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  1. Hi All Thought I would ask here, as you're all so knowledagble. I want to board my loft, it's a new build house so trusses with 30cm or so of insulation. So far I've changed the loft hatch to a fancy pull down one with steps, all well and good. I've got an electician coming to add a socket, and lights.. Next I want to board, and was going to use the loft zone system. However, that's going to cost approx £800 with me doing it myself - and I hate the idea of moving about all that insulation. I'm only boarding the centre, but want it to extend past the truss (the W framework). I have a
  2. The problem is it's the council and planning permission that are forcing the current building layouts. In my last new build I bought (which I was very happy with) they didn't have enough parking for the 2-3 car families. The developer wanted to build a lay-by the length of the road (the estate was only on one side of the road, with a park the other), so parking could have been both sides of the road. Planning permission was declined as there was too much parking. And funnily enough, my second new-build house (where I live now) has so called 'poor' access - i.e. through an older estat
  3. Usually house builders only ask for a deposit for the extras, well Persimmon did when I bought on two occasions. I think it was around 20% or so. You can pay more, and you can settle when you want or it falls into the completion statement side. I bet they do encourage you to pay more, as this has to be above your deposit, hence you can't pay with your mortgage. I just paid after exchange anyway!
  4. They've just raised the personal allowance under universal credit!
  5. The ground handling businesses have introduced a covid surcharge of 2p/kg for cargo.
  6. Quick question on the furlough scheme, can you back date it? I ask this because a family member (employed, but quite vulnerable - heart issues) has only been paid statatory sick pay for the last two months (plus the bank holidays) however his employer still says he's looking into it and it will be backdated. The company is still going, and he's the only one off for 3 months due to being vulnerable. Basically, they can't be arsed as it's only one person.
  7. Ok, here in lies the problem for me and the missus. She returns from 12 months mat leave in June, and had booked holiday and reduced to 4 days per week - so only working 3 days per week, with the other day being holiday. Now the nurseries are closed, and who knows when they will open to enrol new children. We have a problem. Ideally, request furlough and come back when the nursery opens. However, as her job had no cover (there was an internal shuffle), I'm worried that she could be made redundant. Currently, if she goes back she can't be made redundant due to maternity protection etc
  8. An open ended completion date isn't great. What if your mortgage offer expires (if you need a mortgage)? Personally, I would get a back stop date completition date for 7 days time. If they can't agree, I would want the exchange to be voided. If it is voided, you could always still exchange and complete again if you wanted that.
  9. Are you selling a London place? In a chain? When you exchanged it would have stated a completion date. Was this just extended? Any other clauses introduced?
  10. What's the thoughts on those furloughed being more at risk of redundancy? Than those that do the same job, but continue to work. I know of a few cases where as soon as the lock down happened, some employees refused to go in - they were furloughed. However others did, and are keeping the company going. I would like to think if the company does need to cut costs, those that worked are considered higher than those that didn't.
  11. I would delay as much as possible. Their financial year ends 30th June, so I bet they will push for completion before that. Perfect time to be striking a great deal. Just delay, use any excuse in the book (as the builders do), and see how the land lies. Prices are certain to fall. Actually, you should be asking what excuses you can use to delay exchanging - that would be a good thread! FYI. I bought a new build house for £220k in 2009 at the tail end of the last slump (22% off). The peak sale was £285k 9 months before (same house, slightly worse plot). I've now sol
  12. Here's the 50 page document we've been waiting for: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/884171/FINAL_6.6637_CO_HMG_C19_Recovery_FINAL_110520_v2_WEB__1_.pdf
  13. Funnily enough, our company has been offered a Covid19 test for £30 each. Basically a pin ***** on the finger, and tells you if you have it/had it/what stage you have it if you do. However, I have no idea how to go about working out if they are genuine. The company is https://www.latushealth.co.uk/ What does everyone think?
  14. If I were you I would make the decision at the very last minute. Let the solicitor drag their feet, but don't exchange. By that time you would have better info on the current state of affairs. You could always delay it saying you can't get a removal company etc. Then you always have the option to gazunder!
  15. I was just going to suggest a baby bottle steriliser that you use in the microwave - only a couple of quid. You just add water, and the steam kills everything.
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