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  1. Interesting. I might identify as an 80 year old and see if I can wangle my work and state pension, and ****** off to Malaga.
  2. Brexit Sterling gets attacked or The oceans rise and in 20 years were all logging on to boat price crash. I still don't think there will be a HPC in sterling. Load up on sterling debt or hold savings in USD
  3. New Zealand bans sales of homes to foreigners http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-45199034
  4. There is no way a .25% raise can suddenly tip you over the edge. But if it means her friends and family get to listen to her whiny voice less and the old bint is turning lights off when shes not in a room, I guess some good has come from the rise.
  5. If anything this is just evidence of more dumb dumbs looking to buy. Hmmm, are they really on a “bad run” or could it just be the financially illiterate are on the increase from 1 in 20 to 1 in 5 🤔 even when they’re told their paying too much their answer... ponce from family!
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/business/2018/jul/13/bank-of-england-deputy-urges-caution-interest-rate-rise-jon-cunliffe cant see Carney needing too much convincing
  7. I seriously tempted to jump on the 10 year fixed. Mines a whole 1.04% more expensive tho, which is £110 a month. Do I believe Carney or not? 🤔
  8. I still think we will follow the ECB and Draghi said rates won’t move until this time next year. Any chance the FED won’t want to move too far ahead of the ECB rather than the other way round?
  9. Can’t see it. We probably won’t have a government by then so that will be the excuse
  10. Oh my. Basics. Yes the value of money and the value of assets are in no way linked.
  11. It’s all there... clearly using his figures he can take his mortgage rate going up to 7% before it costs the the SAME as renting. But he also clearly states its fixed, so it’s only a price fall of over 90k that would be an issue. Also says “renting from a bank is cheaper than renting from a landlord”. So he doesn't sound particularly interested in the ownership side of it, just somewhere to live. Hard to argue figures but I’m sure you’ll try.
  12. It doesn’t invoke any feeling. So my big chunk of debt is only 8-10 years in spending money. You make my mortgage sound like a bargain.
  13. Yeah if where talking the btl bubble then that has popped, as the gov intended but we are talking prices, and that hasn’t, like the gov intended. I can only speak for my area but at no point do I honestly believe next door could have got a higher price, especially not on 2016. And I’ve seen the same throughout my area. Therefore IMO my area is either now at peak or its still got further to climb.
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