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  1. Ok. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I dont have to agree. Im neither of those. Is this where I start getting abuse because I present an alternative point of view?
  2. I completely agree with you. We shouldnt let the demons run amock. Edit to add; not that I think payday loan pimps are any better.
  3. The nanny state. Thats like a free market rallying call. Deregulation is the holy grail? Every man for himself? I'm not sure that would end very well for the majority of us. It hasnt so far, has it?
  4. Thanks. I think thats what the resolution foundation are trying to protect poor people from.
  5. I cant tell whether youre suggesting that the foundation is a front for big business, but those compelling headlines are about actual people. Are you saying lack of withdrawal hurts you?
  6. I dont think anyone is suggesting a free pass. The whole purpose of the foundation is to improve the standard of living for low and middle income families, so it would be remiss of it not to point out how loose lending policies are having a detrimental effect on lower income households. Besides, loose lending is one of the main pillars of HPI isnt it?
  7. It makes your blood boil that the resolution foundation are concerned about poor people?
  8. Guardian article reports dodgy goings on in Red hot property market; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/18/flipping-hell-new-zealand-property-frenzy-as-two-houses-sold-five-times-in-four-days
  9. A threat to decency, yes. Thing is, if you cant work out for yourself that he's all of the above then you're very unlikely to be persuaded. Look at what he said about No Cox's widow this week. NF is a disgrace.
  10. I see Garage is now describing those he 'represented' as low grade people from lower slaughter, and moaning that his mp's salary made him much poorer than his banker friends. Now he moves.
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