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  1. This is what I think. There are a few asking price reductions at the area of the market I’m looking at. Still bugger all choice though, which I’m hoping will improve come freedom Day.
  2. Not just Location X 3 - but Property Ladder, Grand Designs, Homes under the Hammer. And the one everyone remembers: ’Selling Houses’ presented by some chap called Andrew circa 2003 who drove about in a Peugeot 607.
  3. House prices in Romania must be cheap then?
  4. Never mind, the market will come down 10% come December once buyers factor in Stamp Duty once again.
  5. I voted 'mini-correction' on account of the end of the Stamp Duty holiday in September. Or will dishi Rishi extend it for another 6 months and thwart my hopes??
  6. I quite like that one. No idea as to it's true value though. You get the rent from both shops, however as one of them is becoming vacant you could possibly turn it into part of the main residence.
  7. Bought a 3 Yr old car from a franchise dealer last week. Salesman didn't even try to sell me any finance. Pay deposit, process bank transfer. Bish bash bosh. Deal done. 🙂
  8. Daft bint. Isn't that argument a year out of date now?
  9. Good point! 🙂 Unless the divvis and pensions pay extremely well, the money won't last forever.
  10. Probably carry on renting and contributing to my stocks and shares ISA. Then claim housing benefit depending on things pan out post retirement. The modest 2 bedroomed house or bungalow with driveway and garage that I always wanted is now 9 - 11 times my salary. I have a five figure deposit to put down but can get £86k mortgage on my modest income means that there's still a big gap. I don't want another flat (in budget) as I am now in my fifth one! I sold to rent one of those flats in 2010 after a period of "fiscal turbulence" and I just couldn't get back on the property ladder. I never saw those f***ing props coming.
  11. Good grief, I thought numbers might start to increase.
  12. I hope I have my maths right here: 17% reduction. 2 bedroomed grade 2 listed house in Norwich (NR3)
  13. Now 51 years old but an epic listen. Is this non obsure enough? 18 minutes long.
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