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  1. Not a good idea to have a plate that someone is likely to remember if you get involved in some sort of incident with them on the move .....
  2. With money being printed in unprecedented amounts and interest rates being repressed as a matter of government policy, it's hardly a shock that people are looking to sink their money into assets. The one asset that the average person feels comfortable with and can buy on leverage is a house. No surprise therefore that property is in demand. Not to say that it's a good idea, but all that money/credit has to go somewhere. Almost everything right now is 'overpriced'.
  3. You've it the nail on the head. Don't expect the 'I know better than you' authoritarian left to get a clue, though.
  4. No it is not - the public have been scared witless (at least, those less inclined to inform themselves and think critically) with the notion that the virus is super-deadly. In general, It isn't. But it is very infectious and can and will infect enough people that lots of people die in a very short timeframe. Vaccination makes sense for the particularly vulnerable - but the idea of rolling it out to everyone (even people who have had the virus and recovered) is pointless and possibly dangerous. It's almost as if health policy is being driven by big vested interests who stand to make
  5. Totally agree - we have done everything wrong and strung this out over time, giving the virus the chance to endure and mutate. The government also woefully failed to ensure adequate PPE was in place for people who endure high exposure to infectious viral particles. Something which the Karens/ mask-polizei and media seem to ignore. We are also risking producing an antibiotic-resistance type situation with depending on a slow rollout of selective vaccines which encourage more threatening mutations of the virus:
  6. Central Bankers: What they DO, not what they SAY. Classic central-banker tactic of saying they might/are thinking of doing something, in the hope that it produces the desired effect on the markets. In reality, if she wanted or intended to do it, she would just go ahead and do it. This tells us that there is little chance of rate rises any time soon.
  7. Because you have acquired immunity to many strains. COVID is pretty novel (though it does have proteins in common with other, naturally occurring, Coronaviruses) so it's generally up to the immune system to learn to deal with it. If your immune system is compromised by age or illness (or even if you get a very large exposure to viral particles) then you can be in trouble as your system can't get on top of it in time. Given the massive survival rate, even against a background of poor physical condition that we have in the West, it's pretty clear that most people's systems are easily
  8. A beach on a sunny day is about the best place you could be from an 'avoiding catching a virus from someone else' point of view. It's criminal how people were scared and shamed into locking themselves indoors where they are MOST at risk from viral transmission. And while we are at it, lets close all the small shops and force everyone to go en-masse to a poorly ventilated big supermarket indoor space to buy their food every week instead. Not to worry though, as we'll insist they strap any old random piece of cloth over their face which will of course do sweet FA to stop airborne, aer
  9. Just remarked about my experiences buying outright on the car finance thread ..... Dealers just aren't that interested in selling cars for money per se - they want to see you financial products and make money on after sales servicing/maintenance... as well as having you back in three years for your next PCP because most people just keep taking out PCP after PCP, never exercising their right to buy. A constant revenue stream for the dealers and manufacturers (who usually operate the finance too).
  10. Don't expect the lockdown loving science deniers to take any of that onboard. Personally, I've been taking Quercetin, Resveratrol, Curcumin, Vit D, Vit C and Zinc supplements since pretty much early March 2020, thanks to advice from knowledgable sources that I've been able to find on the internet. I've upped the Vitamin D dose from 400iu at the start to 3000-4000iu as more research on its efficacy has come out.
  11. Love the way that pointing out that the Coronavirus came from China is racist/xenophobic (to the extent that the WHO deliberately chose a name that had nothing to do with the place where it was engineered came from, China) but the media feels free to name the strains by country. Apparently that's not racist at all, no sirree 🤣
  12. No, no. We're all going to die from it unless we ALL get vaccinated. That is basically the message. In reality, vaccines certainly make sense for some (the older and immunocompromised) but maybe not all. Especially since they have been developed so rapidly and pushed through as 'emergency use' to circumvent the usual safety protocols. The mass hysteria seems to be very appealing to the social-justice crowd (who are terrified of the virus) and to a proportion of very gullible people - the kind you see driving around on their own, wearing a mask in their car ..... The sc
  13. Come Home to a real fire - buy a cottage in Wales Cornwall. 🔥 🔥🔥 (The locals could choose not to sell to outsiders and sell only to other locals ... but then they wouldn't make as much money. The culprits aren't just the outsiders buying houses.)
  14. I suspect at some stage, Interest Rates will rise (though probably not nearly as soon as they should) and kill the PCP/PCH market even before then - it depends on cheap and easy access to credit. Sadly, thanks to PCP and PCH it's hardly worth it to pay cash any more as I found out when I bought my car. You cant really leverage it to get a lower deal as they can sell however many cars at the asking price, on finance. I did manage to play the dealer off against other dealer offers on carwow though - there will usually be some dealer elsewhere in the UK who will offer a better price
  15. From the last decade we know that TPTB are quite happy to 'look through' the highely massaged figure hitting around the 5% mark. The only question is how much higher, and much more massaging they can do to make the figure look lower to begin with.
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