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  1. Millennials SHOCKED to discover that visas and immigration rules exist. The wife and I actually enjoy getting the stamps in our passports going across borders now. It's especially fun having them in little one's passport.
  2. Is your point that covid is actually not very dangerous? Or is it that if the labs in the UK are so haphazard, the ones in China are probably even worse and therefore corona almost certainly did escape from a Chinese biolab?
  3. On the topic of humiliating propaganda, how are those bats doing?
  4. It's beyond common now. Most of what you read and see in the legacy media is pure propaganda and a significant amount is lies. No, but they are the remit of psychopaths, which is the kind of person who is best suited to accumulating political power. Yes, such as the idea that the President of the United States would be riding shotgun in his limousine, that his bodyguard decides his schedule and that he would reach across to the steering wheel.
  5. This is very bad, because NATO stocks are being rapidly depleted. If Russia's intention was to invade further countries (which I don't think it is), a significant amount of NATO ammunition and hardware have been completely wasted in missile and long range artillery strikes.
  6. I'm at peace with the fact it's not optimal and likely to fall. Our circumstances mean we don't have a mortgage but we are not able to wait for the market crash. If we had to have a mortgage, we absolutely would not be buying now. The point is, people have been bidding way over in the past few months. This seems to have turned and the price changes are certainly far below what Zoopla are saying in their price index.
  7. It's a quote and as you identify about a bygone era. I don't know what Russia is like today. Clearly I am referring to lies about Trump. Russiagate sticks out as actually criminal behaviour by establishment figures such as Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Obama et al and was far, far worse than Watergate.
  8. Haha thank you, but I immediately felt like we should have punted on 500 or lower lol! Go full @Pop321 on them
  9. Don't know, I don't live there. Certainly most of the things said about Trump were/are outright and blatant lies. Does anyone really "support" Johnson? I think people mostly either hate him or just don't give a shit here.
  10. We just had our offer accepted 20k, 4% below the Zoopla estimated price so I think Zoopla are making it up as they go along.
  11. Isn't this a bit like where they interview morbidly obese people at food banks claiming they can't afford to feed themselves? I think they may just be taking the piss.
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