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  1. Covid inducing diabetes? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-05/two-pandemics-clash-as-doctors-find-that-covid-spurs-diabetes
  2. Don't worry yourself too much. They're too busy being "vigilant" to keep you updated. 😉
  3. I know what you're saying, but.....I'm not sure that was the correct analogy to use? Since, when it comes to Sh*t Sandwiches surely thicker/more bread helps? 😉
  4. Nothing to do with socio-economic deprivation (e.g lack of job opportunities, etc) ? Just, simplistically, people numbers. I would argue that people numbers could have doubled BUT IF quality of life remained unchanged then they would have still been voting the same.
  5. Picture 9 (bathroom) makes me chuckle. The sight of the single spray bottle of bathroom cleaner sitting in the bath. Someone clearly has mentally extrapolated too much from all those "one wipe and it's gone" type TV adverts. That purchase alone must be the most pointless and biggest waste of money yet spent on that place! LOL
  6. At times like this, when you can see what is coming down the road, you realise a small saving grace is that at least we don't have relatively free access to firearms here in this country!
  7. That's just got to be a spoof advert? PLEASE tell me it's a spoof/p*sstake. PLEASE!
  8. “A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.” ― Mark Twain
  9. That's it? It's that simple? All those 'old school' dyed in the wool Labour types, who guaranteed Labour win after win back in the 60's, 70's 80's....are really just a bunch of xenophobes/racists under the surface?
  10. It makes me laugh that a common, modern, comeback you will hear struggling/defeated politicans spout when questioned by journos about their poor performance is something along the lines of "we are not gettng/need to get our message across better..." etc. Such a stupid response. Firstly, IF (and I say with big IF) that is the sole problem for their poor performance/election loss/etc then it speaks volumes as to their general incompetence - especially since they likely have legions of professional communicators/advertising experts/etc to help them. IF they can't even manage a communic
  11. Might not necessarily be that. What is the typical/recent history for election turnout in Hartlepool? DO we know if there is any particular demographic bias of those who do vote in that constituency? (e.g. mostly elderly/retired vs apathetic under-25's for example) Perhaps those who, in decades past, religiously voted Labour in Hartlepool have either moved out or changed/mellowed in their old age, and so what might once have been a 'taken for granted' safe seat by Labour HQ can no longer be thought of as such - and the failing is in Labour recognising/anticipating these changes?
  12. Only put here because I know so many Covid deniers/anti-Vaxxers/etc make such a big deal about this guy..... That said however, maybe instead of spending so much time worrying over 'saving' the world they should have focused on each other?
  13. You still are not getting the general point I was making AND ALSO making the mistake of pointing back to A successful past outcome and extrapolating to assume it was purely skills and good judgement rather than good fortune based BUT yes. The Taiwan experience (thus far!) has been very good, no doubt about that - I have wriiten myself about it. BUT it is a rare exception to the 'rule'. I pointed to that particular report precisely because it seemed so at odds with their supposed good and efficient/fast judgement making abilities.....which hints that more than some of their current good
  14. Not bad. 😉 As an aside, out of curiosity, what is your meaning of the term 'genuine scientist' ?
  15. Indeed so. And, on this occasion, well done to them. BUT, in general, government is usually far too reactive after events and far too slow. It's just a fact of life. The anyone living through this episode of human history will come through it without having their previous blind obedience and faith in the omnipotence and efficiency of government unchanged is bewildering to me.
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