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  1. This video is relevant: Democracies crumble when wealth extraction diminishes or get concentrated in an unfair/dysfunctional way.
  2. Yes, it may be End for the Neoliberal global system and even some billionaires in power felt it was going to come crashing down eventually as soon as it was gaining full steam by the very late 80s/first half of the 90s: With offshoring, etc, over two decades later we get a egotistical demagogue elected in on a wave of discontent, then the violent downfall of a corrupted democracy in America, and open mob rule.
  3. My take on Dr. Doom's (and similar ilk) comments:
  4. It's so much bigger than the rest in most part because many European militaries (including us) drastically (maybe even dangerously) downsized their naval, air and ground forces in recent decades (especially since the Cold War fizzled).
  5. There were bombs planted and some of the police/security officers were in on it! And there's rumors of alarm buttons removed from offices days in advance!
  6. BLM are no saints, but their violence was partially in response to genuine problems and tense relations to biased, undisciplined law enforcement. The MAGA mob's violence was briefer and concentrated, but they were directly attacking the primary government establishment and aiming to murder government officials, in a truly unprecedented incident in perhaps over a century (while the BLM riots were just a tired retread of the same ghetto riots from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s).
  7. And they'll intercept and detain the worst troublemakers before they go too far this time. The Capitol got CCTV records of virtually everbody who attended the farcical take over.
  8. They're caught between a rock and a hard place, and this could tear the US Government apart and make the spiral into a 2nd Civil War or/and Soviet style collapse: going too easy on the violent martial usupers could embolden them to higher feats of violence against opposition and the bureaucratic system itself, making them martyrs could split civil society into pieces that will see each other enemies (and the nuclear armed security/military apparatus alongside it).
  9. His last weeks in power will certainly live on in infamy more than the rest of his otherwise unremarkable presidency, plus it's a cherry on top of mass riots and a response to Covid that was very catastrophic for supposedly the greatest nation on the planet (America's become a joke in the 00s and 10s like Russia became in the 70s and 80s).
  10. Eh, I still love the Naked Gun Trilogy with OJ's hapless police detective, even if he's another murderous narcissist.
  11. Or, you know, he's just a regular crazy person.
  12. But you could say, like a broken clock, the "MSM" were right in their overblown assement about Trump this time (and his MAGA cult of hysteria and violence). I'm now worried the far right or far left flash mobs will try to pull off a similar outrage in other Western democracies.
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