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  1. I agree. And trust that surveyor to take the SELLER's side, not the OP's. Sounds like a real slimeball and typical surveyor. ALSO: It's not Gazundering if you do it now. It's just revising your offer in light of the new information.
  2. Alan Johnson didn't bin them. He pushed and pushed and pushed. Like Blunkett before him. It was ONLY Labour losing the 2010 election that stopped it.
  3. Quite. There's no need for yet another early election. Brenda from Bristol would have another fit. The 2017 election was May being mad; the 2019 election was the only way to unblock the Brexit deadline (whether you agree with the reasons or not). No party in government WANTS to hold early elections. There's an 80-seat majority which isn't going anywhere. It will not be before 2024.
  4. Brilliant, and yes well done. Any crumbs of details you can share? If he paid all the tax he was supposed to pay, what could the problem possibly be? Why is being asked to pay the legal correct amount of tax allowed to be called "making my life untenable" - surely the only thing that's untenable was his underlying Business Plan?
  5. Looks like a cut-and-paste Samuel Leeds acoloyte YouTuber to me, complete with the paid sycophants (from a Chinese web-farm) lavishing the video with praise in the comments.
  6. FANTASTIC NEWS! He was expected to be parachuted in to chair a very powerful Select Committee, and they were going to fix the vote so that he was "elected" chair. Today, he failed. It is a GOOD DAY! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/jul/15/uk-coronavirus-live-news-infection-rate-pmqs-boris-johnson-keir-starmer-covid-19-latest-updates?page=with:block-5f0f2ec18f0876acf515fec0#block-5f0f2ec18f0876acf515fec0
  7. I hope you called him on that lie to his face? The law says he MUST pass on ANY AND ALL OFFERS. No ifs or buts. It's really important they are taught that we won't tolerate their lies any more.
  8. Yes indeed. Still on the iPlayer IIRC (iPlayer keeps QT episodes for a full year).
  9. If you want cuts, do it the other way around. Then we'll see why it's needed.
  10. Haha, good find. Also, " I am banning you from further use of this website, forever." should be read in the same tone of voice as a medieval king crying "off with her head"!
  11. One can only imagine Yasmin's reaction now that Labour have elected the only white male candidate who was standing in the leadership election! LOL! Reminds me of the fantastic question that Andrew Neil asked Lisa Nandy in her long interview with him during the campaign. "The labour party has never had a female leader, and now it's got a choice of 4 women and 1 man! How sexist will your party be, if it chooses the one man?"
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