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  1. Hysterical. That article is one of the clearest demonstrations that Wikipedia is a left wing propaganda outlet.
  2. If they were publicly auctioned, then everyone had a chance to throw in their capital. If they were in some kind of private sale, then that is blatant corruption and underscores my position that government is inherently corrupt. Wasn't that a fixed price? Corruption. Again, the government is in charge of this. What else do you expect? Did any other party address this in the meantime? Yet again, I think the team you love are total corrupt scum (they are). That doesn't mean I support their "opposition". I hate them too. If we're going to talk about brainwashing, you are t
  3. And the Remoaner candidate was likely STILL griping about Brexit in his material.
  4. This is a contemptible lie. More lies I know that the only reason Beko continues to make fridges is because they can charge 10% more for them every year.
  5. In the US, the market would need to fall 30% to reach the previous all time peak in the Buffett Yardstick during the tech bubble. A bear market is defined as just a 20% fall.
  6. How would you distinguish such a person from one who had made choices resulting in their hardship? Ambulances are taxpayer funded in the US, so people routinely use them to get to hospital at a cost of 10's of thousands of dollars to pick up prescriptions and avoid a $10 taxi fare.
  7. What's baffling is that there is a kitchen in such a flat. Who pays 1.5 mill for a flat and cooks their own food? Or is the second bedroom for the live in maid/chef?
  8. No change was required Delaying the end of their ability to steal (tax) from the citizenry Do addicts think about what happens beyond their next fix?
  9. Projection. I am not dismissing anything. They are all corrupt. Your team too.
  10. That's pretty typical for government lobbying. Guess what, if you have a government, people are going to use it to exploit others with the threat of overwhelming violence.
  11. If they were paying much more tax than you, why would you expect a direct benefit close to theirs when taxes are cut? The benefit to the low tax payer would presumably be higher wages and better job opportunities.
  12. Brexit, lack of tranny obsession and lack of critical race theory. Boris succeeded on Brexit, which means Labour is done, for good, in my opinion. Working class people are not stupid. They sense in Labour the kind of contempt which is dripping through in your post. If I were in charge of Labour, I would have -backed Brexit -promised to tackle the banks -promised to abolish Tory manipulation of the housing market -dropped this race baiting hysteria But then I probably would not be permitted anywhere near their levers with such a 'radical' agenda.
  13. The ones in Brussels? So funny. You just cannot help yourself punching down on other people instead of listening to them and thinking about what they are saying. It's why the Left have to resort to outright cheating to hold onto any power these days; you have completely lost touch with human beings.
  14. If there is inflation and/or job losses, they may not be able to afford to keep paying their mortgages.
  15. Exactly. Or Blair's Iraqi Murder Adventure, Gordon's Boom and Bust Bonanza or Cameron's HPI Extravaganza
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