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  1. The centrist democrat machine and their media lackeys will work to destroy him just like they did last time. Same as is happening now with corbyn, who has been worn down by fighting on two fronts. The liberal elite have far more to lose from sanders and corbyn than from a predictable(not trump) republican or conservative in power.
  2. The idea of employees just choosing to take time of work is frightening to some employers. It goes against the protestant work ethic and suggests a dangerous independence.
  3. Work in the uk was ok for most when it was a steady career. You came in, did what you were supposed to, went home, steady income, steady pension. Now lots of those so called career jobs are now burnout jobs. In the past burn out jobs had renumeration, with the intention to do it for a few years and put a decent wad aside to pay off the mortgage or whatever. The problem is when somebody enters what they see as a lifelong career then realise that it is no longer any such thing , where after a decade of doing it you will have everything wrung out of you and be wrecked.
  4. The factors leading to a repossession are cumulative though arnt they rather than a bolt from the blue ? I wasn't old enough to have been directly affected by the 90s crash but i believe high interest rates had sapped the finances and will of the over indebted for a few years before it all tipped. My father told me interest rates going over ten percent nearly killed him. During the last financial crisis although repos were comparatively low they did happen. I went looking at low end stuff to live in myself during that time, two bed terraces 90 grand and below in the north west. Quite a few were repos, you could just tell they were not all buy to let. People at this level suffered more than those higher up the property chain(people with much higher mortgage but higher income) , as emergency rates came too late to save them. Building work dried up and a lot of the OU in such properties would have relied on that. The difference now, is the mortgage payments for most are far more comfortable. Or am i mistaken in this?
  5. As crypotorader stated, work and conditions for the majority of individuals has become unpleasant. Going into work everyday seems like entering an open prison.
  6. nothernsoul

    I think the wait is over

    I would expect the CEO of a ftse 100 to have a lot better salary than me, drive a better car, live in a better house etc. This has always been the case. However, it is only since the 90s that this groups salaries have skyrocketed from something like 20 times the median wage to several hundred times. They have sat on each others renumeration panels and pushed their own salaries up and up. Although they are employees like everyone else in the company, getting paid entrepreneurial salaries just encourages an overinflated sense of self worth that leads to reckless behaviour.
  7. I realised what a sham the immigration system was when working as a teacher. Genuine decent people who had suffered persecution, were educated, had respectful kids, but were foolish enough to be honest on forms and go through proper channels got deported as easy targets to make a point. In contrast some terrible individuals who were dishonest and evasive were left alone.
  8. Before being PM she got the reputation of being a safe pair of hands. In a documentary about her, one of her old university friends said she was ambitious, capable but not a first rate intellect (first rate intellects generally do not suit practical politics anyway, michael foot, enoch powell etc) However, she obviously lacks charisma and imagination. Her leadership has been characterised by bold policies which are probably the correct ones in the long run, reviewing Hinkley nuclear power plant, the so called altzheimer tax during the election campaign, which she almost instantly backtracked on when there was any push back. If she had the guts, she would back Corbyns brexit plan, which the EU could support, and could possibly get through parliament, and would at least fulfil the letter of the referendum outcome. However she is frightened of splitting the tory party (which i doubt would happen) so she wastes time trying to find compromises for those who dont want to compromise.
  9. Society and politics since 1979 has become much more economically right wing but more socially liberal. Harold Macmillans or ted heaths conservative governments were more economically left wing than New Labour. However, imagine somebody who joined the Conservative Party in the 1950s when homosexuality was still illegal, there was capital punishment, corporal punishment in schools, national service, grammar schools, children out of wedlock was considered shameful etc. And that conservative party member believed in those things fully, and thought a true conservative government should too. Im pretty sure that person would regard david cameron and the modern day conservative party as traitors. A lot of the actual tory rank and file probably do still hold these views to some extent, but much effort was put into "detoxifying" their brand by David Cameron, such as stage managing their conference so nobody got up and did a "hang them flog them" speech.
  10. nothernsoul

    Is inequality growing?

    Inequality has increased in britain and america as power has shifted dramatically away from labour and towards capital, made possible by weak unions and globalisation. The one good thing about the Soviet Union, was it also helped keep the Capitalist west on good behaviour as there was a threat of something else. Extreme inequality is a symptom of imbalance of power within a system, whether that system is capitalist, feudal, a gangster state, or even state planned communism(with senior party members treated a lot better than the rest)
  11. nothernsoul

    Is inequality growing?

    Recent statistics, recorded violent crime up 20 percent. Also definitely an increase in pickpocketing, shoplifting(or as i have seen on numerous occasions, blatantly walking out with goods while ignoring the protests of staff) ,which often isnt reported anymore but can be witnessed on a daily basis in most large cities. Weirdly, i think all the focus on brexit shambles has helped the government in some ways, by diverting attention from problems elsewhere.
  12. nothernsoul

    Does interest rate really matter?

    If interest rates didnt matter Carney would not be so terrified to raise them. If only 20 percent of working age people are able to buy a house then that is not enough to keep the uk ponzi scheme going. Those using help to buy cant really cant afford to buy a house at current prices, hence the government assistance to get round this. If people had to pay the real price for debt, then current prices become unattainable to even more prospective buyers, which again is why rates are ultra low.
  13. nothernsoul

    Is inequality growing?

    In india, millions of poor people who have mobile phones, dont have access to a proper toilet. To provide basic sanitation requires a will to solve this problem , a will that isnt there. Like Biggus, i walk through manchester, and it is there that ive witnessed a negative change too. It is unpleasant to walk through piccadilly gardens in the busy town centre, loads of people high on spice, lying on the floor comatose, or vomiting everywhere. We cant solve all problems but we should not see an obvious deterioration in our public realm. In the past there would have been some kind of moral impulse to do something, whether that impulse was a traditional conservative one or from a left wing perspective. However, moralising is now considered old fashioned, yet without public morality look where we are.
  14. nothernsoul

    Cold War 2.0

    Too much industry went, even after the dead wood was cleared. Simply costs and search for greater profit, plus disinterest by the government and a decision that financial engineering and rent seeking was a better way to make money. Now even the winners are starting to be a victim of their own practices. An example being Apples decline in profits and Huwai overtaking them in numbers of phones sold. It is not as if apple can justify their premium price on superior workmanship, when their phones are made in exactly the same place as their cheaper competitors.
  15. nothernsoul

    Cold War 2.0

    I went in the dry cleaners yesterday. The owner pointed out a rail of jackets belonging to a customer, all made of polyester, all machine made in a factory, Hilfiger, Moncler. He said that one cost a grand, that one 1200, there is is about 5 grand of stuff on that rail. There are not many tailors left now, but outside london a skilled craftsman would hand make a two piece suit, out of quality wool, individual to you, for less than one of those jackets. Unfortunately, there is no corporate profit in the latter.

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