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  1. Is that in a biblical sense or you actually think that flats somehow cause flooding?! I do find the logic of building more in already overbuild areas while protecting vast green spaces inbetween a bit confusing. It strains infrastructure and understandably makes previous residents feel like there is an overpopulation problem. But then I drive or take a train somewhere and it's miles of f**ck all in all directions.
  2. I guess most of the test would be whether office aircon will cope.
  3. Sorry but I would consider neither of those prices as "low". The new price just doesn't make sense, it really was an unmortgageable wreck. I bet some clever BTLer will split it into six bedrooms now, I can't think of any other explanation of a gamble of throwing over £300k (including costs of repairs) on a tiny terrace.
  4. http://www.mchughandco.com/Auctions/Details.aspx?aid=1098&pid=7870d70c-d304-4d57-885b-330ac1babf23 Lot 4 - 24 Northfield Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8AH £273,000 Result on 3 December 2019 This is just depressing. Run down 2-bed terrace shiite hole, with starting price of £100k went for £273k!!! I looked at it: rotten, with ceilings peeling off. Unmortgageable as bathroom and kitchen were mainly furnished with mold. There is at least £50k to spend there. Zoopla shows it as sold in Oct 2019 for £225k https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/24-northfield-r
  5. I'd just like to revisit my previous comment now that we have some Labour "savings": https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/04/would-labour-really-save-families-more-than-6700-a-year Cost after the savings for me therefore will be: Energy: 840 - 559 = 281 Water: 420 - 113 = 307 Broadband: 240 - 364 = - 124 (profit!) Rail: - 2194 (profit) Childcare: - 2941(profit) Prescriptions: - 109 (profit) School meals: - 437 (profit) Rent: 12000 My view: CFKU them! Messing about small change while most costs are still sunk into propert
  6. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-71715868.html That's not a typo, it's repeated on 2nd photo (floor plan). Washing machine and drier are outside (photo 4)!
  7. Island bar was ok many years ago, then got much worse. No idea about now, but at least appears to have gained a food hygene rating, pretty sure it had 1 or 2 star just a few years back . Those houses were going for about £900pm just a few months ago. The only ones listed now are asking for £1100+ but they could be asking that for a while. Already ridiculous, but 650 per room is the next level. Sadly I've see quite a few people overpay in their first six months on getting a job in a new place. Including myself, and not just in Reading.
  8. I am well aware of the housing problem. I also think that Labour will be building exactly zero houses, because they are not going to get anywhere, thanks to the spurt of the recent anything goes crackpot ideas. Don't get me wrong, I will be voting for them this time (can't stand Boris, brexit, Mogg, etc) but I have a feeling they had an open goal but managed to waste it.
  9. You could well be one of them if work pension is invested in FTSE tracker.
  10. It's a ridiculous policy. Utilities are already heavily regulated and mostly don't make much money for shareholders. My broadband spending is £20, mobile £15, water £35, gas/electric £70, rent £1000. There is a rent elephant in that room; yet, it is the utilities that labour decided to go after!
  11. Costs to him are tiny, but I quite like the curfew idea. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7677863/Landlord-coloured-tenants-curry-smell-Fergus-Wilson-sentenced-hate-crime-parking-warden.html
  12. This is depressing: 2 bed terrace split into 6 with a bathroom in each. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-75229930.html £650 per room. I have seen them renovating it: over a period at least 2-3 months with lots of skips, temporary toilet outside, must have cost quite a lot. Just hope there aren't any idiots who are willing to pay so much for a room the size of a double bed. May go have a look, ask if the price is for the whole house. This will cost so much to make it habitable again in the future. Even with 3 beds and 1 bathroom, such houses are a b
  13. I am surprised that "millionaire" Fergus cares so much about paying £35 (if paid within 2 weeks) parking fine. I am not a massive fan of parking wardens but it's nice to see Fergus in court yet again, and losing the case yet again.
  14. They just issued debt higher than their market cap and repayable at 9.5%?!! I.e. interest payments similar to their profit (when they had any?)!!! No idea why their share price went up
  15. Is Article 50 withdrawal at that point just wishful thinking from me? If the only way is hard brexit and commons majority is against hard brexit
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