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  1. Use this: https://www.drcalculator.com/mortgage/ You should be posting graphs from that site, showing the differences visually. It's really simple.
  2. Use this: https://www.drcalculator.com/mortgage/ Dead easy and you can see visually, and instantly, the effect changing the term has.
  3. No deal. I'm more than happy with the posts from @blackhole and @Bruce Banner thanks very much without you creating goalposts of your own.
  4. You're assuming that your equity will go up, and that house prices only ever go up, which is ludicrous.
  5. Oh, come on. The OP definitely does have the right to refuse viewings, this is cut and dried. Please stop introducing doubt.
  6. Make them agree to reduce the rent by £100 month from now on, until you move out nomatter what, in return for allowing the first viewing. Don't make it conditional on "during months when there are viewings". There could be no viewings, yet they expect you to keep the place tidy in case there are some. The rent reduction should be permanent even if they decide not to sell it. OP you are in a STRONG position, this is rare. Use your strength.
  7. Fixed for you, and I agree with your last sentence wholeheartedly. Sick to my stomach of people boasting to my face that they are dodging tax and not getting caught. Some of them were dodging tax with schemes like these, AND BTL landlords as well on top. They now have section 24 on their backs and April to look forward to.
  8. I'm aware of those forms but they need a lot more information than I have about the people concerned.
  9. I've worked with contractors who have sat next to me for 4 years doing the same job. The UK automotive industry is full of them. PLEASE tell me how I can shop them, because they are certainly not being classed as employees at the moment.
  10. This. And now, the rest of the people are going to end up with very large tax bills. I'm shocked that anyone would say that they should be let off - that's disgusting.
  11. Predictable response which is repeated every single time any tax loophole is closed. It's £3.2 BILLION of lost tax money not "small beer".
  12. I hope they all burn. One of my ex-colleagues ended up being paid with these fake loans, and boasted that he was being paid minimum wage so that he paid some tax + NI (this was in 2009). The rest was all a free loan. Everyone who benefited from these loans should be eviscerated. I don't mean the employers, I mean the employEES. Only if society at large is burned will people shy away from accepting tax-dodges in the future. People have to learn the hard way.
  13. The tesco thing is definitely true. It was covered on the BBC's "More or Less" podcast.

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