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  1. I think this is a good thing. Isn't the whole point that a £200,000 house is actually worth about £50,000 and that would actually encourage local kids to think about working hard in something tangible at fairly low pay but drive them to try and better themselves?? Ken - that would make your 13-20k wage look fairly good. Trouble is -we have become addicted to money in imaginary numbers. Ergo inflation.
  2. Because it doesn't address the real problem. When a country's populace is enticed to work for decent wages and give back a proportion in tax, there would be no need for charities. If a "developed" nation can't look after it's population, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the system.
  3. possible? or concrete? Cue solicitor ad: "If you didn't want, need or understand.......you can sue!"
  4. Of course not. Prices will be held up by all those cash rich foreigners flooding our shores.
  5. No. A litre of petrol costs £1.19. The DUTY which goes to government - 57 pence. The VAT which goes to goverment - 18 pence. I think they get enough of the money already. Austerity beckons for Swansea.
  6. That was exactly the line that stood out for me. I believe these "immune" areas will be hardest hit as they are a tad frothy.
  7. If you hear/see anyone say they are waiting to "hoover up" anything then they are most likely a sad lonely figure sat in their one and only "BTL" property wondering where it all went wrong.
  8. It's quite funny because you might not even notice if the contract is missing things like "glazing". I wonder if anyone's ever taken the windows with them!
  9. How about we scrap ALL benefits. Then you apply for a universal benefit and fill in all your financial information and are give X amount per week up to a maximum of £300. No housing benefit, no council tax benefit, no tax credit, no child benefit, no winter fuel allowance. Or is that just too easy and do away with hundreds of thousands of jobs?
  10. And despite there best efforts to tape out the door number, it's number 34 Priory Terrace if anyone is interested!! Doesn't seem to be a previous sold price so could be a pwoperdee company.
  11. This seems to be 2 stories in one. The first is about some rich middle-class bitch who sounds utterly derisable. The second is about some poor bitch who sounds utterly derisable and believes the state should bring up her children. "I was pregnant when my money stopped and would have been in dire straits. When I was fed by the Trussell Trust I was relieved, overwhelmed, grateful. More people should know about them. "Sometimes, when I get a foodbank box, I get really embarrassed that I can't feed my family. I very much feel that I have been let down by the welfare state." So, she gets very embarrassed feeding her children using a foodbank box, but is quite angry about not having state money to feed her children. BOTTOM LINE IS THAT YOU CAN'T FEED YOUR CHILDREN!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH.
  12. -3.6%!! Sounds to me that they may have decided to "roll up" all of the tinkering they have done to get those 0.1% rises previously and give in. Hurrah! Should bring rents down too.
  13. Indeed. Clever eh? There's is no ceiling, but there is a floor for "prime".
  14. Would someone PLEASE ask these Vested Interests why double-digit inflation is better than "the spectre of deflation"? Ooooooo. Spooky.
  15. And of course the only thing people will remember is that this is happening under the "ConDems" (seems to be slipping into many people's vocabulary) without any memory or understanding of how demand was brought forward with the scrappage scheme by the last government.
  16. What benefits would you expect if you have a job???? Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit are benefits. People seem to forget that a benefit should be financial help in time of sickness, old age, or unemployment for those that need it. It's NOT a right.
  17. Exactly! It might help if people think for themselves instead of defending things which are fundamentally wrong.
  19. Should the tax payer pay money to rich landlords so that poor people can stay there and average-waged people can't? Does not compute.
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