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  1. All this working from home is prety pointless if people are going to be in crowds of people panic buying at supermarkets!
  2. Ok to jog some memories, can anybody remember a few years ago some chatter on here about ration books being printed in Northern Ireland? I've been hearing that said books are being distributed to RDC's across the UK this week, maybe we can expect to only purchase milk, fresh meat, fruit and veg, toilet rolls and so with a valid ration card. Wait for next week!
  3. So those of you that work in Zone 1, do you suffer from London Cough? It is caused by the brakes on Tube trains very much is a similar way to car brake discs, where once the brake is applied it causes dust (which incidentally is toxic!) gets into the local atmosphere and is breathed in by commuters, it cause a dry cough. It's well know for day visitors to London to come home with a nose full of sooty dust!
  4. That is mere speculation, if people stopped being idiots in supermarkets like they were at the weekend then this wouldn't be as much as a problem (proximity infection)
  5. The penalties for arson are steep, 10 years average but can be a life sentence if life is endangered (that includes Firefighters lives)
  6. I've been seeing people living in tents across the Uk in Cities, towns, villages and countryside, and before some wag says "holidaymakers" I am on about the growing number of homeless who are living in tents. I was shocked to see in a residential area of Loughborough in Leicestershire, people pitched up on small green spaces between pavements and roads, what was worse it seemed to be several. This is really unacceptable in 2018 in the UK! Homeless living in tents
  7. Does it include this place? Castle Donington Fire Control Centre owned by an offshored company in Jersey, Costing taxpayers £45 million I wonder who is really benefitting?
  8. Hardly it's a fact, Manchester University came out with the figures. So go and shove that up your chuff and smoke it!
  9. But they won't, there are perceived kudos of having a London office, the number of times I have heard that so and so firm is moving from the Thames Valley corridor to Central London is unreal. The trouble is prime office space in the rest of the UK is rapidly disappearing after being converted into the trendy rabbit hutch "apartments" Add to that Public Transport is near saturation point then only mad people will consider relocating their business there.
  10. This is where you are wrong, the power generation companies have been shutting down coal-fired power stations if they think they are too expensive, yes there may be lots of the wind and solar farms popping up, you still need a base load in the electricity supply. OK so if you get rid of all the coal-fired stations, what do you think will happen in winter, on a very cold foggy week when there is no wind (and this does happen in the UK). You may be able to buy in extra power from Europe but it won't be cheap. Also, you missed out the part where I mentioned " I heard" which means from someone in the business.
  11. I've been hearing that Power Stations are running short of coal, certainly seems true at two that I have passed in the last couple of days, if we have another cold snap then things could get awkward, weatherwise April isn't immune from have a cold snap and snow! Just have to hope it is sunny and windy!
  12. Latest Labour Market Outlook is out today, lots of spiel about Employers and EU labour, published by Adecco on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development https://www.cipd.co.uk/knowledge/work/trends/labour-market-outlook
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