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  1. In a situation like this its true that houses cant be valued. If people cant get the money, then the houses cant be sold. If you can get hold of the cash or the mortgage, and you're the only bidder, bid low. If the owner is desparate to sell, then the must sell it at the offer price. However its more likely they will sit tight if the possibly can. I watched an online property auction, prices didnt seem particualy cheap, buying a house like on ebay style is NOT going to get you the absolute best price IMO. Best way is probably when the agents reopen, test the market with some low balls offers and see what happens. After a few months if nothing is selling then you might get a deal. However, id expect the first thing the governbankment do, is some extra measures to zoom the housing market. Stamp duty holiday perhaps, -ve interest rates for the first year blah blah.
  2. I think Italy are doing the same as the UK (I may be wrong). Only testing the most serious cases who need hospitalisation. The dead to recovered ratio is running at 50% which indicates this might be the case. Half survive, half go on the ventilator and die.
  3. Vote tory, thats what you get. Another bailout for business, disguised as helping the average brit.
  4. Don't even bother doing that. Phone the estate agent and say you're no longer able to offer the price you offered. Then say if its still unsold in a month call me again. And we can renegotiate.
  5. So I take it no one is looking for a house again. Are EAS still working or have they shut up shop? I was thinking now might be a good time to start looking again and grab a bargain.? If they are dead and the seller is distressed, might get something at a big discount.
  6. There was no other choice for Brexit voters. Once Brexit is done (if it ever is) the tories won't get reelected. Its in their interests to drag it out ad infinitum. They know this. I'm not surprised they didn't tax the rich. They never do.
  7. That's a ******ing disgrace. They spend less on council tax than I do on a 3 bed terrace.
  8. Up into the halving then crash, buy the rumour sell the news? If we get a run up I will sell half my stash and hopefully buy back later for cheaper.
  9. So how much is a new set of batteries for a leaf? I guess a lot more than 750.
  10. You're going to offer, yet you haven't seen it yet. Things are getting desparate. Don't waste your time. Don't bother turning up and let the EA waste an hour of his time
  11. No Boris bounce. Just a few desparate vendors who've been waiting 12 months for a offer finally accepting a low baller and some stuff going under offerafter the election. This then allows the cuddly agent to talk up the prices to a few more prospective sellers and new all time high asking prices. Stalemate, again. The ***** just have themselves to blame. If they priced sensibly, stuff might sell quicker.
  12. What does one buy if one already has a clear mortgage? I suppose you could upsize, but the exhoribant prices would consume all the gain? Can't see the point, now if housing crashed after the 2020 pandemic, lots of Boomers estates coming on, it might be worth it. Gotta get lucky through that first. I reckon if it really moonshots, a bolthole somewhere sunny might be a plan, as long as it could be sustained, taxes etc excepted, pretty sad really that the best chance of crashing the house of cards is a pandemic. Maybe it's what the elite intended anyway? The big reset.
  13. You can't teach an estate agent not to lie. It's what they do naturally.
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