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  1. Exactly this. It was clearly an open forum post, and if I did requote whatever his position was, he is calling it 'a betrayal of trust' (?). Hehe pavement. He can't even recall the post and expects me to dig up his proof !! He didn't report it to Moderators but is very aggressive with blame toward me, and hurling claims of it having been an example of my abuse - while also encouraging me to quit the forum that he himself can't stop knocking down !!! There's a bit of lashing out going on for someone being very thin-skinned imo over a little matter (that I can't recall - and if it happened I certainly expect I had a point to make) - while that same sensitivity disappears when it's about ragging on the forum itself. Goes hard in then. How it's so rubbish. Another 'life-perspective' I improved upon from my reading of HPC forum - actually I think the first time I watched the video was from you linking to it from HPC. And from my own notes after first watching that video:
  2. Thanks Neverwhere. Without your 5 year active involvement HPC forum Neverwhere, I may have sunk into some despair. So very clever on the technical side, yet also with a superb ability to unravel and cut through so many vested-interest misleading positions, including those of the BTLers. You really are a Mind. And you really are objectively fair. I have learned so much from you to my gain - including so many matters away from house prices; about life and life outlook itself. And that's true for many other minds on HPC forum. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Bland Unsight (another real Mind). However I do have a wisdom file of notes (just for my own use - information I have never requoted on the forum) and have taken something good away from many 500 post+ member of the forum of the past 10 years. On housing, but many other matters as well. It's certainly true I have had clashes with a few solid HPCers along the way, but from my side it was honestly about trying to find where the truth is (and in an ever changing market - and my local market with ever more extreme house prices), and nothing personal. Including with Dissy (Disenfranchised) a few months back - when going hard into an issue, it was also about testing and reviewing my own understanding. (Although we had a newish member ForeverHPIer in the mix on that one, wanting to be seen as a victim if house prices fell, despite his devotion to one of the leading ForeverHPI economists who 'got the reflation correct' above 'forever-wrong' HPC forum). I can't be responsible for people's decisions to buy, when I've been a renter for 10 years+ on HPC forum, and so much further priced year after year. They go on RM or to an EA, they go to viewing, apply for mortgage, surveyor... we can all see asking prices - they put in their offer. They chose buying over renting, and for millions of people it proved to be the best choice. Once with BB as well; simply testing my own understanding, and we got past it, for it was just one specific point - which to be fair, it seems he turned out to be correct about. Osborne and other political interests, and just how far they would take things. I've clashed with Bland Unsight a few times as well (irrc last time was my confusion that older homeowners may carry the market if lending were to become too expensive), but we discuss it (on forum) and try to get clarity. Overall I have certainly learned far more from him/her than they have from me, and main thing is we each have hope of a better housing market, against this very tilted market. Yet there really are other members here who are hard against seeing any HPC. There's a few who seek to shame you for even wanting a HPC, on housepricecrash forum, from their own position of being housing wealthy. 'Wishing Misery' they keep casting on me. They don't come with clean hands imo.
