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  1. Latest is the following reply from letting agent: "Unless the tenancy goes periodic, the new tenancy agreement will be required. It has not been agreed that there will be a periodic tenancy here, and you have signed the relevant documents needed to proceed with the renewal. It is written into the tenancy agreement that fees will be due when renewing the agreement." How can this be challenged?
  2. Fantastic reply - thanks. I'll do all of that
  3. Had another letter today, slightly more threatening. Mentions legal proceedings if payment not made within 7 days. Mentions interest and costs and my credit rating being affected. Slightly ominous. Will they really pursue it?
  4. Ah great, you're gonna take one for the team, how kind. Break the camel's back....
  5. Thanks for your response - I'll dwell on it and report back if/when anything happens
  6. I have recently received a wadge of old invoices/demands for unpaid tenancy fees from my letting agent. Some of them go back to 2011. I didn't get round to paying them at the time - I thought why should you get £100 for changing one sentence in a letter or contract? They didn't chase me properly until now. Someone must have instructed the staff to call in unpaid debts. Legal action is threatened if I don't pay within 7 days. Is legal action likely for a debt of about £250? Since the Tenant Fees Act of June 2019 was introduced - do you think a letting agent has the grounds to chase unpaid monies from before this date?
  7. 20% down...."Timberrrrrrrr!" https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-73488631.html
  8. Oxford the only English city to see house prices fall since 2018: https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/17930199.oxford-english-city-see-house-prices-fall-since-2018/
  9. How in Cliff's name are there 200 million pound streets in Reading? Surely that can't be right?
  10. There's arguments for and against private schools of course.....but have you ever walked round one of those places knowing full well you can't afford it and that your child will not, in this lifetime or the next, benefit from an education there? I have, and that experience has much more power and persuasion over me than any argument.
  11. https://nationalpost.com/news/trudeau-vows-to-help-housing-affordability-with-national-tax-on-foreign-buyers
  12. Back to the original question of this thread....is this it?.....currently only 55% of respondents on this forum believe the housing market is crashing....that's hardly decisive is it
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