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  1. I call fake news, to get a 6 figure salary in Hr youve got to be at a very high level say a Director. She does a bit of writing obviously has a great imagination, wonder if shes heard the phrase wish in one hand sh!t in the other see which gets full first!
  2. I have had a few laughs to these replies, its a massive shit hole. I hope in upcoming episodes Gary Neville makes an appearance .
  3. Winkie, the trees are dripping with apples but the prices in the shops are higher than ever. 40p for an apple.
  4. If they have Grenfell type panels , they will be unmortgagable. This must have been filmed pre Covid so I bet these develo[ers bottoms are twitching a bit now,
  5. I am looking forward to this, the way things are going a lot of people could end up with egg on their face. Are people going to be wanting o live in these glorified rabbit hutches with Covid with us for a long while. These lot will be the next after a bailout.
  6. Let us be honest it is about 4% in this country, food is getting silly . Weetabix about £3 a box , apples and oranges have shot up.
  7. These local papers are a shadow of what they used to be, its a race to the bottom. The national papers are bad enough but the local ones are dire. A friend called in tonight and told me that where I live a drugs raid had found a massive grow in a local street about 1/2 a mile from where I live. Looked on the local Leicester Mercury site not a mention. These papers are doomed.
  8. That is a surprise , perhaps things are not so pricy in the South East. Cod as well very rare to find cod in this area. Is it a decent sized fish or a tiddler?
  9. Where are you Postman? Up NORTH i take it , £2.20 in Coalville Leics. Price rises really annoy me, so glad chip shops have lost their way , How much for fish and Chips? Last time I bought before lockdown paid £7.70 for haddock and chips take away. Last sit down fish and chips was over £11 in Long Eaton last autumn.
  10. Never seen the attraction of a flat, no garden , no putting washing out, service charge rip off, too close to halfwit neighbours.
  11. What a great thread, they love their takeaways and 200k mortgages. Lets see how they are in a few months time when the rebalancing of the economy begins. I bet some of them are cruise line captains or jumbo jet pilots. One guy who posts I think was called Dave the cat , he had them sussed.
  12. This is going to cause a recession, the travel industry and hospitality are going to be hit hard. The aviation industry will be badly hit, these layoffs will soon be biting pilots are the sort of people who have a new house and a new car to pay for. 25% drop in some areas.
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