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  1. Argentina (like Venezuela and Brazil) has a problem of being a one note material export economy, with too many eggs in one basket, and volatile, unequal socia-economic structure.
  2. I'm far from good, I can jog 3km in 25 minutes.
  3. The worrying thing is that Boris John is fat, but not abnormally grossly so, but it was enough to put him in bed for many days (though other factors compounded his affliction, like being relatively old now, a plausible history of chain smoking, and the intense stress of being PM, etc). I'm obese, but now can jog over 3km in 27 minutes (I've lifted weights, so I look stocky but not digusting as I was)..
  4. I am obese, but much less morbidly obese now. I also now suspect Derek Acorah was actually an early famous victim of Covid 19 (he was old, but not super old and reasonably fit looking, but then abruptly keeled over and died from an unspecified lung illness).
  5. I've been going on 20 to 30 minute jogs for a couple of months now.
  6. The UK and US elites are leading a system that's becoming dysfunctional and tired as Feudalism on the eve of the Black Death. The Black Death shook Feudalism to the core and triggered lots of rebellions across Europe, even if most of them ran out of steam and got contained (but Feudalism still became unworkable, with expensive and disgruntled laborers, and slowly fell apart aferwards).
  7. A lot of fans think Thanos was right, when his home planet looked like it was destroyed by overpopulation, ecological destruction, and war. In the Earth ravaged by Thanos' Snap we had mention of the Earth's ecology recovering (with whales in San Francisco bay). I think the current situation has to be solved by us building giant megacity structures out at sea and underground, etc...
  8. Hyper Go Go - "Never Let Go": Simply Red - "Something's Got Me Started" (Remix):
  9. The American and British economies had a lot of their engines removed by 2008 (and never properly put back in) and today's upheaval is just a continuation (or confirmation) of the West's terminal economic decline. Covid 19 is the stiff breeze blowing over the Neo-Liberal house of cards (that was poorly glued back together back in '08).
  10. I have a relatively ancient LG television from 2009/2010 (a LED) in my bedroom and it's still going strong and has a adequate 1080p image. LG's build quality is not quite as lavish as Panasonic units, but still reasonably solid and reliable (plus less gaudy than Samsung's and no nonsense like Sony's). The newer LGs have odd/dodgy firmware interfaces, but it's to encourage customers to buy upgraded LG "smart" remotes.
  11. But "States rights" rhetoric in America seems to often lead to reactionary governors and socially/economically/environmentally oppressive laws anyway. When many Soviet Republics were "freed" from Moscow, they became straight forward autocracies.
  12. Well it can be a sign of an unbalanced, unsustainable system, akin to the perceived military overspending wedded with poor living standards followed by sudden failure of the Soviets in the late 80s/early 90s.
  13. Like the Soviet Union, it looks invincible until it suddenly isn't (with too many fundamentally stupid/insane elites and decades upon decades of institional/economic rot).
  14. We're watching another superpower (in many people's lifetimes) on the terminal wane.
  15. Now the genesius are thinking about restricting walking/jogging/cycling, because a few idiots ignored social distancing on promenades/parks, etc. Seems unfair on most and untenable (considering how relatively shallow and underfunded Britain's enforcement arm is).
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