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  1. No good printing because it was not a lack of sterling that was the problem. The problem was that other countries were reluctant to take payment in sterling to pay for their goods, i,e oil. Our products were so bad that people in export markets were not prepared to pay for them even in coloured stones. The IMF loan was in dollars so we could buy imports until the economy was sorted out. It is a myth that Maggie destroyed British manufacturing. As soon as the Labour govt called in the IMF the process of reducing British manufacturing was in motion (it was a condition of the loan), Maggie just continued the process that had been started.
  2. http://www.npr.org/2011/09/10/138867588/corporate-taxes-how-low-can-you-go The 12.5% corp tax is a smoke screen the real issue is the "double irish" tax law that the last Irish govt bought into being. All these american multinational companies do not pay any corp tax in Ireland irrespective of the corp rate of tax. They move the money sharpish to the Caymens using the "double Irish" law to pay no Irish corp tax. So US multi national routes cash from Germany, France, UK so we do not get any corp tax (thanks paddy how much of the 7bill we bailed you out with would you have needed without the double Irish), even Ireland does not get any corp tax (and they need it). What a stupid f'ed up Europe we live in.
  3. http://www.rbs.com/global/legal-information.ashx The above is the link for RBS legal info. Section 16 Regulatory info. Royal Bank of Scotland is registered in Scotland. Why is that then. I am sure a lawyer could tell us that it is also subject to Scottish law as well. But I am not a lawyer so I do not know.
  4. So tell us the truth? 1) Do you really care about Trichet? 2) Are you paid too spam this site?
  5. With profit margins like this you would have thought investment would be flooding in.
  6. If they build some decent houses expect them to be ocuppied by employees of the local council all paying bugger all in rent.
  7. That is because BMW is located in an advanced economy and can find the skilled design staff in Germany (home location). Whereas MG a Chinese company can not so they design and market in the UK, maufacture the parts in China and then assemble in the UK. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10317764 Same when Mercedes wanted to enter formula one did they do it in Germany no. First they bought a UK engine designer and Manufacturer Ilmoor, then they bought a complete formula one team with marketing, manufacuturing, Brawn. In this case Mercedes could not find the skilled staff in their home territory.
  8. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/speeches/2011/presentation110627.pdf Seems to be that because we do not have wage bargaining from Unions the 70's will not be repeated because wage increases tied to productivity increases not price rises.
  9. So other businesses are getting wise to the antics of private equity i.e burn the creditors and start again with a clean sheet. Fantastic news.
  10. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/UK-Retail-Woes-Grow-As-Department-Store-Chain-TJ-Hughes-To-Go-Into-Administration-Today/Article/201106416020119?lpos=Business_First_UK_News_Article_Teaser_Region_0&lid=ARTICLE_16020119_UK_Retail_Woes_Grow_As_Department_Store_Chain_TJ_Hughes_To_Go_Into_Administration_Today_ Something fishy going on with TJ Hughes, they were only bought by private equity in March 2011. So it will be a pre-pack or an asset strip. Gotta love these bankers, no interest in sustainable businesses just a quick buck.
  11. It is very subjective to say the Japanese make the best motorbikes. Your view and you are entitled to it. The Americans for there roads prefer Harleys. The Italians all seem to like Piaggios for around town.
  12. I was wrong the consortium that Rolls was part of was IAE not CFM.
  13. Rolls used to be part of a consortium that supplied the old A320 series, that consortium was CFM (IIRC) have they pulled out for the new engines?
  14. I may be stupid but why are these airlines buying all these planes when oil is going to run out before half of them are delivered? Surely the smart Airline CEO is investing in nuke powered cruise liners.
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