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  1. It's a bargain! You'd make a fortune renting it out as an AirBnB brothel.
  2. Wow, there are some seriously thick BtLers out there.
  3. I finally post this news because no one else had, then someone makes the same post at exactly the same time. It's certainly worth repeating.
  4. http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/13/rents-fall-for-the-first-time-in-six-years-6505839/ Average London rent down 5% in past year. I thought all the BtLers were raising rents just about now to cover the costs of the "tenant tax"?
  5. richc

    London Kings X Tube evacuated

    Are you saying that immigrants don't cause higher levels of traffic congestion?
  6. richc

    SJW meltdown

    He lives in America. He was referring to parties in America.
  7. richc

    SJW meltdown

    How many gay American men do you know? Gay men in America often ( as in constantly, and in a very annoying way) refer to other gay guys as boys, including men who are well into their 40s. Anyone with the slightest awareness of gay culture would know this. In context, Milo's statement has nothing to do with paedophilia.
  8. richc

    Tony Blair: It's time to rise up.

    Having enriched themselves through Human Rights Law and Housing Benefit, this is the Blair family's latest effort to enrich themselves by using their government contacts and over-meddling government interference: Tony Blair's son working in apprenticeships For a "small fee", Euan helps his corporate clients avoid the legal pitfalls set up by his father's cronies.
  9. richc

    UK wages going up soon

    Just some feedback from another immigrant to the UK: you sound like a walking argument for Brexit. You're not helping,
  10. I feel like I need to take a shower just after looking at those pictures. I generally think that property flippers are scum of the earth, but the current owners have done humanity a favour by redecorating that place.
  11. http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/uk/rural---other/uk-agricultural-land-2016-lr.pdf Prime arable land goes for just under £10k an acre. For someone with such strong opinions, you sure do seem uninformed.
  12. Saying that farming without subsidies is not profitable is a completely load of horse sh!t. Farmland sells for £10k an acre in the UK. No one is buying farmland at £10k an acre to lose money.
  13. richc

    Any Bear Food?

    How much bear food do you need in one day? Doesn't get much better than this:
  14. It's interesting that rents are falling almost as quickly as sale prices in these areas. Clearly, there's a very big drop in demand for housing in central London.
  15. Great investment there. 3% rental yield, with capital values and rents falling by 10% a year. "Completion expected March/April 2017." It's time to start panicking.

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