k+ could be a massive short term error. I'm fully aware I could be wrong.
  8. Id love to lose a car but its not practical. In fact were expecting our 3rd child so actually need to buy a bigger car soon. Was hoping to pick up a bargain once furlough ends, but im slightly concerned the second market may actually go up when people get their Range Rovers repo'd Jump in now or wait?
  9. What is the situation with the eviction? I thought due to C19 landlords were stuffed and couldnt force folks out? I would start by getting a quote for the essential work, it may not be as bad as you fear. I hope it works out mate.
  10. Have you been to view the garage since getting the report? The I would definitely try negotiate spitting the cost of the repair if you get a couple of quotes. I do think going in at 10k+ of the bat... well if i was that vendor, with the way the market has gone around my area, i would have it back on right move tomorrow, with your reduction added on as an f you lol.
  11. Thats bizarre. If we are using laws of nature, we know the damage invasive species can cause... In nature.
  12. Thats bizarre. If we are using laws of nature, we know the damage invasive species can cause... In nature.
  13. Thats bizarre. If we are using laws of nature, we know the damage invasive species can cause... In nature.
  14. Yep nobody wants them but we already know this. The French navy have now been caught facilitating their movement. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/09/16/exclusive-french-navy-seen-shepherding-migrants-uk-waters-abandoning/
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