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  1. You could offer her a percentage, say 10%, of any sale price by a certain date (stamp duty hol)? That would motivate her to sell at the highest cost, and see an end to it all.
  2. I have to say I echo this. I'm in North Hampshire, and prices in our [small] new build estate have gone crazy since it was built in 2017 (well for the 4 bed detached ones). The confirmed sale across the road has SSTC for 24% more than buying (cash buyer), the house next door has sold for 20ish% more and the buyers have moved in (have to wait for the land reg data to confirm exact price). And the funny thing is after talking to the seller across the road (a good friend), I jokingly said I would sell for that and reduce the mortgage. I then get a hand written note through the door fr
  3. Will the sky pool be heated? That would cost an absolute fortune if it is in the winter!
  4. Most houses are going to the SIPS building method, unless it's a bespoke design. Me and the Mrs are applying for a self build plot (from the council, like the Graven Hill project but smaller) and I will be going down the SIPS route. If you want cost control, and a simple build that is the only cost effective route we would consider - we don't have the budget for those overruns like on Grand Designs. But it's still a long shot we would be allocated a plot - there's huge demand!
  5. No, the new builds these days are SIPS wooden panels, so it's the timber frame that holds the roof and floors up. The outside brick is just the outside skin. It could be anything.. brick, wooden cladinging, tile, or stone in my case.
  6. This has prompted me to reply. My grandad died just over 2 years ago due to cancer, and despite my grandparents living in warden assisted living (blocks of flats with pull cords) the warden refused to lift my grandad off the bed so my grandma could give CPR (as per directions from 999). In the end the postman lifted him off the bed to the floor, so CPR could be given. I know it was futile, and my grandad was at the end of his life anyway, but still. The same wardens are not allowed to help someone up if they fall... 999 job that. It's all about the liability these days.
  7. Really they should be making new build houses more air tight with heat recovery ventilation, the problem is that just makes they more expensive to build. I've looked at retro fit, but it's just not worth the cost. I've lived in two new builds now, and our monthly gas & elec cost has gone up to £50 per month - always used to be £40-45 pm, and that's only because one of us is in all day.
  8. The problem is it's the council and planning permission that are forcing the current building layouts. In my last new build I bought (which I was very happy with) they didn't have enough parking for the 2-3 car families. The developer wanted to build a lay-by the length of the road (the estate was only on one side of the road, with a park the other), so parking could have been both sides of the road. Planning permission was declined as there was too much parking. And funnily enough, my second new-build house (where I live now) has so called 'poor' access - i.e. through an older estat
  9. Usually house builders only ask for a deposit for the extras, well Persimmon did when I bought on two occasions. I think it was around 20% or so. You can pay more, and you can settle when you want or it falls into the completion statement side. I bet they do encourage you to pay more, as this has to be above your deposit, hence you can't pay with your mortgage. I just paid after exchange anyway!
  10. They've just raised the personal allowance under universal credit!
  11. The ground handling businesses have introduced a covid surcharge of 2p/kg for cargo.
  12. Quick question on the furlough scheme, can you back date it? I ask this because a family member (employed, but quite vulnerable - heart issues) has only been paid statatory sick pay for the last two months (plus the bank holidays) however his employer still says he's looking into it and it will be backdated. The company is still going, and he's the only one off for 3 months due to being vulnerable. Basically, they can't be arsed as it's only one person.
  13. Ok, here in lies the problem for me and the missus. She returns from 12 months mat leave in June, and had booked holiday and reduced to 4 days per week - so only working 3 days per week, with the other day being holiday. Now the nurseries are closed, and who knows when they will open to enrol new children. We have a problem. Ideally, request furlough and come back when the nursery opens. However, as her job had no cover (there was an internal shuffle), I'm worried that she could be made redundant. Currently, if she goes back she can't be made redundant due to maternity protection etc
  14. An open ended completion date isn't great. What if your mortgage offer expires (if you need a mortgage)? Personally, I would get a back stop date completition date for 7 days time. If they can't agree, I would want the exchange to be voided. If it is voided, you could always still exchange and complete again if you wanted that.
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