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  1. Yes, I was agreeing. I don't care to discuss press htough. Are you in the "rented houses simply vanish once the landlord sells up" brigade?
  2. And by the way, I have used an electric scooter in Sophia to get around. Never again. Too dangerous and I ride motorbike.
  3. Get a CBT (only about £120) and a petrol scooter, use it as your daily transport and then let us know your opinion.
  4. Sure hahaha what? If people lose their houses because of a house price crash, it is tautological to state that there will be loads of affordable housing for them.
  5. I'm only joshing. I really don't like long distance driving or travelling in general so the idea of driving for 600 miles just for a weekend is pretty appalling to me!
  6. are you misremembering? https://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/analysis/historical-interest-rates-uk/
  7. If they sell the mortgage to someone else, then you are no longer a member :^)
  8. They have more obesity and metabolic syndrome issues and due to darker skin, cannot manufacture as much vitamin d.
  9. No, Ivor has a lot of research backing up what he says. Oh, I was just posting a summary video which was related to your discussion. Apologies if I have seemed overly aggressive towards you. The sources he references will likely be of interest to you, though I think they will be in the video. Ivor's original seminar contains the summary
  10. My mistake- I thought we were discussing in good faith. You probably are in denial about the carbs you love eating so much, fatty. Why would we take anything an addict has to say seriously?
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