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  1. It can get worse that, according to some anecdotes you have lying and manipulative bullies who make it difficult for terminally ill employees for no reason. Ultra aggression and pettiness like that (ie. spreading false rumours about a man mere months away from dying to advance your career at a f'ing shop) poisons the UK workplace.
  2. South Africa is now a semi-failed state spiraling into some kind of civil war and ANC corruption has been as steep (if not steeper) than under the white dominated Apartheid regime - Zuma's "state capture" has eroded away the nation from the inside out just to enrich himself, his Zulu cronies, and the Gupta clan. The Apartheid regime was about enriching white elites at the gross expense of Africans, its cities and suburbs were heavily policed Potemkin Villages writ large, but at least its corruption wasn't such that it had no money left over to fund vital services or modern urban and industrial infrastructure...
  3. The older, more experience psychos given more time to weed themselves in would be less likely to be fired, but hopefully they'd be debilitated by this.
  4. No pointless meetings and other person to person activities means less chance for gossipy, bullying psychos to BS and brown nose their bosses, and less of an outlet to backstab, leech off, sabotage, intimidate or freeze out their colleagues (who would've been more productive otherwise).
  5. Narcissist, sociopaths, and psychopaths in the workplace got starved of their oxygen during the lockdowns...
  6. And haven't you noticed the people arguing the UK and US are not really Capitalist (ever since their economies had been put on life support since '08) reminds of those utopians who argued the Soviets and East Germans never practiced Communism....
  7. I'd say it's more a sub optimum mix of capitalism and government authoritarianism, partly brought about lobbying at US Congress....
  8. Capitalism in its purist form cannot work either, because of profit maximising and artificial scarcity at the expense of everything (where Amazon wastefully destroys or recycles many of its surplus luxury products it cannot sell). Although food products being more prone to defects/contamination and having a shelf-life plays a factor, American retail is overly zealous at destroying surplus food to the point of getting armed police to protect their dumping grounds and firing employees for food donation:
  9. It serves as another wake up call to other democracies.
  10. We all hope this going to be as bad as it gets for SA and it serves as wake up call.
  11. The 2011 riots was an aftershock of the '07/08 semi-permanent economic collapse and may have been partly inspired by the Arab Spring - a similar uproar will happen again.
  12. Yeah, criminal warlords like Zuma, stuck thinking he's a Zulu king, does not mix well with running an modern, industrial state. And take into account the horrific urban squalor and overcrowding, never properly addressed in the past 25, finally get detonated by Covid. It'll be a full blow failed or collapsing state worse than Zimbabwe and comparable to Libya this decade (the genocidal violence in SA feels palpable from where I'm sitting). Let China have it and get militarily bogged down.
  13. It seems far off for us or Germany despite our problems, but feels inevitable for the RSA now - Zuma and his supporters seem far too aggressive, greedy, and stupid to run a industrialised democractic nation (and people running the modern parts must really hate their guts and ready to take up arms). I'm worried this century that we're facing something like a Bronze Age Collapse (and we're still in the very early part).
  14. It will be a full blown failed state eventually if this sort of rioting becomes chronic and widespread enough that a full blown civil war happens and it falls apart like Libya has done after the Arab Spring.....
  15. South Africa's a large scattering of First World facilities, buildings, and houses abruptly plopped into a grindingly impoverished, primitive country...
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