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  1. I agree with most of this. Fact is, successive Tory and Labour governments seem to think education is more about the number of exams and the highest grades you have. Cooking is hardly taught, or budgeting, or skills like understanding loans. If anything about food is taught it's more likely to be food science where you'll probably spemd more time trying to design a product than a meal, including the design of packaging, adverts etc. All of this makes people dependent on giving their money to large corporations rather than being independent and thrifty (read as sensible perhaps?). It's why you won't see a large push to educate people how to do simple maintenance on their cars, or be satisfied with a 3 to 5 year old phone that you only use for browsing.
  2. For 3 meals a day that still suggests roughly 55p a meal, almost double that suggested in the subject of this thread. At 30p a meal you are talking £27-£28 per person per month
  3. This sort of thing: https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/182276-british-tourist-is-stunned-by-how-bad-things-are-in-italy/&do=findComment&comment=909124164
  4. What was the name of the guy that used to post stuff like this every day a few years back? Lots of Nostrodamus type stuff.
  5. That hits the nail on the head. Those lucky to have it paid have 9% less tax for the rest of their working lives.
  6. I think some people don't buy shiny new cars because they don't want to waste the money. So many new vehicles are on lease deals that I don't think it's necessarily a good indicator of wealth.
  7. The power of a windmill is proportional to the area of the blades sdo the small ones are not very efficient. Also, the wind is not very fast near the ground and especially not near buildings. Brixton used to have windmills until too many buildings robbed them of wind. Having worked in the acoustic industry I can also guarantee that the cost of the acoustic survey necessary for planning would be eye watering and would probably say it was too loud as well.
  8. Baroness Harding, honoured by our dishonourable monarchy.
  9. If that's what people vote for fine, he would only be have a certain time as president and his numerous kids wouldn't automatically get the job.
  10. David Attenborough if he were younger. We can have whoever we want and anyone can become president. Elizabeth (or Brenda to those in the know) requests exemptions and receives them because the whole parliamentary edifice defers to her, especially the aristocracy who are emboldened and enabled by the connection to stay in power. The hereditary peer system is intricately interwoven. Brenda requested and received exemption from racial, ethnic and sexual equality laws. She is exempt from a legal requirement to pay tax. Shevmaybpay some voluntarily but with heaven knows what stashed away that's open for abuse. I don't suppose there was an inheritance tax paid on Phillips estate, the value of which has been conveniently hidden away for a few generations. She's also conveniently exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. It's all inexcusable.
  11. I have not read that book, no, but there's no reason to support an unfair and corrupt system because other alternative unfair and corrupt systems are possible. It's a bit like not prosecuting criminals because other criminals might take their place.
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