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  1. I don't get why there are some Canadians so incensed that Trump lost! I really hope he doesn't run again, the US is in danger of imploding into a civil war of Jericho proportions (fictional TV drama series)
  2. Most people have heard about these Heating Air Pumps which the Government is pushing, installing one can cost anywhere between £7-15 K. People seem to get them confused with air conditioning as they look similar. The downsides can be they can be noisy, bad for bird life in your garden because freezing cold air is ejected into your garden, if not installed correctly they can be inefficient such as struggling to get to 20 degree C. people with small houses and flats will not have room to fit the electrical gubbings that goes in the house! Anyway what the Government and those who are pushing haven't told people is the units need replacing after 10 years! That's right you will need to pay out again for a new unit! So you may save a few quid on the running costs but you have to factor end of life and replacement in as well!
  3. For anyone that is interested, this link has examples of how communication is maintained with submarines, the US navy is fairly advanced as it has TACAMO planes flying 24 hours a day https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/Category:VLF?fbclid=IwAR38-8NDctj_y_NTr7ey8TuQAwTCkJi0h3Ax38Laotp53d74mk_YIdannB4
  4. Henry the King was going on about how Regan wouldn't have retailiated against a SOVIET nuclear strike, that is complete non-sense, I was in past my mid teens when he based nuclear cruise missiles in the UK, back then apart from the Cuban missile crisis it was the closest time that WWIII nearly happened, due to the paranoia in the Warsaw Pact.
  5. https://www.quora.com/Why-would-a-Royal-Naval-submarine-commander-check-BBC-Radio-4-to-know-if-the-UK-government-continues-to-function
  6. There is a fail safe, it used to be if the BBC went off air, the submarines will assume the country has been attacked and they open a locker where there is a sealed letter from the Prime Minister with firing instructions. The Russians have a similar system but it is on HF radio and called the Buzzer. Can you explain why the new weapons systems on the new Royal Navy ballistic submarines is costing the Uk £31 Billion (that is the weapons system alone not including the submarine), if we have no intention of using it if needed? Anyway I suspect you are either Jeremy Corbyn or a member of the SWP!
  7. Take Nuclear Weapons out of the equation, if Russia went to war with NATO, then NATO would wipe the floor with them. Lets add the WMD's back in, they will use chemical weapons, and they will Tactical Nuclear weapons, however, they still will be kicked up the backside big time, so they will resort to Strategic Nuclear Weapons. Did you know in the last days of Trump being in office they hid the nuclear codes from him so he couldn't use them! Putin said a world without Russia means no need for a world
  8. The whole point of nuclear deterence is that if push came to shove you will use it. The first bombs won't have reached the Uk by the time we have launched ours. Your a very naive person with your thinking. If a nuclear conflict broke out between Pakistan and India then guess what? Humanity ends because of the radiation and damage to earths atmosphere, there is no surviable limited nuclear conflict.
  9. The nuclear bunkers were decommisioned because they have a limited lifespan, anything underground starts to leak (water ingress) after a few decades also it was deemed they weren't needed due to the end of the cold war. Most of the bunkers were Regional Control Centres that were meant to get life moving again, pretty much like the bunkers at Hack Green or Kelveden Hatch.
  10. Even more so in a nuclear exchange! Russia cares not about civillians, have a Google for Grozny images from 1994
  11. Ex is a has been and a sprut is a drip under pressure! But anyway I was trained to do NBC Reporting in the Army. The objective of a nuclear strike is to deny your enemy to fight back, So airports and aerodromes would be targetted to stop military aircraft whether that be fighters, bombers or transport aircraft to use them. Sea ports would be bombed to stop them being used to get reinforcements to the continent. barracks, military infrastructure would be taken out as part of the effort to degrade a military response. Central London and the City would most certainly be targeted, your would be cutting off the head of Government so they couldn't order further strikes. London would just be a big radioactive muddy lake. major rail and road infrustructure would be taken out. The British Goverment did have the Burlington bunker at Corsham but that was mothballed years ago and actually is in no fit state for a seat of Goverment to be used in event of a nuclear strike.
  12. Use the TOPOL M option The other thing to remember is you would have to spend weeks under cover until the radiation/ nuclear winter lessens
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