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  1. Catching up on some house prices and it seems that the new subcription model ie £1.99 a month is blurring out prices but not doubt collecting the prices. Which is a shame as i was happy to spend my time trawling the web to get property logs prices up to date, but not for a price of 1.99 per month. So im afraid ive removed the extension. Does anyone know of another similar way to get price history? Thanks,
  2. Selling houses is the most efficient way to print money, bankers put a number on their loan book ending in lots of zeros and put it on the balance sheet as an asset. Hence why the government is so keen on housing inflation!
  3. Surely you can just print more money to pay your inflating debts if you keep interest rates at zero? Theyve clearly thought about this in depth and decided its the only way to dig a deeper hole. 🤣
  4. Its a common trait of UK governments. Sell every asset you ever own at the bottom... How many times has that happened before .... 😀
  5. Exactly. 700m, is considered small change in the current printy printy time. You have unprecedented printy printy and a world unlocking after 18months shutdown and free handouts. And they're surprised theres rampant inflation! 😀
  6. People love Boris and Rishi. Theyve been sat at home paid 80% of salary by the tax payer. No wonder they're voting tory ! 😄
  7. To add the fed think there is no risk in inflation after the world reopens and is thinking that long term the long end yield will fall mid to long term. As always the biggest risk is the job market to them. Keep rates on the floor and keep printing.
  8. The long end of the bond market prices in real interest rates not fed fantasy rates. When long end is low yield investors stick money in tsla and growth stocks. When the yield rises why put your money in risky stocks that need to borrow to pay for reasearch tech etc when a tresury bond pays a good yield.
  9. Paypal adding btc in europe very soon too. Good time to be fully invested in crypto 😂
  10. Eh, if im allowed to increase my extortion charges by up to a maximum figure, and everyones forced to pay it with threat of jail, then of course i would increase it by the maximum allowed!!
  11. You either want to or dont want too. If you escape why would you want to comeback? 😂 Stay and pay. Iom is wet. Jersey is way too expensive to get residency.
  12. Sounds great. The only problem is there aint much on st kitts for 300k. Youre probably of just getting the offshore tax staus and living in thailand.
  13. You can also buy a citizenship in st kitts for 150,000$. Which is about 100k. So on a 2mill holding you could either pay 400k to the UK taxman or buy get a passport in a tax free country and have 300k left over to buy a villa. No brainer really. I know which option im taking.
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