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  1. New technologies, new media and new demographics clearly show that we are heading towards a globe where frictions amongst and within nations could cause waves of rebellion and riots even in distant places. The recent BLM events are a testimony of that. Now, it is clear to me that there are groups, friends, opportunistic businessmen, call them whatever you prefer that are coming up with solutions. I do believe that, in some circles, there’s a genuine admiration for some way of conducting the business of government that hardly can be compared to what we have known since the XIX century. An un
  2. Yes it is. The whole history of this continent is the story of conflicts. In the West the CCP sponsored idea of “harmony” doesn’t work. We don’t like being told what to do, we believe in the individual and his or her rights as such. There is no space on this island and everywhere in Europe for this madness. The forced implementation of this plan will only bring blood and death. Again. “Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” John Locke the philosopher. That’s it. And your empty pocket, house prices and tax
  3. Labelling this as a conspiracy theory is not the right choice. This is not a conspiracy. The plan is available for everyone to see it. It is a right of these people to meet, discuss and put down a plan. However I can’t deny that the emphasis put on the virus to implement this plan It’s something I don’t like. I don’t like a heir to the throne actively sponsoring the plan I don’t like I don’t see any different plan. If you didn’t like neoliberalism you had Labour in the 80s. if I don’t like this shareholder capitalism where should I look? if I t
  4. So basically 99% of what we call today’s “capitalism” is a partner. The only large British bank I do not see there is HSBC. The good thing is that this plan is now being made public, we know who is backing it and we can made our assumptions. I do now wonder if there is any private or public space, anyone who is looking into this ready to stand up against this madness. I mean someone who is not Trump or Farage or the useless lot of Far-Right people. I don’t see anyone sadly. Darkness cometh upon our lands.
  5. Stakeholder Capitalism requires private sector engagement. Private companies and public sector working together for the new world. I have already read this crap of non-sense. I have already seen what happens when the government ask the private sector to solve a problem. The private sector requires protection, rules made for them, and just for them. You want us to build houses, good, make sure the price is always high, make sure no one can buy a piece of land and build their own house, make sure there are loads of stupid laws to make it impossible to challenge our position. Call them ESG laws.
  6. Stakeholder capitalism does not promote innovation, higher productivity and advance in society. All it does is pretending a company is better because 50% of the workforce is from a minority background and women sit in the board and the firm gives some of their profits away to charities and recycle their waste. Stakeholder Capitalism is good for the big guys, favors the raise and consolidation of monopolies and oligopolies. Google can pretend they can hire black/LGBT engineers just because they are black and LGBT, someone willing to take Google’s market shares, in a free society, should be f
  7. Prof Swhab is an advocate of stakeholder capitalism, opposing the shareholder capitalism we have right now. Public debates and fair elections should be run on these topics. I do not think stakeholder capitalism is appropriate for a functional democracy. I do believe it is fascist corporatism under a different umbrella. I do not believe it is good for society. Prince Charles is actively promoting this ideology and I do not like it, because he should not use his position to put any sort of agenda forward. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/
  8. This is not a conspiracy theory. Everything is available. Just check the Great Reset website from the WEF. We can then discuss whether or not we like this program, and put it through public scrutiny. If Prince Charles wants to save the planet he should run for PM and get the votes to save the planet. “Saving the planet” is no excuse to bypass the House of Commons and our way to make decisions. For god’s sake the West is truly in a comatose state. We don’t even remember our history and how much blood was taken just because someone thought they had a brilliant idea to put forward without t
  9. In China nobody is wearing masks. For god’s sake just look at YouTube. We won’t go back to normal life until a vaccine is found. Meanwhile in Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese people COVID never happened. Where are the masks?
  10. Chinese are back to normal life. Check some vlog on YouTube from Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. They are not even wearing masks. Now I DO want a logical explanation from SAGE and the expert panel whose plan is to put me under lockdown again, how is it possible that a virus that might never be eradicated (WHO), that we can only fight with a vaccine (Fauci) has basically disappeared from the most populous place on the planet. When I say disappeared I mean it’s not there anymore. And it doesn’t even spread. O cases for months, people from aboard come with it, they test positive and they d
  11. Same reason why you won’t be asked about your opinion regarding any UK-US or UK-Japan deal.
  12. Brexit is the past. I don’t think the country will rejoin within the next 20ish years however, I can’t help noticing that the air smells differently compared to what the mood was 4 years ago. I am not talking about Westminster or N10, I am afraid the fuel feeding the Brexit engine was drilled from some oil field in the US. The field is drying up now. The current American administration have just performed a spectacular U-turn about the EU. Pompeo now asking for a strong EU. The sooner Trump and Johnson are kicked out from their respective offices the better it is.
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