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  1. There are also plenty of animal reservoirs. Quite 'unbelievable' that a virus seemingly confined to bats could make one 'natural', sudden gigantic mutation to become super-infectious across so many species, but that's another debate. This is just going to become like the Flu, circulating and popping up every Winter to pick off the vulnerable. The best strategy in the years ahead is to encourage people to improve their general health, maintain vitamin D levels and look to deploy effective pharmaceutical treatments like Ivermectin for prophylaxis and early treatment. A hea
  2. Exactly, it will just continue to be kept afloat by the UK taxpayer at large, as it always has been. Maybe (probably) it will need even more funding. There is a chance for business to exploit the de-facto membership of the EU Customs Union but it's 50/50 as to whether the DUP can sink that opportunity in four years.
  3. I think we can expect EVERYTHING that could possibly be taxed, to be taxed (or taxed more heavily than it already is). Schiff has been predicting inflation since forever. He may be about to be right this time however. He sees things purely in dollar terms though and doesn't seem to appreciate its status as de-facto global reserve. Probably the dollar will be the last to see inflation erode it - the USA effectively exports inflation to the rest of the World when it prints more dollars for its own benefit. What would do the dollar in is if major economic powers quickly decouple from
  4. I think he means the COVID situation. Despite the consistently harder stance on lockdowns (it was long held up as a shining example vs the rather less heavy handed UK approach), the RoI is now leading the World in infections: https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-how-did-ireland-find-itself-with-the-highest-infection-rate-in-the-world-12189128 We can argue about what exactly makes an infection but the point is that in the RoI it's bloody difficult to move around the country at the moment without being potentially stopped or even arrested.
  5. Yep, in the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland' days the wealth was pretty much concentrated in the Northeast, around Belfast. I think around 80% of the wealth was in what is now Northern Ireland. After almost a century of partition the Republic has flourished and NI has just withered on the vine, becoming a charity case. David McWilliams did a great piece on that, a few years back. Wish I could find it. It's referenced here, but not linked: http://www.paulgosling.net/2018/02/the-economic-impact-of-an-all-island-economy-a-draft-report-for-consultation/ E
  6. Dude, the place is completely subsidised by Westminster and always has been. Most investment here is down to massive subsidies being handed out through government agencies. That's what happens when you carve off a tiny piece of territory for political reasons. Meanwhile, the RoI has gone from strength to strength since it left the UK.
  7. Then you'll realise that NI has long been just a isolated bit of territory utterly dependent on the English taxpayer. It's never paid its way, or even come close, and there is a massive dependence on public sector employment.
  8. Note: Northern Ireland is effectively still in the EU Customs Union, with a customs border in the middle of the Irish Sea. It can trade completely freely with the EU via the RoI and there is customs paperwork to do (still no tariffs either way) for goods to/from GB as it could be used as a backdoor between the UK and the Customs Union. However, almost all commercial freight going/coming to/from GB are going to be shipped in across the Irish Sea anyway so having paperwork done in the background is not exactly a massive hassle. It's actually in a great position regarding investment a
  9. I doubt he was guilty of all the stuff poop my pants was trying to smear everyone there, with. I mean, if this bizarre fact hadn't come to light we'd just have assumed the group who broke into the building were all Trump supporters - but we know at least one of them wasn't. Quite the opposite in fact. There were tens of thousands, maybe more, at the protest and yet of the relatively small group of dozens(?) that went on to break into the Capitol building, it seems amazing that one of those few could have been a far-left activist already implicated in some nasty 'activism'
  10. Was BLM-boy who was also trespassing inside the building and standing literally behind her also guilty of all the other things you are blanket-labelling the people present with?
  11. That's yesterday - just did a search and could find no confirmation whatsoever that anything unusual was found in the building - apart from your BLM friend.
  12. Yeah, that air force veteran was really giving that security door some serious tugging. Just as well the barrier for gunning someone in a riotous mob down wasn't that low back when BLM and Antifa thugs were kicking off all over the US, robbing shops and burning buildings down, or there'd be a lot of dead commies. Of course, the big question here is: How did a prominent BLM type end up, as you might put it, 'mob of Trump supporters who Stormed the Capitol building'? I guess, we should be accurate and say "mob of Trump supporters and at least one BLM activist who stormed the
  13. So the police say they "found two pipe bombs and a cooler with Molotov cocktails, close to the Capitol grounds." Not the same thing as those who actually broke into the Capitol building (including it seems, a BLM activist) actually having them as your hysterical hyperbolic language suggested. No surprises there then.
  14. I'm not aware of anyone in the crowd of people 'storming the building' - or to put it more accurately, breaking and entering and trespassing - having pipe bombs. Can you elaborate?
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