  3. I am not looking to buy Nomadd. (And GreenDevil) Not when my landlord has 5 houses. Unless it's in an different area; Preston or something - if can find some value there. Last time I looked at Preston two young kids bought a house to do up and flip, and they did just that. (BBC Newsround). One of them treated themselves to a new Audi. And it wasn't his first flip. Nomadd, I fully enjoyed some of your exchanges with one older HPIer wayback (2008-2010), who was in love with HPI and highly defensive of HPI. You let rip in same way I sometimes have since towards such positions. Back then I was more apprehensive of doing so, when you just went for it. Let's not mention his name, but the guy who bounced-around-in-super-luxury cars from birth. With HPCers really not welcome to buy in his village. HPCers the riff-raff, and his village only a place for his 'old-money' and 'footballers'. You ripped into his overall attitude of HPI worship/younger people don't really matter as much as the older homeowners. Only downside is policy really fulfilled more of his HPI dreams-come-true, and many others just like him. And you as an IT heavyweight expert who has really added value to the economy; renter-saver against HPI++++++ extremes in London and the areas of Cheshire/South Manchester well known to you from your time living up there. It should be the other way around. You as the homeowner and rewarded for all your productivity by way of a house at fair value to solid incomes. (Although you can probably buy outright - I understand why you would not choose to do so, with these prices). Just want to get more money together, with a view I may need it, if renting forever. And if we do get any HPC, then will be better positioned to buy a home. It was my coming up to 10 years a member on housepricecrash forum, and your 18 January 2018 post (Nomadd) on a HPC forum London thread (and exactly as I see the market here), and from others continued 'sympathy-for-owner' ("blame the system, not the home-owning innocents that I dread suffering for") posts that gave me the push to focus on work for a while - even if that plays to tomandlu's hopes for me to fully clear off. I'm really back to work and away from being active on HPC for rest of year, but not because of tomandlu or anyone else; although I will look in on forum for all the other good posts/members and try and see how market is going. That and a couple I know talking about buying the house next door ("if it ever came to market") and knocking through to make it one large house, when they've already got one spare bedroom in their nice Edwardian semi. This market; every time I hope it's topped out and that things can't get much worse, it just gets even more expensive. People buy because they have different market opinions. There is bomad money/global money. I can bring on the "I can't understand why anyone would buy right now" posts back from 2008-2012+. Point I clumsily made a few months back was there 'future victim' posts for one HPCer who in 2013 was preparing to buy a house, and he recently sold it for around £150,000 more than he bought it for. (STRd). 10 years of 'I will feel sorry for owners' (and "Venger; how can you lack sympathy?") looks so cringey to me, given far more HPI+++ and these house prices of today. The way the market continued to ramp up and up in price. I guess it's the Psyche's Lone Bugler that one day the HPC will surely come and not wanting to 'feel wrong' despite market proving them very wrong. I need to see some HPC first, can't give advance sympathy for owners when I can absolutely prove years of sympathy posts vs ever more HPI. Why would I have sympathy for 2013 buyers now bragging about their plans to buy the house next door? Even older cleaners in the office tell of their £375,000 houses and how they tell all their family to always buy property. Can't be blanket sympathy all the time. And then with all the outright owners in the market, they have an interest in also projecting suffering of a HPC. Could be housing as most important asset class divide for another two decades for all I know - although S24 offers a little bit of hope for those of us wanting lower house prices. Maybe it will just be a landlord shakeout but without much price correction, given swells of money that seem to be out there. It's all real until it isn't. There isn't much anger out there from Gen Rent, imo. And more political spin to Gen Rent about not-needing to own, about building more houses, is lapped up. Greg Dyke had some good stuff to say on the Sky News panel last night (tax the HPI gains on sale) although he thought the problem was purely in the South East. Many of the other journalists/presenters on the panel were fiercely protective of their mad-gainz, and how it's not their fault house prices ballooned, which is 'their right to pass on to their kids' in the future, and how 'Gordon Brown ruined pensions' so it's their right they have HPI++++ of today - oh and of 15% interest rates. Thanks Adarmo. We have our positions. There is something to your point (as I remember it) about homeowners don't vote for HPC (and so that politicians have to play to that) , although always hoped that some sense would prevail, with HPI++ and homeownership so out of reach for younger generations, and where some HPC means easier to trade up. I don't see any everyone wins outcome, and for all the plight about homeowners in a HPC and their suffering, there have been many years of hardships on the renting priced out side. You're a super smart ACA qualified accountant, so you will likely always be in demand and able to meet your mortgage payments on your house purchase of 6-9 months ago.
