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  1. Same reason why you won’t be asked about your opinion regarding any UK-US or UK-Japan deal.
  2. Brexit is the past. I don’t think the country will rejoin within the next 20ish years however, I can’t help noticing that the air smells differently compared to what the mood was 4 years ago. I am not talking about Westminster or N10, I am afraid the fuel feeding the Brexit engine was drilled from some oil field in the US. The field is drying up now. The current American administration have just performed a spectacular U-turn about the EU. Pompeo now asking for a strong EU. The sooner Trump and Johnson are kicked out from their respective offices the better it is.
  3. I am extremely worried about the Army being deployed on the streets. I’m serious, extremely worried. If a brunch of negationists face them, what’s going to happen?
  4. Peter North, probably one of the brightest mind in this country, isn’t writing kind words for this government. Brexit is a complete failure, and if Biden is elected in a month, Johnson will be alone on the stage. I don’t really see how this government will survive the next six months without a coupe de teatre. If Johnson thinks he can have his churchillian moment, he will do it at the expanse of the country. From the first week after the Referendum it should’ve been clear heat the EU was acting as a unique block. History will judge these fools. I am personally setting up
  5. I wonder what the country will look like on 1st of Jan with Brexit and another hit to the economy as it seems we’ll be in lockdown pretty soon again.
  6. There is no way a credit agency can trace someone who moved to another country. No way. 1) If you’re not a mob guy or someone with hundreds of millions of pounds left behind no local authority will give any info. 2) If you stay out of social media, it’s near impossible to find you.
  7. The problem here is that expats didn’t bother opening a bank account in the country they had moved to I think. Pensioners using their expats account the same way they’d have used a local one due to the passport arrangements. Pensions were paid into these accounts and the bank was offering the exchange rate I think. Now for them the choice is to open a bank account where they live and move the money there every month. As per the EUs living here, most of them have or had a job and for that you need a British bank account. UK firms cannot pay a salary to a French account e.g. So no problem at all
  8. Still waiting to hear about a second wave in China. There’s a guy on twitter posting interesting things https://twitter.com/MichaelPSenger
  9. Former Airbnbs hitting the market and driving rent prices down according to the London Evening. If cash flow doesn’t cover the servicing of LL’s debts, well, you know it’s going to be 2008 again. this coupled with people leaving the cities is the perfect storm. Ive never been so confident that we will see a crash now. And for crash I mean >50%.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/aug/15/never-knowingly-under-leased-john-lewis-moves-to-rent-out-its-furniture
  11. Excellent post from both yourself and the OP you quoted. This is the learning process I like about this place. I hope this discussion will continue to see this high level of speeches. May I just add a point to your message? I fell liquidity here is the last of the issue. I would rather focus on the cash flow. The government can extend HTB, go for another scheme or whatever, but the problem here is that there are hundred of thousands of both commercial and residential properties where rents are not being collected by landlords right now. Banks know that, and it’s all in their hands now.
  12. Madness. 40% above current prices are you will have riots on the streets. Nobody on this island could buy or rent at those levels.
  13. These people need to keep themselves in power, that’s their first concern. Are they going to piss the largest share of their voters off?
  14. If they need to raise money quickly and without giving too much headaches to HMRC, I think they will look at VAT and Income tax. People on PAYE are going to be squeezed to the last drop. Trust me. Anyone here happy to get a 20% pay cut to get HPC?
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