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  1. Carnage will be back in Canada living in big comfortable house by the time the shtf in the UK.
  2. MattW

    Man may lose house

    Oh dear! So he's pocketed the rent he was getting and living like a king in India?He's probably thinking that the lender cannot come after him while he's out of the UK. What an idiot! He should have put the house on the market once the tenant handed in notice. But who's going to buy a house from some elusive person in another country?
  3. MattW

    London leaver

    Sounds like hell. Is that 3 hours to work and back? How does anyone manage to spend so much time travelling and function in their jobs come Thursday afternoon or Friday I don't know. Will ever be an uprising amongst disgruntled commuters who will think : 'Oh f*** it!' and quit their jobs or downshift jobs in protest? I think they should. It would upset the rail companies.
  4. I have no tattoos...which in a topsy turvy way, if the trend in tattoos continue, will probably make me a rebel!
  5. Council Parking meters that don't give out change, the thieving gits.
  6. MattW

    Hipsters in dalston running out of money

    So my quest for a pair of jeans ended today. Found the style I wanted (Boot cut) in Next but not the size so I have ordered it at the till. I was browsing their clearance rail and there were some jeans that said 'spray on' on the label. Sounds like a right faff to wear to me. They looked incredibly tight fitting, I muttered to myself: 'not bloody likely!'.
  7. MattW

    Hipsters in dalston running out of money

    I was looking for a pair of jeans a few weeks ago and I looked inside River Island. It seemed as if the only men's jeans they sold were skin tight ones. Alas, as an over 40 male with a sturdy pair of legs I'm clearly not in River Island's target demographic.
  8. Seems like this chap just accepts that this is what things cost without questioning things. Those figures were eye watering and would keep me awake most nights. As @dryrot points out: £2.4k in service charges seem high. I once paid £10 ground rent A YEAR! And does having a cat really cost £50 a month? If he intends to let the flat in a few years time then shouldn't the HTB loan of £156k be repaid? Which is the price of a brand new Rolls Royce or Bentley. HTB only applies to owner occupied properties - doesn't it? I bloody well hope so...well I wish that HTB never existed tbh.
  9. MattW

    New Build Losers

    True. Other flats in the development have them open plan to the living room. I think this one gets away with a separate kitchen as it was probably part of the converted old mill buildings. Hopefully the terms of the lease will prevent the kitchen getting turned into a second bedroom. Squeezing in extra bedrooms tend to render flats as cramped and a bit useless imo.
  10. MattW

    New Build Losers

    Sometimes you have to resort to asking the vendor for actual service charge & ground rent figures. Even though I'm sure that EAs will ask vendors for the costings going back for the past 3 or 5 years.
  11. MattW

    New Build Losers

    Good point. probably around £2k a year.
  12. + 1. Anyone would think that booted and suited middle class types were protected from clink in most cases whereas the hoi polloi weren't.
  13. MattW

    New Build Losers

    Bump! Almost completely forgot about this thread. Looks like this flat in Norwich may actually sell for less than it went for as a new build in 2007. I remember this block going up at the time and I quite liked the idea of living there...if the asking prices or even the rents weren't so steep. It sold for £169,950 in 2007. Guide price of £170k-£180k. As it's becoming a buyer's market the leaseholder will likely have to take a hit. 1 br flat in NR1 £170k-180k guide price

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