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  1. Can someone explain to me how the benefits of propping up crappy universities outweigh the risks of doing so?
  2. What the EFF is someone who can't even achieve DDD doing applying to university in the first place? It is obvious and disgusting that higher education is simply a debt mill to get more people into debt and having their pay garnished for the rest of their working lives.
  3. Locke

    Yellow Vest Protests

    The police are not there to protect the citizenry. They are there to ensure their compliance to being robbed. If seeing some "people" getting away with being spectacular scumbags doesn't make you rebel, why would the police try and stop them?
  4. I hope this worm is sill in the country when it all goes down. Indeed. Asking an Austrian economist how to get out of a Keynesian mess is like asking the pilot how to get back in the plane after you have jumped out. There is only one way this ends.
  5. Locke

    London leaver

    Lol no it wouldn't; they get paid either way.
  6. Locke

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    This is the same government which is taxing sugar to stop poor people from stuffing themselves full of IRN-BRU
  7. They bombed most of Europe back to the stone age rather than give up any power before. Twice. Inevitably leads to hyperinflation Why do interest rates have to have anything to do with inflation? There is no painless way out of this.
  8. In theory. What will likely happen is capital controls, preventing you from taking your cash from the bank. Then massive inflation as people spend electronically. Followed by a weekly personal spending cap. Digital fiat will see record inflation, paper fiat will see discounts vs digital price. Then paper cash will be banned. Cryptocurrencies will either legally or by default dominate. Gold and silver will be used as currency, but in minor roles compared to crypto. The system which allows them to control fiat digitally is the same one which will destroy them for doing so.
  9. Locke

    EA Just told me to wait to buy

    I think it shows a change in the market. If valuations were historically depressed, I would agree with you. Do you think valuations are historically high, or low?
  10. Unlike the US, non-recourse loans are not standard in the UK.
  11. Locke

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    The US government made gold illegal for like 70 years. It didn't even matter if you refused to hand it in and they didn't catch you, because very few people would accept it in payment.
  12. Locke

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    You think there isn't a technical workaround which can't be enforced with the overwhelming violence the government is capable and willing to apply? They already thought of turning banknotes into dated coupons which depreciate themselves over time and in the age of cryptocurrencies it will be even easier.
  13. Locke

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Lol. The banks are the ones getting the negative rates. You, filthy peasant, will be paying 0.5% on your debt and will receive -3% on your bank balance. Thanks for playing, better luck next time.
  14. I marked out the important bit for you. Perhaps you have the cranial capacity to figure out why what you said was stupid. We export our pollution to countries like Qatar and China. If the industries were based here, there would be less pollution overall. Debt is future consumption pulled into the present. When the government borrows £100billion, that is £100billion worth of pollution-causing activities occurring now, instead of being spread out in time. This forced spending also pushes up the fertility rate, so there are more people; exactly the thing you are against. I will expand below. Yes, it is. Do you know what aspect of it is actually the elephant? The fact that it is the least forward-looking and restrained populations which are expanding and the most gracious and considerate (white) ones which are declining. Western populations are reining themselves in without government intervention. It is the government stealing from us and shoveling our resources into the hungry mouths of other populations which is causing such a problem. If the State stopped conducting this madness, the "problem" would solve itself. When you invoke State action, you are invoking the initiation of violence to enact your opinion. That is the fundamental difference and is why Environmentalism, which almost universally worships expanded Government and ever more violent intervention in other people's lives, is a Death Cult.

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