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  1. Bear Hug


    They are struggling at the time of the highest ever student fees, largest student numbers and lowest borrowing costs. What can possibly go wrong? Academic Year Number of students 2017/18 16995 2016/17 15840 2015/16 14980 2014/15 14325
  2. I was missold renting. Where is my compensation?
  3. Agreed. The houses look pretty awful too, even more so considering the asking price. Considering the land was bought in 2012, ugly structures built in 2016 and still not sold in 2019; 18 month would be super optimistic to build flats. It will be more like 5 years and I would be very surprised if bankruptcy wouldn't happen much sooner than that.
  4. Bear Hug


    This is in line with what I am seeing as well. Lots of ~£250k 2.5 bed terraces not going anywhere. Lots more "for rent" signs on similar properties. A few "investment opportunity" HMOs coming up for sale as well. Can't be that good an investment if they are disposing of it? We are still early in the anti-BTL measures game, so I fully expect more of the same in the next couple of years.
  5. Well, if a flat blows up, it may take the whole block down. So maybe.
  6. That old chestnut! Any old car will cost you at least £100/month whether it's in depreciation, repairs, service etc. Some choose and can afford to pay double or triple that for comfort, safety, not worrying about breakdown etc
  7. I do do minor jobs around the house myself with the understanding that big jobs get done quickly and well: landlords got new boiler installed recently, etc. However, not all landlords are reasonable and not all tenants are capable.
  8. what mark up? The actual rent? Because lots of fees are being outlawed very soon now. And if they could raise rent, they would have done so already. Why would you ever rent out below what market is willing to pay?
  9. You've never met the plumber my landlords send !!! ) The guy electrocuted himself because he couldn't be bothered to disconnect power to the boiler
  10. Exactly. Although I'd agree to deal with plumbing, gas, electrics, roof myself if they half my rent. Zero chance of that though.
  11. No. We've been through this hundreds of times on this site - if landlords could charge more, they would have done this already. All the new hoops they have to jump through/fees will be absorbed by landlords, no one else.
  12. The only type of tenant who'd hate an occasional electrical check:
  13. Bear Hug

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    So do I! I played with some html editing and a programmer friend told me to get a book on XML, as it's the next big thing. What a waste of time that was.
  14. Bear Hug


    Just need to up that number of homeless, then we'll definitely qualify to be a city.
  15. Bear Hug


    I think these were the numbers of searches, not the prices themselves.

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