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  1. I think Boris is the biggest disaster to UK politics, and everything is so nasty these days, I've always been the floating liberal, the trouble is New Labour has been replaced by extreme left wing extremists, I do wonder if the Socialist Workers Party is calling the shots in the Labour Party these days? The thing that I have noticed is the nosiy left wing demos always seems to orchestrated by Marxists and they seem to be hooking a lot of young people with lies and subversion. I remember 1997 when New Labour swept in and kicked out the Nasty Party, there was a good vibe going on, espe
  2. Your living in fantasy land! have you actually done an online shopping order recently? We have been lucky to get one once a week on a sunday, we can't get one for Christmas and all supermarkets are now booked up until New Year!
  3. The other thing how many of these are going to be in an average sized town, the outsside unit may seem quiet on its own but what happenes when you have several thousand on the go in the middle of the night, will there be an effect like the "hum"? Another thing if used on mass in towns they will cause the area to have its own climate,, what effect is that going to have? cause more localised storms and flooding? Somewhere like London is notoriously hot in the summer months due to the number of people and buildings, could mean London will be a lot wetter in the future!
  4. I don't live in a city, nearest towns are 7, 9 and 10 miles away, yes there is a bus but it doesn't always go where we want to go, using a bike isn't really an option especially if work is over 20 miles away. The trouble with this is it is all dreamed up by people who live in London, they need to get a dose of reality, and accept the majority of people live outside London. The Conservatives have already bodged up HS2, which isn't a surprise, anything that require a bit of thought and planning is beyond the capability of a monkey see, monkey do government!
  5. Dream on, you know its the truth! Actually the way men in Yorkshire trat women it's hardly surprisng!
  6. Seems Boris is all out for a greener economy but is it all bungled? Well.yes! Air Sourced Heat Pumps - Great if you can get one to fit in your house, the main unit looks like an air con unit (but actually works in reverse) that sits in your garden, but all the other gubbins (which is noisy and beeps and whirs at night) to go in the house actually needs a lot of space (you can multiply that of a gas boiler by several times) so you are not going to be able to retrofit this gear in a small three bed house (todays build standard) unless your prepared to lose the box room or an average tw
  7. You talking out your backside, one person I worked with told me Yorkshire men are boring in bed, I did meet her partner so can confirm she does bat for the other side, and I know all the others so unfortuantely for it is very much a fact that Yorkshiremen cannot satisfy a woman!
  8. Mining rights belong to the crown, if someone has the appropriate licence there is not a lot you can do about it, even if your house sits above the said mine! The farmers own the land, but they don't own the mineral rights below it
  9. The majority of women I have met/worked with from Yorkshire are lesbian, that to me says a lot about Yorkshire men!
  10. The penalties for arson are steep, 10 years average but can be a life sentence if life is endangered (that includes Firefighters lives)
  11. I've been seeing people living in tents across the Uk in Cities, towns, villages and countryside, and before some wag says "holidaymakers" I am on about the growing number of homeless who are living in tents. I was shocked to see in a residential area of Loughborough in Leicestershire, people pitched up on small green spaces between pavements and roads, what was worse it seemed to be several. This is really unacceptable in 2018 in the UK! Homeless living in tents
  12. Does it include this place? Castle Donington Fire Control Centre owned by an offshored company in Jersey, Costing taxpayers £45 million I wonder who is really benefitting?
  13. Hardly it's a fact, Manchester University came out with the figures. So go and shove that up your chuff and smoke it!
  14. But they won't, there are perceived kudos of having a London office, the number of times I have heard that so and so firm is moving from the Thames Valley corridor to Central London is unreal. The trouble is prime office space in the rest of the UK is rapidly disappearing after being converted into the trendy rabbit hutch "apartments" Add to that Public Transport is near saturation point then only mad people will consider relocating their business there.
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