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  1. Now 2pm and, as far as I can see, not a mention of this news at all anywhere on the BBC news website - not even the Business section. Now THAT really is beyond a joke. Fair and impartial indeed. When prices were rising, no matter how small, it got reported religiously and very quickly. But if they actually fall...... It's almost as if the mindset of the editorial staff in the newsrooms is one of "if we dont talk about it....it wont be real".
  2. Are you able/willing to elaborate, even briefy? Otherwise, on the question of who to grace the £50 note...... I think it should be someone 'boring', i.e. someone average Joe/Joanne Public won't have heard of/be familiar with BUT whose work is utterly 'fundamental' (e.g. Maxwell, etc)
  3. But the sad fact is a huge amount of the public lack common sense - and so the 'need' for these books.
  4. anonguest

    Random Scientific Musing of the Day

    Actually no. I rarely divulge here much about me personally but will state that actually yes I do go as far as (albeit slowly) working my way through text books etc, the maths, etc. What I was getting at (in this latest musing) was something a little 'deeper'. In that, IF one probes and questions the 'accepted wisdoms' found even in scientific texts one inevitably is forced to ask some questions that arise because, for want of better words, somethings are not adequately explained/justified. When one gets to areas such as cosmolology, superstrings, etc then even the most upstanding and impartial scientists begin to accept increasing numbers of assumptions on almost, dare I say it, faith. To paraphrase the words I vaguely recall a professional astronomer, at a lecture, quipping lightheartedly about cosmology......that the difference between studying the solar system and early universe cosmology is that we actually know something about the solar system.
  5. anonguest

    Random Scientific Musing of the Day

    LOL. But.....You can't shame me for wanting to broaden my mind and learn stuff. To be fair I did say/allude to my merely seeking a laymans explanation of the concepts - and not a PhD thesis level explanation.
  6. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    Yes. I know. My reply was alluding to how different things once were in my distant youthful past before parenthood and all that comes with it. Can't be doing all bad though if the wife has stuck with me this far.
  7. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    Time would have been when seeing that would have shamed me into putting down/back in the packet the chocolate hobnob in my hand and halfway towards my open mouth, but now..........ah sod it. LOL
  8. anonguest

    They know who you are.

    I'll only start worrying when they let on that they know my inside trouser leg length.
  9. anonguest

    HPI ingrained.

    Wrong board? Exit left and turn north for the Main HPC board 🙂
  10. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    Ta! You learn something new everyday. 😉
  11. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    On a similar vein I'm sure many here have seen (or can find very quickly) the various youtube videos where some blokes go around posing (or misleadingly portray) false wealth and get countless 'bites' of women on these 'fishing expeditions' - only for the bloke to reveal reality and/or try to shame them by drawing attention to their behaviour, etc. Both (slightly) entertaining and illuminating.
  12. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    Well I'd like to see research/data revealing the motive of sugarbabies before automatically presuming it is solely/predominantly motivated by bringing in the extra needed to 'makes end meet'. Having met many unashamedly self confessed lazy people in my time I have no doubt that a non-trivial percentage of sugababies are those who are fully aware of what they are doing, have no shame in it AND do so because it means they de facto won't have to work for a living (or allow them to indulge in activities/pastimes/etc they could not otherwise do for reasons of lack of time because they would be working). I'm sure that sugardaddying comes in various 'flavours' and degrees and that the dividing line between sugardaddying and prostitution is a bit fuzzier and less narrow than you think.
  13. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    Methinks he doth protest too much. Not jealous by any chance? 😉 Actually, whilst understandable, I think the comparison to prositution is just a wee bit off. A professional prostitute, unless very upmarket and with already plenty of financial stability, cannot really afford the luxury of being picky about who she shags - old, young, fat, thin, spotty, whatever. Otherwise she will starve. Sugarbabies (is that what we call them?) can choose 100% who they hook up with and, presumably to some extent, the sex component need not be as automatic and on-demand/regular as for a prostitute? The other disimilarity is that sugardaddy-ing is a much more two way street affair and that, unlike prostitution typically, some degree of bona fide mutual friendship/companionship/personality will be involved. IF a bloke is really grizzled old, fat, ugly, bad personality then no amount of money is likely to persuade a sugarbaby to hook up with him - and he'll have to get his rocks off via conventional soul-less and eotionally empty prostituion. But, the above is admittedly me being somewhat Devil's advocate, and my sympathies/feelings on the matter do generally align with yours - but more so, I suspect, from the puzzlement that some young people (women typically) lack the self-respect/esteem/dignity that would presumably dissuade them from being sugarbabies.
  14. The mind boggles at the thought of what must have been written/submitted for the research grant funding request. 😆

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