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  1. I think it's a moderate exaggeration the UK courts reward or protect evil people, but they've progressively become very dysfunctional in the last twenty years and it's easier to bilk people in "the system" (rootless criminals and terrorists are harder to pin down and sanction, since they're not part of the system). But like war between nations in Europe runs in 50-80 years cycles, so does the severity of crime and punishment (I wouldn't be suprised Western Europe and the UK in particular goes back to lynching crooks enmasse within this century).
  2. "I'm Gonna Get You" - Bizarre Inc. (feat. Angie Brown):
  3. Or more accurately the Golden Era of the airliners really came to a close with the 9/11 outrages....
  4. "Peace" - Sabrina Johnston: "Young Guns (Go For It)" - Wham!: "Weirdo" - The Charlatans:
  5. Capitalism hasn't evolved, it has clearly DEVOLVED to the point of show signs of becoming non-functional and being an engine for widespread dissent..
  6. Yeah, she's more a figure head or performance artist rather than a full ruler.
  7. She has been overseeing Britain's cushioned downfall as a true global power, when it became more untenable with WW1 onwards - Russia kept up with the toxic Late Antiquity/Medieval mindset and it became a laughing stock in Ukraine.
  8. Village life at its most toxic is high school life continuing on until your deathbed, with narcissistic bullies, etc, often in charge, setting the social tempo, and punching downwards in their tiny social pyramid (explaining why a friend of mine from Yorkshire got subjected to "the silent treatment" for years by many people in a Bristol commuter town for no real reason).
  9. We're naturally conforming animals but the problems arise when we take too far to point of extreme xenophobia, reactive violence, and inbreeding (where people get brutally ostracised or worse over petty faux pas and "sticking out" somehow to hick bullies). But UK cities can be full of weird, very inward looking people (see Bath, Bristol, and Cardiff).
  10. The vested interests just lacked vision and imagination after 2007/8 and it's mostly been running on inertia, so of course it's all been going off the rails in recent years. The Tory Party are finished like the historical Whigs, whether it'll take 5 years or 25 years. Neo-Liberalism is now in a similar state to the Command Economy in the 1980s and is too morally bankrupt or nonsensical to survive for much more than 30 years. Why else are we living in world with 3 very unstable nuclear armed great powers?
  11. Drugs, cluster B personality disorders, and low intelligence is a bad combination. The dysfunctional, maybe even dying court system and overcrowded prisons are not up to standard into coping with them. And police are getting less and less reliable in their response and investigations.
  12. That's California. Places like West Yorkshire and parts of Wales are pretty terrible and nearly lawless by Western European standards after the mines, etc, got shut down. Heard of a guy from Halifax hospitalised multiple times and nearly got run down by a vehicle, in an attempted murder attempt. The UK's got a ingrained problem with dumber scumbags than normal (partially explaining the excessive response by French cops in that recent ticket fraud incident). Police and courts who don't serve the people become part of the problem and just emboldens routine deadly vigilantism (coming to a sink estate near you soon).
  13. While still unthinkable and implausible, in the UK I think we'll be falling back on casually killing career criminals and more dangerous anti-social types in the double digits every month (war of invasion in Europe seemed unthinkable and implausible until it was not).
  14. It was Russia's regime that initially decided to go full retard by waging an almost unwinnable war against the 2nd biggest country in Europe that is similarly urbanised and industrialised, trying to deny its vast resources to the rest of the world, while openly revealed as a irrational Mafia state wielding a decades past its prime military.
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