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  1. Or not? https://www.imperial.nhs.uk/about-us/news/cortisol-levels-severe-covid
  2. https://www.verywellmind.com/how-stress-can-cause-weight-gain-3145088
  3. I think you'll find that, although (justifiably) obesity/physical inactivity/etc is a 'hobby horse' of yours, there are many other aspects of modern life that contribute to health issues. In fact just the very pressures of modern life. Stress can play havoc with physical health even with nominally sensible diet, etc. And for those who are not overweight or even eating junk food there are issues like too much salt/sugar/chemicals in just about everything on supermarket shelves these days. That can't be helping with eliminating high BP in the population. And so on. So it's not necessarily what are people doing to themselves but also what is being done to them by others - employers, food standards regulations, etc. The question people/journalists should ask is why is anyone actually surprised by these reports?
  4. I suppose wearing yellow stars would be a bit too much in bad taste?
  5. Indeed. I have noticed a lot of these articles which, IF one takes the time to do a little bit of internet digging around, can often reveal little extra details that the newspaper reports curiously omit - such as huge weight or some serious existing medical condition. Not saying that was the case with this unfortunate chap, but I have spotted this on a fair few occasions. And IF he really was of nominally ordinary health then, sadly, he really was a rare case. A 'statistical outlier' in the same sense that we occasionally see the odd report of 80+ year olds still smoking a box of fags and drinking a 1/2 bottle of scotch a day all their adult life. As I wrote recently, and welcomed others to check my maths/methodology/etc, a check of ONS data reveals that up till around age 40 then, in the UK, one has comparable or greater risk of dying in an RTA than from Covid. Up to around age 25 and risk of dying through murder is greater than from Covid!
  6. No it's not. Everything seems to be affront to decency to you.
  7. Agreed 100% with those 'justice' observations. The lowest and most pathetic are those various political opponents pouncing on him for the cheapest of political 'point scoring' efforts- rather than address the issues.
  8. I don't think I'd have a problem with paying to see a property (refundable of course if purchase goes ahead!)..... BUT, in return, EA's would have to up the quality of their marketing. Accurate info, plenty of useful pics (not just endless close ups of bathroom taps), videos, etc. SO that IF I went ahead to view it would be based on sufficient ability to assess IF there is reasonable chanc eof actually liking it when seeing it in the flesh.
  9. We all know that. My point was to illustrate just how spineless the man is. They (the government) are clearly now trying to turn this supertanker of public opinion/perception around - to get people to come to terms with covid, learn to live with it, etc. To do that will mean facing down those who have, frankly, been 'brainwashed' into a de facto state of cowering from this thing - even after being vaccinated in many cases! But this is the price we pay for politicians today who have everythign carefully stage managed for them and have never got on a 'soap box' to campaign and deal with hecklers, etc. The first sign of confrontation and its apologies. So, I say to him - grow a pair and stand your ground.
  10. Shows just how spineless and gutless politicians are. The man has a personal opinion and was evidently freely speaking his mind and conveying that, as many now realise, that this is not something to be terrified of. The word 'cower' seems perfectly reasonable and apt. But he doesn't have the backbone to stand his ground and face up to anyone who takes offence at the choice of word and explain why it's a not unreasonable word to use - probably in a mistaken effort to try and please them. BUT, the problem with trying to please everyone is that it is impossible and one often merely ends up pleasing no one! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57961870
  11. That's not difficult to do. 😉 He would have been equally irritated with your unchanged words!
  12. Be careful there..... Whilst I share a great deal of your sentiment/thoughts, you have to be careful to not lapse into more sinister Eugenic themed thinking - or be perceived to be doing so by others through your choice of words. A measure of a civilised society is the care it takes to look after those who are weaker than the majority. There are of course practical limits. I have always said that protecting the elderly/medically vulnerable (i.e those vulnerable through no fault of their own) can be achived in more creative and cost effective ways rather than the 'blunt instrument' approach of lockdowns for all , etc.
  13. To be fair to the OP's criticism of the response of the mainstream media reports of these events..... First, they were very slow to appear on BBC website Second, the reports lack prominence relative to the magntiude of the events (e.g. 100,000+ marching in France, etc) - with other arguably more trivial stories getting my 'square inches' and words. Third, in many of the reports the headlines to the articles emphasise the 'negative' (e.g. vaccinations halted because of protests, etc) rather than focus on or articulate the grievances of the protesters in any meaningful detail.
  14. So, even IF a correct assumption.....only 0.3-ish percent of the population then.
  15. IF that's the case then I am probably responsible for killing thousands! ROFLMAO EDIT UPDATE: Furthermore, If true then makes a nonsense of wearing masks in enclosed spaces such as shops, etc.
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