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  1. This forum is increasingly infested with the 'woke' brigade. Early stage at the moment but if it follows the pattern, expect more and more mobbing.
  2. Given that the testing scheme is still so woeful I have no idea how they can be calculating an accurate R0 since they have no idea who has/has had the thing until they are sick enough to be taken into hospital and diagnosed. Seems to be something they are going to play with to justify whatever they want to do, like CO2 emissions and taxation.
  3. 100% agree. Same goes for a HPC. Mortgage lending is THE credit pump into the general economy. If the supply of credit shrinks, the economy tanks. Therefore everything will be done to keep house prices high. Interest rate repression, money printing for the financial sector, implicit govt backing for mortgage lending, 'help to buy' type giveaways, tax relief .... whatever it takes to get people to keep borrowing 'money' into existence.
  4. What's particularly galling is fake sincerity about monitoring the lockdown, from the media. Having utterly failed to warn the public that the Pandemic was going to affect the UK severely, leading to the public panicking when the lockdown hit and thus being completely unprepared both in terms of supplies but also mentally to accept the situation, the media then shift into 'lockdown police' mode and appoint themselves the guardians of public health. They then amp it up even further to try to get some revenge on a major architect of Brexit whom they hate and it turns into a massive circus of non stop accusation and hate. Then we get the London protests (and US riots) and they all of a sudden couldn't care less about the 'need for lockdown'. I'm guessing more than a few regular people have taken note and might be re-assessing their opinion of media credibility (not to mention lockdown policy).
  5. People have got so used to everything being sorted out behind the scenes by money printing and bailouts that they assume that nothing bad can ever happen to the economy. Plus many are too young to remember the 70s, 80s and 90s. We've had a stage managed economy now for two decades. They are going to be in for a bit of a shock I suspect....
  6. Excellent summation of the utter inconsistency of the continued lockdown here:
  7. If Cummings 'took a knee' and said "Black Lives Matter|" do you think he'd get a pass?
  8. The general public stopped giving a sh1t about lockdown when they saw thousands take to the streets to virtue signal, with zero f&%k$ given by the same media mob who had been screeching about Cummings.
  9. Pretty sure that most of the big online services now verify your identity one way or another. If they can't do it to their satisfaction in the background (by linking your account to your real identity using what they can find out from your online activity) then they will demand ID. Happened years back with a friend who set up a Facebook account under an assumed name (historical, little known figure). After a while they locked it and demanded proof of ID to unlock. Google of course are so embedded in everything, they will figure you out pretty quickly especially if you have an android phone and want to use it to buy stuff.
  10. Don't worry, the media will now mount a lockdown-breaker pogrom and demand his resignation, right? .... Right? Oh well, I guess being 'on the right side of history' also puts you on the right side of viral infection.
  11. I think there will be a short-lived boom as people splurge cash that they've been accumulating as a result of working from home or being Furloughed .... then a hard crash as the reality of increased unemployment and the national debts ran up kicks in. Would expect Trump to be giving away as much money in the US as possible leading up to the election, which might help keep the flaming wheeled dumpster of the World economy rolling along for a few months past the original spending splurge. And the singular 'policy' response for whatever happens? Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print Print ...... My thinking is to get into assets like PMs and selected stocks. Maybe even bitcoin.
  12. The idea of continued lockdown is now over and done with. Anyone in the general public can see that at this point in time, it's just a political issue. Keeping a mob of potentially violent lefties placated is apparently a lot more important than what they had been claiming was a vital public health issue. Well, they can't have rated the health danger as so high, then. If they go back to harassing ostensibly law-abiding people for infringements of their petty rules, they are not going to get much support from the public. This is going to bite them in the backside if there is a second wave coming in the Autumn, which I think is entirely possible. They should have eased up as soon as possible but made it clear then that the measures may have to be reinstated later. Instead they have tried to cling on to harsh rules for much longer than necessary, to the point where no-one believes them any more.
  13. I have an old Nokia N800 somewhere. The battery is probably dead by now but it's replaceable so it should be possible to get a new one. It runs a Linux based OS and I know you can spoof the MAC address on the WiFi on it. I'm guessing you could get packages for VPN and VoIP services (or if not, roll your own).
  14. Not worry, the English taxpayers will carry the can. Similar virtue-signalling policies carried out by the shower in Stormont who are calling the shots in the NI lockdown too. 'No economy-destroying lockdown measure is too severe if it saves just one life'. The assumption is that it will all be paid for from the UK public purse. Of course, despite decrying people driving to take a walk on the beach as Granny Killers, there wasn't much of an issue with hundreds taking to the streets in Belfast to complain about policing in Minneapolis.
  15. Very difficult to fully decouple an Android or iOS device from Google/ Apple services and tracking .... The OSes on those have direct hooks into them from the Silicon Valley 'mothership'. They are essentially designed to extract as much information from the users as possible.
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