  4. So post it up (quote it). Did you report to Moderators what you are now claiming was 'aggressive unwarranted abuse'. If it was so shocking/abusive post toward you, surely you have a record of it. I have already bumped many a post where you have tipped in hard to the entire essence of the forum; where I did push back against you. Don't like to see the forum pulled down like that, and your view about forum is one-dimensional. It offers a lot of useful information and discussion, but you simply do not see it. It can't bring about HPC by itself though, vs QE realities. It can only monitor and ask questions, raise points of discussion, logically debate to try and establish 'What the hell is going on'. Or as Bland Unsight once put it: (when he/she came under similar accusations as you are bandying about for me). Now I am responsible for driving away posters who may have 'alternative views'. Yes I have tipped into weak logic of many BTLers down the years. And others such as a multi-millionaire inheritance homeowner, who keeps on telling how he bought in 2007 and had to sell in 2009 and 'wouldn't wish HPC on anyone' - and 'shame on those who would want misery';. (Inherited massively since / house + money). So..... other people should be expected to rent forever and not want lower prices, because other people paid whacky prices? I have pushed back against that robustly. Seems to me he really only cares about not seeing value of his high-end inherited home fall in value. I fully disagree with all your recent descriptions of the forum. You sure have a lot to say about how the forum should be. You have a lot of negativity about the forum. Another 'How To Post' and attempt to shame me into self-censorship. Only agression I can see is from you toward me.
  5. Thank you M21er - many thanks. You are one of those earliest 2004 HousePriceCrash forum members, and you have greatly contributed to the forum over all the years.. The auction threads were a joy before policy response with BTLer double-down reflation, and with such measures such as HelpToBuy leading to more housing speculators paying higher prices for houses to take into the rented sector. You totally get it, and (don't think I am giving anything away here) you get it from the homeowner side, recognising just how difficult housing financialisation (BTL etc) has made things for younger people to ever become homeowners. 'Lucky enough' to buy a house in 1995. Never seen even slightest hint from you about it being proud-investment, but just the opposite, with housing financialisation being damaging/blocking out opportunity for younger people ----------------------------------- Thanks Count. You too. Solid HPCer. No plan to buy a house whatsoever, but have to put in renewed energy into improving my overall financial position. Have to hold to a view - as I always have for it's a market and I don't have high-knowledge of $Trillions of Global Money Flows - that there may not be any HPC (so many posts over 10 years of 'sympathy for homeowners' on HPC - 'who do not know what they're doing', but with house prices rocketing in my area.... buyers of 10 years ago, 5 years ago far better than my position), so have to look at building a financial fund toward renting forever against these house prices. That is good and and thoughtful of you Count; thinking about the well-being of other HPCers. M21er the same view it seems, thinking of other HPCers well-being (thanks). Yes, time/health; we all only have one life, and for many of us it's been a struggle against powerful HPI forces, and mad BTL housing financialisation. Dorkins put it best for me:
  6. I have only read some of page 1, and all of page 6 on this thread. Only got time to make one post today. I am really busy. Have only opened a few threads on HPC in the past 6 weeks. Although I love HPC forum, and have deep respect for many of its members. The last post I made back in late January, and just 48 hours or so before turning 10 years a member on HPC, outlined how I would be putting more focus on earning money in order to buy a house (at these prices). Work. Reading 10 years of 'the brainwashed owners' and 'the sympathy for owners' ... "for when a HPC comes" - hasn't exactly worked out for me - no matter how hard I pushed back against it. Not against all the policy response, QE/FLS/and rates floored, with house price some 40% and more on 2006-07 prices, and many more years rent paid out, and a BTLer double-down. And many an owner getting BOMAD, and not in need of any blanket sympathy. Are they asking for it? It's a market. Freewill and choices. "The greatest sympathy" / "brainwashed" seems more to do with projecting one's own view that one will eventually be proved right.... and that those who own houses lack one's