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  1. Exactly this. It was clearly an open forum post, and if I did requote whatever his position was, he is calling it 'a betrayal of trust' (?). Hehe pavement. He can't even recall the post and expects me to dig up his proof !! He didn't report it to Moderators but is very aggressive with blame toward me, and hurling claims of it having been an example of my abuse - while also encouraging me to quit the forum that he himself can't stop knocking down !!! There's a bit of lashing out going on for someone being very thin-skinned imo over a little matter (that I can't recall - and if it
  2. Thanks Neverwhere. Without your 5 year active involvement HPC forum Neverwhere, I may have sunk into some despair. So very clever on the technical side, yet also with a superb ability to unravel and cut through so many vested-interest misleading positions, including those of the BTLers. You really are a Mind. And you really are objectively fair. I have learned so much from you to my gain - including so many matters away from house prices; about life and life outlook itself. And that's true for many other minds on HPC forum. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Bland Unsight (anot
  3. I am not looking to buy Nomadd. (And GreenDevil) Not when my landlord has 5 houses. Unless it's in an different area; Preston or something - if can find some value there. Last time I looked at Preston two young kids bought a house to do up and flip, and they did just that. (BBC Newsround). One of them treated themselves to a new Audi. And it wasn't his first flip. Nomadd, I fully enjoyed some of your exchanges with one older HPIer wayback (2008-2010), who was in love with HPI and highly defensive of HPI. You let rip in same way I sometimes have since towards such positions. Ba
  4. So post it up (quote it). Did you report to Moderators what you are now claiming was 'aggressive unwarranted abuse'. If it was so shocking/abusive post toward you, surely you have a record of it. I have already bumped many a post where you have tipped in hard to the entire essence of the forum; where I did push back against you. Don't like to see the forum pulled down like that, and your view about forum is one-dimensional. It offers a lot of useful information and discussion, but you simply do not see it. It can't bring about HPC by itself though, vs QE realities. It ca
  5. Thank you M21er - many thanks. You are one of those earliest 2004 HousePriceCrash forum members, and you have greatly contributed to the forum over all the years.. The auction threads were a joy before policy response with BTLer double-down reflation, and with such measures such as HelpToBuy leading to more housing speculators paying higher prices for houses to take into the rented sector. You totally get it, and (don't think I am giving anything away here) you get it from the homeowner side, recognising just how difficult housing financialisation (BTL etc) has mad
  6. I have only read some of page 1, and all of page 6 on this thread. Only got time to make one post today. I am really busy. Have only opened a few threads on HPC in the past 6 weeks. Although I love HPC forum, and have deep respect for many of its members. The last post I made back in late January, and just 48 hours or so before turning 10 years a member on HPC, outlined how I would be putting more focus on earning money in order to buy a house (at these prices). Work. Reading 10 years of 'the brainwashed owners' and 'the sympathy for owners' ... "for when a HPC comes" - h
  7. Senior professionals and families... the boomer solution to being to move into spare bedrooms of elderly boomers who want company, in £1million+ homes they'd have you believe are only really worth 1p. I am done with it though. What's point of pushing back? What's the point of capitalism when it's been totally undermined on housing side, with BTLers claiming millions of homes and HPIers celebrating their mad-gainz to extremes + HPCers who are lost in vanity with a view that boomers/BTLers are unable to see past their own experience (and thus totally nice and innocent)
  8. Yes, house objectively worth £1m in value by the wider market (in current market), and where downsize/sell to cash is possible to release massive wealth, might as well be worth 1p. You should review Buy-To-Leech's position on this. In part because it's all a story of how the financial system failed (and then it was a dance-of-innocence - of new policy measures to extremes to recreate old system which failed inc BTL double down), and embedded an even coarser ludicrous belief and entitlement in property in the boomers. (h/t in part to Bland Unsight) Back in the olden-da
  9. I am no stranger to people trying extreme misdirection on me, distorting everything to mask/protect the realities of the UK housing market to their own VI view. It's nothing to do with that whatsoever - how someone in Jamaica would swap positions with the lucky UK homeless people living on the streets..... (!) Of course I know of hardships/dangers in other countries and relative poverty, but it's the UK and my BTL boomer landlord has 5 properties rented out, each one worth £400K+. It's housing financialisation and I know he is proud of his position (including his own home worth £1
  10. And BTL-happy-day-guy.... it's not about gambling from my side (owning / renting). My boomer landlord has a house that must be worth £1M+ and has 5 other houses he bought with BTL mortgages from late 90s to early 2000s that have trebled in value or more. Mad unfair market where even reasonable professional salary gets you nowhere vs house prices. A market where millions of houses have been bought by BTLers, to create rental-demand. "2+ houses for me, renting for you ~ and please thank me for providing housing." A market has been flooded with QE ("to stop the suffering"*)
  11. Of course it doesn't. £950,000 mad-gainz, and owner of a house that can be sold for fortunes in the market. Meanwhile, boomers want to tell me how good sofa-surfing is... how "doing without" is good for spirit of something of Gen Rent young.
  12. Yes; 'not all boomers are the same' - but so much timidity ("it's divide and rule") at pointing out the difference between boomers housing wealth (generally) and the difficult positions of GenRent young/millenials in comparison. And all the so-soft positioning to try and reach a conclusion that it's not boomers fault for their lack-of-understanding between main position of their 'have-and-have-more-to-extremes' and Gen Rent have nots. It isn't their fault, but the differences in housing positions is extreme. They are doing the opposite mostly*. Many boomers find explanatory mechani
  13. Thinking and constantly projecting it, for your situation as a recent homeowner, on HPC housing economy forum. It's the same for each and every one of us - we have to think and weigh up risks, and our positions and finances in life, and take actions for what we think is best course - durrrr. Risks exist. And as buytoleech has also explained, even outright owners have to weigh up value of their home in a market economy (price it becomes worth selling at to them). The more you pay for a house (with bigger mortgage) the more risk one takes on. You're the one who began claiming
  14. Truly brilliant witty response, in all the circumstances. I missed the action on the day with Likes & Dislikes. 30 odd notifications re Muddlehead when I did log in - but it had all been turned-off; I assume they were Dislikes. Of course that Like/Dislike won't work when it's already 'a joy' for BTLers and HPIers at work on HPC.
  15. SMI is going to be a charge against any equity at some point in future, iirc. What was homeowner bailout in early 1990s? I remember one person tell their blame-bank plight story, having bought-near-peak (with a spreadsheet that it would be worth £1m in future joyness - turning into disappointment - apparently banks to blame for choice to buy near peak for having suits and plush offices), got repossessed / possession by lender (presumably due to default/not enough savings reserve). It's his mortgage. "Your path is yours to walk, and yours alone." Everyone's situation is diff
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