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  1. I've lived at my current address for 3 and a half years and some woman across the way has a personalised number plate. She's had at least 4 cars in that time: a Vauxhall Antara, a Range Rover Evoque, a Merc B class and now it's some upright Ford something-or-other (possibly on the knock). When I last looked it costs £80 to assign a number plate from one car to the next. So in that 3 years she's paid £320 just to swap plates. Alas: her money, her number plate, her choice.
  2. I would have thought that cash buyers would have been welcomed as it's less boring paperwork for the salesperson to deal with. Bish bash bosh - deal done, move onto the next customer. I bought my current used car from a franchised dealer in 2010. Paid on the debit card + a 1994 Ford Escort diesel traded in. Salesman didn't object to it. I'm looking to change my car very shortly and hope to pay cash again for it. I'll let you know how I get on. 😁
  3. Just a guess really. I'm sure it's been offered to someone else down the food chain who isn't a permanent member of staff.
  4. It's probably gone to a bank staff member or a patient.
  5. I have declined the jab, which my workplace offered.
  6. Thanks @Kyouken . In my preferred area this week there appears to be a slight increase in properties coming onto the market now that lockdown is ending.
  7. I was a low priority applicant. The tenancy I was offered was a 'sensitive let'. In other words: there have been complaints about the former tenant which the council or Housing Association have probably had to evict, so they want to be choosy about who they next let to. The 'Anti-Social Behaviour' officer had a quick chat with me to confirm my identity and double check that I wasn't a troublemaker and so I was offered the tenancy.
  8. The Croydon tower block featured in the tweet in @PeanutButter 's OP is probably over 50 years old and thus looks like is no longer fit for purpose. It ought to be demolished and replaced with new low rise housing. I was under the impression that tower blocks were meant to be a temporary to medium term solution. I live in a council flat for 3 years now and my experience is pretty much similar to @sammersmith 's. I would have placed bids on the flats on that site if I hadn't secured my current tenancy.
  9. Ah yes, I bet they put those blue skies in some of them to counter the fact that the photo was taken on a dull cloudy day. I just had a look on Google Streetview. Double yellow lines outside this row. However the six mismatched wheelie bins situated right on the pavement lowers the tone. The road itself could do with resurfacing. I'd love for someone to buy this house and turn it back into a family home. At lot of ex council houses near where I live have been turned into student HMOs. I'd love to buy one and turn one of those back into a family house.
  10. Absolutely! Converting terraced houses like this one into bedsitter rooms or even self contained flats should not be allowed. I think that this type of action also exacerbates parking issues, if not from the occupants then from visitors. It looks like parking is an issue on this street already.
  11. Offers over £210k for this ex-LA house needing work complete with stairlift. Vendors will be lucky to get £210k for it fully refurbished. 3 bed house Norwich needing work
  12. I noticed this too when bidding. I think it is possible that some homeowners can get age restricted /sheltered council properties. I saw a programme where a woman was struck with illness and could not return to her Victoria terraced house due to the steep stairs. She was offered a rented bungalow. I assume that there must be a stipulation on the council/Housing Association tenancy that the former house is sold.
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