own 'superior understanding' - bigging oneself up. 10 years of waiting in my view... with new peak prices hereabouts, and very few houses on the market. So I have to put more focus into work and earning money, with house prices at these levels. Can you please directly quote any of these posts you believe have 'aggressive and unwarranted abuse' directed towards you, by me? Quote some 'personal attacks' to me tomandlu. This is a post by Neverwhere: (when someone else was bleating about being a victim of someone else's posts): What I recall being frustrated about, tomandlu, and gave my opinion on, was your attitude toward the forum. Coming back with snipe post after snipe post (about the forum), rather than anything constructive about house price/economy. Indeed your post above (quoted) of this morning is fully laced with the same how HPC forum is no longer as interesting as it once was, and how great it was 'back in your day'. That is what I pushed back against then, and what I push back against now. Things change. The market has certainly changed - gone harder against me over 10 years. I was around when you joined for forum, and of course, some (not all) had excitement that we would finally get some better value movement for house prices (in our areas of interest). There are many members who have stuck with forum (and new members) and it changes with time. Many members who have put in their views about events, market - and put time and effort into it. A few saw the BTLer double-down as a trap, and along came Section 24. It is still very interesting (the forum - although not all of it, for many members here who don't want any HPC/BTLers etc) but it has changed with the wider situation. 2015 tomadlu returns (2008 member) - with a really helpful warm-to-HPC-forum post. 2016 tomandlu returns... Maybe you don't find it interesting because you don't read many of the very objective good technical posts, and you don't fully understand S24 and other measures - or you don't get any lift from seeing some of the BTLers finally being pushed back and their hilarious entitled posts that some HPCers find a lot of fun in. Then there is more of your narky posts about the forum itself, trying to belittle it. If you have an argument/opinion to make, then make it. Don't seek shelter in claims that other people's view are 'abuse' and that the forum is not a debate/tea-leaves/not as polite/good as it once was.... so much of it from you. *This thread* was BTL Scum Retreating thread. Great thread to choose to snipe at HPC forum. One of the upside threads where we finally have evidence of BTLers (and BTLers with claims on many houses) in more of a panic, because of a policy response... that some on HPC knew would eventually occur. (Blandy/many others). Also HPC's origins, as I understand it... housepricecrash that is, was in a group of people setting up a domain/forum because they wanted lower house prices as a good thing. They weren't ashamed of it. The original founders/members stood against BTLers/housing financialisation and wanted house price crash / lower house prices. You can see it in the 2004 London Regional News report where Krustie gets frustrated agout it. Today we have economists on Twitter claiming we can't possibly allow any 'managed' HPC, because "it's so important that older people feel wealthy with £600,000 valued homes, and they spend and power the economy'" - instead of money in productive enterprises. Champions more of it being in older people's homes, with Gen Rent just having to lump it.
  7. Senior professionals and families... the boomer solution to being to move into spare bedrooms of elderly boomers who want company, in £1million+ homes they'd have you believe are only really worth 1p. I am done with it though. What's point of pushing back? What's the point of capitalism when it's been totally undermined on housing side, with BTLers claiming millions of homes and HPIers celebrating their mad-gainz to extremes + HPCers who are lost in vanity with a view that boomers/BTLers are unable to see past their own experience (and thus totally nice and innocent), when looking at the market. Also the boomers themselves enjoy all the advantages of today's tech (including holidays abroad, iphones, lower food prices.... but they have the mad-gainz for the most part too in homeownership at extreme price levels (their wealth) vs Gen Rent. It's not just a win for young (tech). Going to tilt my emphasis to serving my boomer masters, and the Vested Interests which have gorged millions in earnings/bonuses during the QE years... get more of a share of that £, and then a house. Got to be better than eternal "the innocence of boomers/BTLers" ("who don't know what they're doing - begin the bailout"), lost in vanity positioning.
