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  1. I think I riled up some older version of a psychopath in a suit at a HiFi convention in a hotel - didn't even lightly brush past him to find somewhere to sit down in the hotel bar, his ego was bruised, I apologised, and the apologising just got him EVEN MORE enraged (with his cronies trying to egg him on), but I just kept quiet and took his self-important bluster. He was trying to start some kind of bar fight over nothing:
  2. Extreme inbreeding in both the extreme lower AND upper classes in the UK may have a role in the poor, violent, and impulsive behaviour on display in this article.
  3. We're de facto getting disenfranchised by the system and perpetually hit by one economic catastrophe after another for nearly two decades running (Enron/DotCom being a trial run, with 2008 and Covid slumps rivalling if not exceeding the Great Depression). And the sad thing is the oldest Millennials are not youths anymore, they're youngish mature adults already hitting early middle age, with the majority still in mediocre careers if they're lucky (like bitcoin poster here), working many rubbish jobs on tax credits, or stagnating on welfare. Boomers are seen as the antagonists, though
  4. TPTB have ruined their power base in the medium to long term, that's why things seem to be collapsing at an increasing rate of knots since 2016.
  5. The UK is ripe for vigilante killings, sooner than we think.
  6. This is semi-permanent and the established Westminster parties have destroyed their future power base.
  7. Covid must've been another complication, though the 2010s austerity strategy just led to much of the bare essentials to sustaining an advanced nation crumbling away (from military to roads to hospitals) The Tories seem to be tolerated by the electorate, not liked. Crumbling infrastructure is obviously a bigger problem in America and worse again in Russia (geographically vast but economically stratified/mismanaged countries). The UK became too centralised in WW2.
  8. ^Same here on some weeks/months. Also it's too nice and sunny to waste it on streaming/gaming.
  9. The UK cannot even maintain its roads properly in recent years (I saw a pothole on the damn motorway) and the Republic of Ireland now has a far higher GDP per capita than the stagnant/declining United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is this century's candidate for the next Yugoslavia.
  10. This is a crisis that has been decades in the making since all the way back in the late 70s/early 80s.
  11. Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire who had such vast estates, he was the head of his own little kingdom, but did it stop his sexual exploitation of underaged girls and young women, if anything it provided him a vast power base to make his sexual crimes so much worse!
  12. Because the Anglo-American justice systems are more about wealth/power protection than the protection of the people (hence why Met officers couldn't save a drowning man due to training prorities). That is why there is more open contempt for the police and justice system in the West, predatory people are running amuck, and we'll pay for it eventually with literal lynch mobs.
  13. Speaking about cars, how is a an unqualified driver crashing his unlicensed vehicle and killing an infant rooted in poverty? It creates poverty and misery, is not a direct consequence of poverty (except of the mind).
  14. Well we've got a rotten culture when we had a duplicitous, hideous sexual predator and plain bully like Jimmy Savile much lauded and protected by the UK state. And Tories have long ago reduced funding for domestic abuse programs and grooming gangs operated for many years with relative impunity.
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