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  1. Just because you don’t like what someone is saying, it doesn’t make it wrong. Personally, I like opposing opinions on forums like this. I think it creates interesting debate.
  2. Yeah west misds here - they just don't stop rising and selling
  3. Thank you so much for this! A fear it is going the wrong way though :-( Prices going up and time to sell getting shorter?
  4. Oh my god they really have! They've outsourced their bank's IT to India
  5. The judge: -Lord Chief Justice Lord ThomasRoger John Laugharne Thomas, Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd (that's Welsh)Thomas is one of the Founding Members of the European Law Institute - The European Law Institute (ELI) is an independent non-profit organisation established to initiate, conduct and facilitate research, make recommendations and provide practical guidance in the field of European legal development with a goal of enhancing the European legal integration ---- works for EU. Makes sense
  6. Installed it - very interesting for the Birmingham area! Lots of reductions of between 5-10k and a few around the 20k (my price bracket is approx 200k)
  7. Ah ok, I'll install Firefox and property bee and take a look! i take it, it's not available for iphone?
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