  8. Yes, house objectively worth £1m in value by the wider market (in current market), and where downsize/sell to cash is possible to release massive wealth, might as well be worth 1p. You should review Buy-To-Leech's position on this. In part because it's all a story of how the financial system failed (and then it was a dance-of-innocence - of new policy measures to extremes to recreate old system which failed inc BTL double down), and embedded an even coarser ludicrous belief and entitlement in property in the boomers. (h/t in part to Bland Unsight) Back in the olden-days your parents may have rented out rooms to teachers, and that it was 'all-fun' and didn't do you any harm doing without - but at my level I am not moving my family into a £1m 'what-it-is-worth' (brag brag) boomers spare bedroom (with you suggesting it's actual value might actually only be 1p vs Gen Rent housing financialisation to extremes). And some of my family and friends on renting side work so hard at a very high level - very highly qualified, but their pay goes nowhere vs these ludicrous house prices and BTLers with millions of our homes. It's so clear there are many boomers proud of their mad-gainz, and in comment sections in newspapers down the line they dismiss feckless millennials, how they didn't have iphones. porridge, that houses still affordable. And many a time they congratulate BTLers.... partly because some boomers are BTLers and partly because ever fewer houses on market (and in possession of BTLers) means likely more HPI 'deserved' gainz for them to more extremes. Actually though, for the boomers/BTLers/HPI lovers to extremes, what bugs me most is HPCers who are lost in their own vanity that boomers/BTLers can only see life through their own experience. Trying to push a view that they lack the ability to look at life with a clear eye. They can, but they care about HPI. They're not on our side. They don't need all your excuse-making for them!! Get back into your rented boxes, and embrace their solution of sofa-surfing in boomers £1million houses (that technically only really worth 1p really), with empty bedrooms. TryingToWin; it's not a horse race. BTLers shouldn't have been allowed to place those societally destructive and greedy bets. Fact they were also is a point to older homeowners and what they wanted. Stuff your spiritual destiny, that the boomers/BTLers/HPIers think the young should be content with.
  9. I am no stranger to people trying extreme misdirection on me, distorting everything to mask/protect the realities of the UK housing market to their own VI view. It's nothing to do with that whatsoever - how someone in Jamaica would swap positions with the lucky UK homeless people living on the streets..... (!) Of course I know of hardships/dangers in other countries and relative poverty, but it's the UK and my BTL boomer landlord has 5 properties rented out, each one worth £400K+. It's housing financialisation and I know he is proud of his position (including his own home worth £1m), vs Gen Rent priced out. Many of my family and friends on the renting side are far better qualified, far more hard-working, than any BTLer I have ever rented a house from; yet we're priced out in a market where boomers (generally) have seen housing wealth go to one extreme to a new extreme of trebling and trebling, BTLers. So you're basically trying to create a position that we (renter-savers/young/GenRent) should ignore the imbalances of extreme prices (and wealth on owner and BTL side... BTLers overall have £1Tn+ in equity as I understand it... even if they 'gambled on property' - many won that gamble to extremes) - by telling us that we're lucky to even be alive. Like that other guy who wants HPC shut down, and thinks GenRent should be "learning about other cultures", should 'go travelling' - and not be focusing on housing inequalities ("of which there are none - work harder.") House prices that have been totally financialised to extremes, (I congratulate those who earn big money in productive ways with services and products to the market - not HPI chasing/BTL) BTL that has seized millions of homes from the market, with some very very pleased with this set-up and how it has worked out for them (mad-gainz / multiple houses) - vs - younger workers, and including well-paid professionals (but those without BOMAD/Inheritance) who are forced to be GenRent with these prices. Living standards of the young - vs - the 'my million pound house might as well be worth £1" boomers, and boomers who mock young/GenRent as complaining about nothing / not difficult to buy / how hard they had it buying for a pittance.... Why we should be lucky to be renters in the UK vs these prices/inequalities/housing financialisation to extremes !! Even UK homeless on streets have it great in great system UK housing... "just stop pointing out the housing financialisation that serves so many so very well to extremes."
