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  1. Nice. Hope all is good for you. I’m a reader of your blog. Any updates?
  2. Not an area popular with students unless things have changed dramatically in the last 20 years To be fair the first one is advertised as 3000sqft so not a normal three bed terrace Looks like a shithole
  3. Thanks. I didn't phrase my question very well. My general point was that if the mortgage is at the 4.5 soft limit there shouldn't be a need to extend the lifetime of the loan. E.g. Household income 50k loan 225k interest rate 3%. 25 year loan gives monthly payments of £1067. In my view this should be affordable on a £50k household income. Extending the loan to 40 years only reduces the repayments to £805. Im not saying it's wise to borrow that amount just that if these buyers (big if) are restrained by the 4.5 limit then extending the mortgage doesn't really make much sense.
  4. Doesn't MMR and the loan to income ratio prevent longer mortgages. I.e. Longer mortgages shouldn't be necessary at current interest rates because the repayments are (currently) low. How could somebody borrow 4.5 times income but also need to extend out to 30 years or beyond?
  5. If it is true that Asians are more likely to BTL might it be an 'old money' versus 'new money' thing?
  6. Looking at Numbeo (don't know how accurate it is?) shows yields in that city below 1.5%. That roughly matches the numbers the bloke in the video mentioned. I believe the base rate in China is significantly higher. It's absolutely nuts even before you consider the empty apartments. Who is lending and at what rates?
  7. I expect a significant amount (most?) of frontline care staff are part time. Tax credits. Innit. So the ratios make more sense I have a family member in that industry who suggested as much might not be correct
  8. I'll be interested to see the standard of these flats. I hope they're based on the Northern European model with sensible floor plans, big balconies and separate ground floor storage units.
  9. I spoke to a family member, last night, who is quite senior in a company which operates nursing homes. He told me that the company has recently decided to pay the 'living wage' as opposed to the NMW for care workers. Apparently they now have a problem where existing workers want to work even less hours than before given that the new wage has taken them over some threshold. My understanding of the various incentives involved is very sketchy so I'm not sure if this anecdote adds to the debate especially
  10. The mental part is that this chap was a policeman for 30 years. He will have a very good pension already. Why all that debt?
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