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  1. mrtickle

    Interest Rates

    As far as I'm concerned, Carney's (and Osborne's) "threats" of a rise in interest rates, and house price falls, were not warnings or threats - even though they acted as if that's what they were - but in fact they were campaign pledges and propositions to entice more votes for Leave from the younger generation. And what if many young people voted on that basis, because they want to buy houses and know they have zero chance of doing so currently, and the MSM's idea that "most young people were remainers" was entirely false?
  2. Wonderful to read. Thanks guys, it is indeed a great thread.
  3. I thought that the landlords all "provided" the homes, ie they built them all brick by brick with their bare hands?
  4. Well, perhaps they'll live in those same houses which the landlords sold; which will not be knocked down? Brilliant news. And such short notice! Some landlords may be in the middle of a purchase process, having paid deposits, etc! LOL!
  5. mrtickle

    Interest Rates

    Third time lucky!
  6. I hope she posts again next month, having only just discovered section 24, worried about her bill.
  7. If we hold it on the date of his death, he'll have already died so there''ll be no point doing it
  8. Nice of the PM to clear off the news agenda for tomorrow, so that Judith's news won't get buried.
  9. What are the chances they'll abscond to Malta?
  10. I hope Judith Wilson enjoys her last weekend of freedom. It's gaol for her on Tuesday unless she pays up, isn't it?
  11. I agree benefits should be cut somewhere, but there have been so few cuts already with massive screams of anguish every time. The only fundamental change that's got through is the 2-child limit. And because of the softly-softly approach, it's only for new babies, so that's 16 years we have to wait for the full savings. Meanwhile, after Labour being mostly quiet other than criticising what they call "the rape clause", I have noticed a big shift in behaviour recently. Now every time "the cuts" are mentioned (what cuts), the Labour politician lists all the things Labour should do, and they INCLUDE "removing the 2-child limit". Even that one thing isn't safe now.

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