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  1. At the moment I’m thinking accept it and try and limit the damage in consumer staples. My other thought is maybe gold/silver miners - I don’t think the IR raises will limit inflation, so these might not get too hurt and if we see flight into silver it could hit $50+. I’m sceptical that will happen but it could be a safer bet with a small chance of that outcome
  2. I'm interested in your strategies for protecting your wealth over the coming years? Personally I think there will be widespread market crashes but I don't think we have the luxury of sitting in cash. I'm really struggling with this.
  3. I really struggle how it’s not highly overvalued but GL, it’s a sector I can’t stay far enough away from. Not boring enough for me lol
  4. Obviously no, but I would say the anti vax movement is gaining ever more momentum in the UK. Probably because policies like this appear in the internet. Can’t see it happening in England
  5. Noticed quite a few previously sold houses returning to Rightmove!! More than normal 🤔
  6. Where are you getting your data? Did you believe 3m EU nationals? Was you surprised when 6m applied for EUSS? We could never send them back! The Dublin regs are a waste of time. Look at the data for that! We’d make far more applications for removal with EU members than we would receive… but unbelievably we would still take more than we removed!
  7. No, I think desperate people treacherously crossing the English channel on dinghies gets more clicks/sales etc than asylum seeker arrives at stansted on £10 Ryanair flight with forged ID card! If the Gov could cover this up they would… isn’t there possibly an injunction regarding the filming of arriving boats?
  8. Noticed this around my way. Houses that would go in hours now on RM for months!!
  9. I would doubt it and covid would heavily skew the figures. Brexit/covid are the reason boat crossings are increasing but I would guess actually overall the numbers would be down as the aviation industry has been so badly effected by c19. Also brexit has put an end to the use of EU ID cards being used at the border. The Italian/Greek ID cards were the cards of choice as in many cases are still hand written with a photo stapled to the document. Very easy to forge.
  10. It’s was inevitable really and to be fair if rates stay low won’t be a long term issue. I can afford to repay far more than 4.5x salary. It’s if rates move… which they won’t!
  11. I don't think the average global worker can be expected to pick up to tab (financially or with changes to lifestyle) off their own back. It needs to start with Government and if you want people to fly less, for example, ban domestic travel, there's perfectly good trains. Or apply a incremented tax to aviation so frequent flyers get increasingly charged more per flight. You cant just ask. What is frustrating is the response to C19 was massively over the top IMO but Government's managed to lock down and vaccines where rolled out in record times. I have no doubt that if there was the will, the world could be fully renewable within a couple of years. Also I'm not really sure I agree with one of COP26s goals. I don't think scrapping hundreds of millions of cars and replacing them with EV's sounds particularly eco friendly, Porsche are trailing a synthetic fuel that works in combustion engine cars but could cut CO2 emissions by 80%. I have no doubt if this was treated as an emergency, the could be researched in no time and rolled out as quickly as a vaccine program. Our Government just dilutes our fuel!
  12. Out of options on housing prices? They may be running of options re the economy but not house prices. I'm stuck due to affordability. Unfortunately I'm not a Btc millionaire and I am a 'mug' earning under 85K. That said 4.5 multiple limit seems out of kilter with rates of .94%. I could easily afford 6/7X at these rates. Whether that's sensible long term is another point, im just identifying a bullet.
  13. A quick Google shows they were planing on leaving Europe also but a deal was struck with Renault. The article I read was bland and stated the decision was taken last year and for financial reasons, so can't blame brext or HGV stortages for this. The truth is probably that the British public don't really want Mitsubishi's on lease.
  14. Can absolutely see that happening within the next five years. Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
  15. I've noticed if you go through the US VW site you can reserve now. Nothing on the UK site. I might give them a call. Getting resistance at home tho, she wants the 4x4 for the school run if we're spending decent money 🙄
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