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  1. How are things going for the average man in Russia, are they ghaving food rises of 30% and fuel up 60%?
  2. Dont they give you a crap rate like 2p a KWH when you send power to the grid??? Whats the economic case for say an average detached house with 6 panels , how lmuch would it cost how long before you get a return? What is the life of the panels?
  3. Retired house paid for , £1200 per month pension income enjoy watching what is happening but am more worried about the state of the economy and price rises than I can evedr remember, Been on here for 15 years expecting a huge crash, maybe will happen this winter.
  4. Can someone paste the article for us, I dont want to fill in a subscription to the FT. I worked for Samworth Brothers who had 3 factories making sandwiches for Tesco and others, they had over 1000 employees at 1 of the sites in Leicester many of the workers were asians then when the EEs were allowed in they took up many of the jobs, Not sure what the situstion is now, COVID really hammered their business.
  5. I think we are having a good summer for blackberries. I will go and pick some and make a crumble with Damsons picked from my own tree. Yummee!!!!
  6. Morrisons have put the price of their fruit scones baked in store up again onw £1.89 for four . JUst a 90% rise this year.
  7. Carry on as I have might splash 20k plus on a motor or kitchen. Get the popcorn in and watch what happens to everyone else.
  8. Good, shame for those who thought the good times could last forever. 500k house 2 new cars on PCP some will be getting a rude awakening in the next 12 months. Today its raining so after a bit of shopping might go and visit a couple of local show homes they are now open pre Covid style with no appointments needed.
  9. Wish I was as hopeful as Blanchflower that inflation will drop to zero!l Why would you put that up on Social media??
  10. decided to panic early. I bought 600kgs coal and 4 tons of kiln dried logs. £850. Last time I heard Coal was £400 a ton, so how much is wood for a ton. Will that be your winter sorted ?? Where are you? I am a bit of a1/2 glass empty type of guy nad think its going to be very grim this winter lets hope for a mild one.
  11. Thanks Shlomo for that, Ive learned what a whale is!!! I see a story in the DM that the Aston Martin share price is tanking. Whod have thought that would happen?????
  12. I picked the Pie to photograph as I was shocked at the price some ramping up there. I ended up buying a £1.00 baguette
  13. Went into my local Co op taking the pi** seems to be the name of the game, £5.25 6 tins of beans, £2.85 for a Faraybentos pie. Wasnt that long ago you could get the beans for £3.00 and a pie for £1.00 I know you dont have to buy them and other shops will be cheaper , shows the Co op mindset
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