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  1. Yeah, brand new cars seem to be very pricey. Perhaps it's just inflation and its just me having a very 1990s pov of what things cost. A bit like house prices! 😆 My late mum seemed to be the same. Whenever she used to interrogate me about the cost of something I bought, she would often respond with "How much?!!". It's like she expected things to cost the same as they did during decimalisation. 😃 The current Suzuki Jimny: it was a brand new model in 2018 and the starting price was £16 k. Suzuki now want £19.3k for one (unless they deleted the base model?). https://cars.suzuki.co.uk/new-cars/jimny/ Entry level Fiesta sized Mazda 2 in Zanussi white and 74 bhp engine is £16k.
  2. Will they have to pay extra interest on the delayed mortgage payment like I once had to? Around 11 or 12 years ago when I was a mortgagee I asked to delay a payment but I had to pay a whopping £60 extra for doing so. I heard of a similar situation on Radio 4 a few weeks ago regarding a delayed car payment, extra interest lumped on top.
  3. That wobbly scenery is quite distracting! Is that a 'green screen' ?
  4. Heavens no. I wouldn't have been able to afford a Broom Cupboard in London. 😄
  5. Norwich, in the county of Norfolk. Prices also kept strong due to retirees flocking the the area.
  6. Agreed. I sold my flat in 2010 due to an iffy job situation, planned to rent for a while and buy another place once the work situation eased which it did in 2013. Property prices went mental after that thanks to the props like 'Help To Debt'. I'm still renting.
  7. Same here. I usually get a mountain of chips.
  8. £76k for this studio flat: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68525955.html#_full-description Not too bad I suppose. The block was renovated some years ago. There are some more in this block for £78-90k but most have sitting tenants as part of the deal.
  9. I'm seeing flats in my preferred area going on at the same ball park asking prices (£130-150k). The odd £5k reduction on asking prices but no significant changes yet.
  10. I suppose that's one way of getting a 'bonus' for selling houses...
  11. FFS is it worth it? I like soup now and again but every day? but come on. I have the same shirt as the guy in the article. Really comfortable bit of clothing from Next. I live in Norfolk and there were some ex-MOD houses that came onto the open market around 16-18 years ago. Still going on today on some new build developments if the asking prices are competitive.
  12. Remind me, is the BoE base rate still in "emergency figures"? Since 2008. Whatever happened to the post credit crunch recovery?
  13. I remember looking at a 'luxury' flat's details on Rightmove once located in Cambridge with a similar service charge. About £300-450k iirc to buy the flat. Even if one could purchase the flat outright paying a few hundred quid a month to the management company would feel like renting in itself!
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