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  1. So... only a little bit more than the number of people who die from communicable diarrhoeal diseases globally each year, and stilll less than the number of people who die from lower respiratory diseases in an average year https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/the-top-10-causes-of-death And finally, speaks volumes for either (or both!) what a condescending view media/establishment types have as to the numeracy skills of the average citizen and their presumed inability to understand what 2 million is and/or just how awful the education system has become IF that really is tru
  2. Another slight policy change? https://www.cityam.com/exclusive-government-scraps-antibody-tests-at-nhs-sites/?utm_content=buffer490a7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  3. Patience Grasshopper. I don't 'live' here even if you do. I WILL look at it and read it.
  4. Lucky I guess? But luck always comes to end eventually. 😞
  5. Even worse then, if true. They had 8 months to rectify the situation but presumably haven't?
  6. My point was not so much those particular products but that government trying to procure anything on the open market, in an emergency situation, a seemingly simple process - would for sure be made more complicated, costly and slower then it should. Witness, for example, the reports/complaints a week back of the paperwork that experienced volunteers were having to go through just to qualify to administer the vaccine jabs - something many of those people had likely spent many years routinely doing. Even so, the government has had plenty of warning about hospital and ICU capacity likely bei
  7. I've reflected on that issue a few times given that, somehow or another, I haven't had any sort of viral infection (e.g. not even a simple cold) for at least a decade! Indeed last proper infection/illness I had was almost certainly flu proper. I am assuming that this has been achieved through regular practicsing of the sort of simple/basic hygeine that it seem the country has been learning only this year (e.g. quick washing my hands whenever getting home from having been anywhere outdoors/on public transport/etc). So does kind of make me wonder/worry that as and when (not IF) I next pic
  8. Perhaos, BUT will anyone be surprised IF it transpires that, after the all the bureacracy is dealt with, the cost will be multiples of what you or I would pay as individuals?
  9. IF true then sounds like yet another f**k up by this government in not being able to forward prepare/plan for likely needed resources that, in principle, should not be difficult to get hold of. I'm increasingly convinced that the PM's (and cabinets) approach to dealing with this pandemic has, from the outset, been to listen to what SAGE tells them and privately not want to believe what they are told is possible and adopt a 'let's hope for the best approach', which is reflected in half measures as far as any planning for the worst goes.
  10. At a glance I can't see how this isn't a typical bunch of British football hooligans!
  11. And this is related to Coronavirus how exactly? Methinks you took a wrong turn somewhere and got off at the wrong HPC board.
  12. Thanks. BUT that very last entry seems one environmental scenario unlikely to be seen in practice in many places? except maybe a desert region early in the day? Summer levels of UV/solar radiation, temperatures around 21-24 degC BUT only 20% humidity?!
  13. Now look who's talking conspiracy theory! On the one hand we have the simpler scenario that it was an accidental release from the Wuhan lab OR it was a deliberately fiendish Bond villain style meglomaniacal plot for world domination. How does that Napoleon quote go? About never ascribing to conspiracy that which can be more easily be explained by incompetence!
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