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    I actually believe that Government ministers should be held financially liable for their decisions with their own personal fortunes, so for example if HS2 fails miserably then those ministers that signed it off in the first place should forfeit their personal fortunes.

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  1. Hectors House

    Increase in Arson & Vandalism against Van Dwellers recently ?

    The penalties for arson are steep, 10 years average but can be a life sentence if life is endangered (that includes Firefighters lives)
  2. I've been seeing people living in tents across the Uk in Cities, towns, villages and countryside, and before some wag says "holidaymakers" I am on about the growing number of homeless who are living in tents. I was shocked to see in a residential area of Loughborough in Leicestershire, people pitched up on small green spaces between pavements and roads, what was worse it seemed to be several. This is really unacceptable in 2018 in the UK! Homeless living in tents
  3. Hectors House

    Birth rate drops due to austerity

    I was married at 35 (been together previous two years), a few years later I was sat in a barbers shop, there was a woman who was about the same age as me with her brood, they were talking about kids and she said that she wouldn't be having any more as she has done her bit for society, the thought ran across my mind, what if she got divorced and met someone else would her attitude change? , I had married someone who was quite selfish, said she wanted children, she was interested in other peoples kids but kept up the not enough money, need a bigger house. Her mother actually nailed it on the head, by saying "just get and do it or you never will!" At 40½ I found myself divorced, thrust into somewhere I didn't really want to be, started dating and from the "what do you want conversations" it soon becomes apparent that the majority of women on the dating circuit had kids and didn't want any more, there was one that said she would if she met the right person but she went off with someone else and despite having five kids already (they were in their teens mostly) it turned out she couldn't have any more! I started to think that I should have at least a teenager by now. I actually thought parenthood has passed me by! If anyone thinks it ok for a bloke as he has more time, maybe but you are kidding yourself if you think you are going to pull a younger woman, it does happen but it's not that common. As it happens, I did meet someone eventually just when I gave up, a friend of a friend, and at 47 my daughter came along, I'm now 51 and yes it is exhausting but I wouldn't swap it for being single again my daughter is the best thing that has happened to me! As for the ex-wife, well she eventually remarried, her precious career bombed on her for a while, although she has managed to get back into what she was doing, can't see her letting the career slip now for kids, being 40 something I would say she has missed it, 50 is slipping into view now! Never put anything off for tomorrow, because the tomorrow you may want may never come! Also if you're young definitely don't get involved with anyone long term unless you know what their intentions are regarding having children!
  4. Hectors House

    Endoscope - Brilliant tool.

    I had an endoscopy procedure in hospital last year, amazing to see the lower bowels! The mars bar that you ate at 15 being stick in your colon is a myth!
  5. Hectors House

    Birth rate drops due to austerity

    It is a shame that there isn't a comparable death rate chart!
  6. I've been following the birth rate for years, it is one of those set of figures that is useful for what I do at work (Workforce Planning), It is amazing in a nothing but a few years how a trend has been reversed. It was interesting to see the birthdate go from 2.4 down into a dip and in recent years it was going the other way with talk that the UK was going to reach the replacent rate of 2.0, however in the past year at least it seems that something is having a grip on the birth rate and it is going into a dive again, I say something, I'm inclined to say Austerity is to blame.
  7. Does it include this place? Castle Donington Fire Control Centre owned by an offshored company in Jersey, Costing taxpayers £45 million I wonder who is really benefitting?
  8. Hectors House

    Young Londoners Leaving

    Hardly it's a fact, Manchester University came out with the figures. So go and shove that up your chuff and smoke it!
  9. Hectors House

    Young Londoners Leaving

    Luton has a minority white population
  10. Hectors House

    Young Londoners Leaving

    But they won't, there are perceived kudos of having a London office, the number of times I have heard that so and so firm is moving from the Thames Valley corridor to Central London is unreal. The trouble is prime office space in the rest of the UK is rapidly disappearing after being converted into the trendy rabbit hutch "apartments" Add to that Public Transport is near saturation point then only mad people will consider relocating their business there.
  11. Hectors House

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    I agree TR is a grade 1 Twonk, but as for "not telling us anything new" I would agree that news coverage of what has been going on hasn't been covered very well, wasn't there a recent trial of groomers in Oxford? Tbh their skin colour/religious beliefs are irrelevant to me, I just want them to face the courts and get decent sentences for their crimes. Good piece here, https://unherd.com/2018/06/dont-hear-gang-grooming-girls/?utm_source=UnHerd+Today&utm_campaign=c4efabfb9f-May_23_Bestoftheweek_COPY_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_79fd0df946-c4efabfb9f-34671709 Add to that the smokescreen of #metoo in fact news about CSE is always released when there is something else going on that will swamp it and cover it from view "Today, is a good day to release bad news"! Former Chief ProsecutorNazir Afzal said that "The authorities are getting their act together but not consistently" As far the police and the public sector goes I blame everything on the MacPherson report, yes as tragic as the murder of Stephen Lawrence was, it caused a knee-jerk reaction, there had been racist murders of black teenagers before Lawrence but none were jumped on by the politicians, who were keen to espouse their own brand of political correctness instead of well-balanced diversity & inclusion initiatives. I have sat opposite D&I Consultants at work and believe me you wouldn't meet a more rabid bunch of morons. https://youtu.be/e0JoVZoVf1w
  12. Hectors House

    Impending problem with UK electricity supply?

    This is where you are wrong, the power generation companies have been shutting down coal-fired power stations if they think they are too expensive, yes there may be lots of the wind and solar farms popping up, you still need a base load in the electricity supply. OK so if you get rid of all the coal-fired stations, what do you think will happen in winter, on a very cold foggy week when there is no wind (and this does happen in the UK). You may be able to buy in extra power from Europe but it won't be cheap. Also, you missed out the part where I mentioned " I heard" which means from someone in the business.
  13. Hectors House

    Houses falling into the sea

    The UK is on the slide!
  14. Hectors House

    Houses falling into the sea

    CCC is a clever clogs!
  15. I've been hearing that Power Stations are running short of coal, certainly seems true at two that I have passed in the last couple of days, if we have another cold snap then things could get awkward, weatherwise April isn't immune from have a cold snap and snow! Just have to hope it is sunny and windy!

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