  10. And BTL-happy-day-guy.... it's not about gambling from my side (owning / renting). My boomer landlord has a house that must be worth £1M+ and has 5 other houses he bought with BTL mortgages from late 90s to early 2000s that have trebled in value or more. Mad unfair market where even reasonable professional salary gets you nowhere vs house prices. A market where millions of houses have been bought by BTLers, to create rental-demand. "2+ houses for me, renting for you ~ and please thank me for providing housing." A market has been flooded with QE ("to stop the suffering"*) and rates floored for years and BTL new double down - everything basically to recreate the previous conditions of early 2000-2007 of HPI+++++ and BTL; with it now being all about when your parents bought/their wealth, to BOMAD your position/inherit, to extremes. And spiv greedy BTLers galore. *Which coincidentally was also welcomed by HPCers convinced that owners/buyers never know what they are doing - people so lost in their own vanity that "owners are idiots/misled/brainwashed/programmed". We each have to make a decision on how to procure housing in the market. I refuse to be complicit in this housing market by not buying at these price levels (even if I could afford which I can't really... not paying £400K+ for a duff semi) in a market so full-tilted with housing financialisation to extremes. Haves and have-even-mores to extremes vs young/Gen Rent. BTL boomer landlord with 6 houses (worth £millions), life in dressing-gown, and hasn't worked since he was 50ish (easy low-level work before that too I gather).
  11. Of course it doesn't. £950,000 mad-gainz, and owner of a house that can be sold for fortunes in the market. Meanwhile, boomers want to tell me how good sofa-surfing is... how "doing without" is good for spirit of something of Gen Rent young.
  12. Yes; 'not all boomers are the same' - but so much timidity ("it's divide and rule") at pointing out the difference between boomers housing wealth (generally) and the difficult positions of GenRent young/millenials in comparison. And all the so-soft positioning to try and reach a conclusion that it's not boomers fault for their lack-of-understanding between main position of their 'have-and-have-more-to-extremes' and Gen Rent have nots. It isn't their fault, but the differences in housing positions is extreme. They are doing the opposite mostly*. Many boomers find explanatory mechanisms to explain their mad-gainz housing wealth vs the young. And many reach the conclusion that it's not harder for young to buy than it was in their day. That young complaining about nothing. How hard they had it when they bought ; "no holidays / porridge". It's just how they have chosen to see reality/current positions for themselves. "Young spend on iphones/ipads/holidays." "millenials are settling down later" / "we married younger" And here on HPC the big push to not generalise and to be worried about hurting boomers feelings? ..harking back to 15% mortgages on tiny mortgages. Explanatory mechanisms for their positions vs others, and deliberately narrow for holding that line is beneficial to their own identity/own position. Willfully not fairly reviewing just how difficult it is for younger people to buy a home (today), vs these values/the values of their own homes (which they don't protest against of course). To explore it would damage their own 'what it is worth' positions and their own egos. Simpler to just lay into the young for being feckless / complaining about nothing. All of that I can point fault to them for (as so many individuals who do it). Unempathetic, self-serving, reality-twisting explanations, that go fully with wanting their boomer interests, wealth and ego to be protected. Even that girl-blogger and the hotel during the other week, witness the comments about feckless millennials in many comment sections of the newspapers, vs their own super glory. Reminds me of Red Dwarf; Better Than Life, when Lister and Rimmer break-free from their own barely credible fantasies (although at least both of them work in those fantasies) to go and find Cat.... and find him in Northern Europe... living in a huge castle with a milk-moat, and loads of Valkyries paying attention to his every wish.
