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  1. The market is dead. I have a multi tude of agents trying to sell me shoeboxes for 300k. Errr. No thanks. 3 years ago they were 240k. Its at the point where buyers are not interested in transacting. Stalemate. im sure carney the **** and the hammy the hamster shagger will come up with more free money props. Its the only way for higher prices.
  2. GreenDevil

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Haha there is one smart aussie. Her boyfriend split and did a runner. Maybe he was a PoM?
  3. Diamond comments. I suspect the reason they are offering off plan is so you buy before you see the shit you are buying?
  4. Why do people lost this every time there's a report? Who gives a FF?
  5. Perhaps we should import them to Blighty while the borders are still open?
  6. GreenDevil


    Yes. But you're forgetting they all own expensive houses and don't have pound notes in the bank. That's for the plebs. Hard brexit will never hapoen . To much VI and jobs on the board to lose by the Tory *****. Best option is vote corby for a reset.
  7. GreenDevil

    Converstaions with BTLs

    Haha. I think you are taking much more risk tha n any one buying bricks n mortar! Over the 30 years ive been investing i doubt im past break even on stocks and shares. However on property and bitcoin up 400%! To the average person stocks are smoke n mirrors a syatem designed to eztract money from punters and rwturn to fund managers and hedge funds.
  8. GreenDevil

    RICS -10% balance

    EAs are calling me. I usually let it go straight to answerphone 😂😂
  9. Surely the reason for price falls in London and rises elsewhere is simple. London's a shithole and everyone wants out....
  10. HTB turbo 50% plus?
  11. GreenDevil

    Forced Sellers Starting to Appear

    So I viewed a wreck a few weeks ago. Needed everything. But nice plot and location. Was Polly 150k more than it would of been a few years ago. Not really interested. Agent advised 30 viewings get your offers over bid in. I didn't two weeks later she called and asked if was offering. Nope I s aid. Why not she said. Too expensuve. What's the point. I bet the poor old thing fell off her chair!
  12. GreenDevil

    Forced Sellers Starting to Appear

    What a hole. Even at a alleged discount of 25% it's still 8000 per square metre. Who are they trying to to kid?
  13. GreenDevil

    Forced Sellers Starting to Appear

    Haha. 700 and 650. For shitty terraces in the burbs. They would be worth 350k tops if rates were anything other than 0%.
  14. Good post. Physiological. Homeostasis Food Water Sleep Shelter Us poor renter scum stuck on the bottom tier then.
  15. GreenDevil

    Van Dwellers in Bristol

    Surely living in a van is better than homeless on the park pench?

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