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  1. I quite enjoy this program, at least they're doing it and not just talking about it. However, I do think it's only feasible because they're managed to create a TV series from it, and hence market themselves very well!
  2. To be honest, I don't know why people exchange on new builds until the roof is on and it's water tight. Up until that point you can inspect it yourself, and if they are any major problems you walk away. People may think they're getting a bargain 'off plan' but the age of vastly rising property prices are over so this no longer applies.
  3. Jason

    Shared Equity One Way Bet

    It doesn't say if you have to rent the shared part. If not, it is interest free, and therefore a reasonable deal. However, the devil is always in the detail!
  4. Jason

    Weird Letters from Estate Agents

    On Rightmove you have to give the full address (as you can see the last price it sold at etc), and I bet other agents can see the postcode through their own portal - which they do have, as I've seen it (not sure what data you get though).
  5. That's the ad that made me install an ad blocker for this website. Bloody pain.
  6. Jason

    cheap ???

    To be fair it's an online auction, so probably the best way to find fair value!
  7. Jason

    Would You Str?

    I thought I'd post as I haven't posted regarding house prices for a long time. Well, I'm trying to STR. My GF and I are looking to buy a place together, and she currently rents. I've convinced her it's best for me to sell mine and move in with her... for a period. Also, I think the no chain buyer has so much more power in a slow market - so we want to be in that position.
  8. If council tax was to increase for second homes (which I think is the best way), what's stopping the husband owning one house, and the wife owning the second? How could you stop the above?
  9. I've found a terraced house in Portsmouth where the airspace above it is owned by an overseas company. It does have solar panels on Street View...
  10. Jason

    Letter From Landlord

    If you push that letter to the media, they will probably jump on the band wagon and call it a tenant tax - that's what they really want; that is the public against the tax change.
  11. Indeed. A few years back I bought a metal vacuum mug, along with a USB mug warmer - lol -, it just resulted in my being too hot to drink and then you forget about it.
  12. Good idea. I see some new baths are insulated; however if it's a conventional bath you could add your own insulation around it.
  13. What about traffic on the roads? A good indicator for me as I do the same 30mile commute day in day out... I have to say there are more cars on the road now than at the start of the year! I noticed a huge drop in traffic in 2008/2009, so I think it's a good 'indicator'.
  14. Jason

    Grand Designs I.o.w.

    I actually liked that boat that drove up the shore... I want one.

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