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  1. I would definitely choose the Chinese themed garage room if I was honoured to be a guest of mee lady.
  2. I've been self employed for 5 years. Income for last 3 years: £0 Benefits claimed: £0 Number of iPhones bought: 0 Attitude to WTC and CTC: incredulous. Even on HPC the concept to WTC and CTC seems to be de-rigeur. They should not exist. They are a symptom of a sick society.
  3. Simon Calder - travel writer - says that he takes an empty bottle through security and all of the restaurants airside are obliged to fill it with tap water if you ask.
  4. Can't we just introduce a short redemption rate based on the asset being traded. This would get rid of half the City who do nothing to add value to markets and society.
  5. It's funny. I thought taxes were originally intended to fund something in the public interest. Where did it all go wrong?
  6. God. I thought people understood that income tax was evil. Step back and see the cause, not the effect.
  7. If someone could explain the definition of tax with regards to bedrooms I'd be most obliged.
  8. They should have slashed government spending, took a 10% cut to GDP, explain that GDP includes govt spending, then measured growth going forward.
  9. I'm not prepared to spend 25 years paying for your house.
  10. And I believe I heard that nice man mr. Spencer doing their advert voiceovers.
  11. Indeed. I think this says more about society's infatuation to convince people that a stupid kid at university is more valuable than a clever kid at college. Worrying.
  12. I think there are two sides to this story. Pubs closing may be PE pubs. Pubs closing may be independent. Without a breakdown, I cannot comment.
  13. Interesting that the article suggests his job title was "city player". Did they mean "trader"?
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