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  1. He also thought HTB was a free-market solution to home ownership. There is no hope with these politicians.
  2. You could do but you'd be dead before you ever owned it. But that probably wouldn't stop the plebs.
  3. It is ponzi-like with HTB and all the props. So what is the end game? 0% mortgage rates on 50 year terms just to keep the £40bn a year debt expansion? £1000 per month x 12 x 50 at 0% would get you to an average UK house price of £600K. Is that where we are heading? And then what after that?
  4. You are in the minority. The only thing you have in common with the "vast hoardes" is the bubble mentality. You've bought into the ponzi scheme and you think it can only keep on giving. There are lots of props at the expense of people like me keeping it going. Nothing lasts forever. Not even ponzi schemes.
  5. It may depend on the browser, but on my firefox it is on the right panel
  6. Or you can do this on most modern browsers - Right click and choose inspect element . Highlight the premium content div Go to the css styling and uncheck display: none; And voila:
  7. This is a forum for people that want a crash, not for those worried about one. I clarified that the other week with another poster.
  8. Well I was referring to both comments. I always give away my real feelings.
  9. Corbyn and Brexit are a continuation of the 2008 crisis. The problem is, TPTB are in denial because they think they've fixed everything and everyone can now move on with neoliberalism and globalism. In reality, neoliberalism and globalism are dead, and the people are trying to work out where we go from here. Different developed countries are at a different stages, with the UK and US probably ahead of others.
  10. It's not about getting poorer or richer, it's about watching a system based on a ponzi scheme collapse like in 2007.
  11. Outstanding mortgage debt in 2007 was £0.88tn so that's £40bn a year to get to £1.3tr. I was just pointing out that £40bn equates to 200K new builds a year (roughly). I don't know the actual breakdown, but £40bn will be £new new build mortgages + £new existing build mortgages + £remortgages - £repayments.
  12. I'm pretty sure it already does. Probably best to check the spreadsheet but values are stated as advances and balances. I'm not sure you can calculate a balance without subtracting repayments. Also, I've seen total outstanding mortgage debt stated as £1.3tr in the news, so that figure makes sense.
  13. Out of interest, according to those figures, total mortgage debt is expanding at £40bn a year, which is equivalent to 200,000 new builds a year assuming £200K per unit. BTL debt is expanding at £11.4bn a year.
  14. Looks correct. There doesn't appear to be any slowing in BTL or other residential mortgage lending yet. Total outstanding appears to be an upward linear trend. Balances of residential loans to individuals: All (Regulated and Non-regulated) 2007 Q1 2019 Q1 BTL £75bn £212bn ALL £881bn £1.35tr
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