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  1. Well if the value in the UK companies is the quality of the employees, then by outsourcing overseas, aren't the investors being sold a dud? What's stopping the talent from forming a new company?
  2. Lol- it's not your money in the first place. I heard an interesting piece about MMT the other day. Would you describe yourself as an MMT'er?
  3. Are you saying that techy types will move their whole lives to India? Or that the UK businesses will outsource their labour to India?
  4. Your avatar is very appropriate to your posting style Are you talking about the police, the RAF, the Royal Navy or the Army? Honestly, all the things you claim would be bad about "my world" (which, by the way, I don't recall having made such a proposition) seem to be happening in "your world" already.
  5. I don't know what your position was regarding LTV and income ratio. I'm saying that for someone with a 10-20% deposit, they are not getting a shorter than 35 year mortgage, if they can even get one.
  6. They (well, 35 year ones, but that's hardly much of a difference) are the only ones going now and for the past few years. None of my peers (30 years old) have shorter mortgages than that.
  7. The numbers are small, so it is actually a 37.5% increase in interest!
  8. No, it isn't, unless this post was also off topic People seem to think that cash disappears in a puff of smoke once they spend it. It doesn't; cash is at all times savings to someone. If households have £125 billion more than they would usually, either that cash is new to the economy, or businesses, not being households, have made a net reduction of £125billion in their cash reserves. Where else is the money going to come from? Further, the fall in consumer debt represents the destruction of that amount of cash, so in total consumers would have pulled £135 billion in from somewhere.
  9. Lol. Even if we do come out of the current ice age, it won't be that dramatic.
  10. And these businesses would have hoarded the cash?
  11. Can you explain what would have happened to that cash absent the pandemic?
  12. There's a name for this fallacy. I can't remember what it is, but just because things have been like this for a while, doesn't mean they will be forever. Hmm. How would they get around the MMR rules?
  13. So if it is ok to ignore, because it has no effect, because it is mostly held by the central bank, what was the point in creating it in the first place?
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