  13. Thinking and constantly projecting it, for your situation as a recent homeowner, on HPC housing economy forum. It's the same for each and every one of us - we have to think and weigh up risks, and our positions and finances in life, and take actions for what we think is best course - durrrr. Risks exist. And as buytoleech has also explained, even outright owners have to weigh up value of their home in a market economy (price it becomes worth selling at to them). The more you pay for a house (with bigger mortgage) the more risk one takes on. You're the one who began claiming that renters get the better deal from the State if their income drops for help with their rent. Not so for those with any hard-earned savings with hope to buy, with house prices as they are. You chose to buy in recent times. Everyone's situation different to certainly of employment / good incomes. Maybe consider that before you buy house in 2015/16/17 - instead of playing it up how you could be a 'victim in the future as a homeowner' on HPC forum. I refuse to think of the market as in "but what about deadasadodo" as the homeowner and all his human shielding it for himself on HPC forum" if xyz-happens - which is seemingly how you want to project it. You and other homeowners. Think not what the you can do for the country, think about the benefits the homeowners deserve for their own choices, and priority-one deadasadodo; he may have to sell car, pull 'little one out of nursery' (bless - if partner not working then more time anyway).... and forbid the horror may have to sell home and become a renter/downsize. IT'S ALL ON YOU. Why the human shielding the obvious, promoting yourself to the homeowner who matters most if your circumstances/income drops. The other exposure you have as owner is to more HPI+++++++. Not paying rent. Security of tenure. Paying down mortgage under historically lower rates/ It's been years of 'Victim Homeowners Not Knowing Enough' including through 6+ years as London house prices soared/doubled. I'm exposed to gnawing uncertainty of having to move again (S21 - two months) from LL side, and continuing to be RentForeverLoser as many homeowners (outright/equity rich/BTLers) see my position, and possible no HPC. Got my own family situation to look out for. We can't own in school catchment we want to be in. We also have to think about what happens in income drop. What cars we drive. We don't own a house because others pay far higher prices than we can/want to pay, with their own market choice to do so, all on them (and for years proven great vs renting in many areas). I get the positioning because read it so many times on HPC. "You're born a victim." "You live life a victim." (Especially if you're a homeowner - even outright owner). Because "no one has perfect knowledge about each action they take and the future" (ignoring fact some risks greater than others and lot of history to read/people to get advice from, and some things more likely to happen than not in risk profile) - "you're brainwashed/programmed victim of a conspiracy" and other people should stand ready to bail out if choices go bad. Especially for homeowners. People want homes for their families therefore doesn't matter what price you pay (victims/incapable on owner side). "No one really has any input into their own life choices" - all manipulated/programmed victims (with just a few 'superior' elite individuals who 'should be in charge of everyone else' / the great conspiracy uncoverers - statues built in their honour) And you "die a victim". (Apart from perfumed superiors who know so much more than lessors- but so many of those perfumed ones ... seems to me there's a lot of seeing others as lessors/incapable and themselves as superior).
  14. Truly brilliant witty response, in all the circumstances. I missed the action on the day with Likes & Dislikes. 30 odd notifications re Muddlehead when I did log in - but it had all been turned-off; I assume they were Dislikes. Of course that Like/Dislike won't work when it's already 'a joy' for BTLers and HPIers at work on HPC.
  15. SMI is going to be a charge against any equity at some point in future, iirc. What was homeowner bailout in early 1990s? I remember one person tell their blame-bank plight story, having bought-near-peak (with a spreadsheet that it would be worth £1m in future joyness - turning into disappointment - apparently banks to blame for choice to buy near peak for having suits and plush offices), got repossessed / possession by lender (presumably due to default/not enough savings reserve). It's his mortgage. "Your path is yours to walk, and yours alone." Everyone's situation is different. Wouldn't many of us like to own a house in a nice area. I can't afford to do so (well maybe I could with huge higher-risk mortgage, that some choose to take in outbidding other would-be owners/upsizers and renters). I won't feel bad as some sobby-story about change-of-circumstance (for a recentish buyer), with income drop from partner putting strain on their position, eating into their savings. That mortgage is theirs, when they took it on, choosing to buy/own vs 'how great it is to be a renter (they say) for state pays it all". Their circumstances are not my family's responsibility as priced-out renter. HPC.
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