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  1. I moved from london to glasgow last year. Worked out really well. Bought a nice house and car and work less hours. Took a 5k pay cut woop de doo much better quality of life (except the weather)
  2. If you don't need the money do it. You can get three times the amount back and I know people who have managed get this
  3. Got 15k from the grandparents. Supplemented with 25k myself and 10k from my gf. But we aren't buying in London with 50k deposit, not worth a lifetime of debt for sod all. Moving to scotland at christmas where our money will go so much further. Might get another 10k from the folks, but, not needed in scotland. Just means a nicer place or less debt
  4. I reckon my salary will drop from 45k to 35k and my gf from 40k to 35k but even after that we will still be much better off. We lose about 750pcm between us but houses are 1/4 the price of London i.e 150k average so it still makes sense imho and we will be living in a better place as value is so much greater so our quality of life will also be increased.
  5. Update: I'm leaving! Did stick it out for an extra 18 months, finished up some projects, upped my skills, saved some more cash. Now have a lovely new gf from near where I'm from who I see a future with and we are going to head to where we are from (nice cheap big city oop north) with some decent savings into a reasonably healthy job market. Needless to say my boss is annoyed but doesn't deny the reality of the situation and short of doubling my salary he can't really change my mind, the remainder of my friends have left in the past year anyway (for the same reasons). Ive said whoever he gets to replace me he better make sure they are ten years older than me or independently wealthy! Onwards and upwards! Just hope i can find a decent job!
  6. To be fair I don't know what his position is on LVT, personally, I'm in favour of it massively. An LVT kind of IS paying people to keep off your land, because you pay the state, which is effectively the people. I like to think of LVT as everyone basically renting the land off the government. Theres a lot to be said for it being the only tax as many georgists suggest.
  7. Well it's a good question but I suppose the point is, shouldn't we organise society to be more productive? That would mean removing the barriers to people being more connected and so, more productive. More product = more wealth. The tax and benefit system can be used to spread the wealth around which is a different matter
  8. Hmmm, not really. We've tried crony capitalism. When private banks can issue currency, that is not free market. Somewhere on this forum there's a list of all the government schemes in housing, mostly making it worse, and it's like a hundred things
  9. To be fair to Patrick, he's a free market libertarian. He's also advocated scrapping all planning laws and allowing construction where it's needed (including on Hyde park). As he says, we don't have a crisis in cars, because there is a functional market. Also he doesn't think his staff who probably commute in from zone whatever or even outside the city, should be subsidising "unproductive" people living in the middle of the city. And tbh I have a modicum of sympathy with that view. The fact is that people are more productive when they are well connected, so, shouldn't shouldn't the most productive people get a chance to be more connected?
  10. I can see why they're losing money in Aberdeen on the awpr https://m.facebook.com/AWPRRANTS1/
  11. Well that's depressing but refreshingly honest. Yeah I think my career ceiling is about 50k which I might get to in about 3 years but as things currently stand that's still not going to do me much good. My own stupid fault for being born in the 80s I suppose
  12. See my thread in anecdotals on 30-35Yo's. 9.5/10 everybody is leaving
  13. Thanks for all the feed back, I'm still undecided, I have about two weeks before I need to bite the bullet and prepare to move to yet another flat for 12 months or give my boss his notice. Sadly I don't have a 90k inheritance, but I've saved 30+k. That means my Max is about 200k, which, right now get me Jack-sh*t. In London. Glasgow however; beautiful 2or 3 bed in Victorian grandeur, house full of nice furniture and a car. Might wait one more year, save another 8k or so, finish up my projects at work.. hmm
  14. Some interesting things I've noticed since the Christmas break. I'm 29 this year, as are most of my friends. My two flatmates (a couple) have decided over the holidays to move back to ireland, mainly due to being sick to the back teeth of shit flats, shit landlords, and no sense of what will happen in the future (we had problems with damp in our 1600pcm flat). I don't blame them. Then tonight I was doing sport with another friend who said that now she is leaving to bristol because she is sick of her flatmates. I myself want to leave due to insecurity of PRS except that I really love my work here and do have a good (though dwindling) social network. given that I'm single and I refuse to live with strangers and a one bed is min £1200, I might just pack it in myself when the flatties leave if I can't find another friend in the same position . All these people myself included earn at least 35-40k. So my question is, on this site, who our age is still here, and why, what future do you see? Are you holding on for the crash? Will 2017 be the year? Is it worth hanging on? Or should we all just say f*k it and move out to somewhere where things are vaguely sane. From my point of view it's getting to the point where the only people here are 45+ bought when it was still reasonable and 25- partying and not really giving much thought to the future. Which begs the question, how will companies survive without their most productive staff I.e. those at peak earning which i would guess is age 30-35? Hive mind - what say you? Thanks
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