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  1. I hope you are right, was round a friends house the other and the daughter of another friend was recalling the story of her Skoda Fabio new last december its been into the garage with a fault and they cant find it. Checked the prices out later and they are £14000 plus to buy. I think hers would be on pcp, As an aside shes very busy at work dealing with surveys and mortgage requests for an estate agent! It seems a national obsession to have as many cars on the drive as possible, I go out cycling a lot in Northj Leics and the amount of traffic is ridiculous plenty must still be on fur
  2. Was in Morrisons checking out breakfast cereals, Kelloggs have now got a 400 gram box of cornflakes down from 500 grams and theyve cheapened the packaging with dull not shiny cardboard. All this for £2.00
  3. Lordy lordy, needs 100k to make it habitable
  4. Pen15 was owned by Steve Parrish ex motorbike racer
  5. It seems everyone has used their furlough money and time to buy a personal plate for their motor. I am out a lot Cycling and the number of motors with them is ridiculous. On my small road one neighbour has 3 another has 2 and two more have 1 each. I always think of it as a sign of a narcissistic tendency.
  6. Eventually the sh1t will hit the fan and these whove overstretched/ overpaid will get their just rewards. Cant come soon enough!
  7. Tesco mobile 50% rise in price of cheap mobile phone. The IMo dash was £6.99 2 weeks ago. Today £9.99 Dont like Tesco as a shop find the prices of some things over the top. Meringue nests are 0.99 in Aldi £1.69 in Tesco.
  8. Dweller that place in High Peak needs 50k spending on it, I call peak market
  9. a racehorse trainer, estate owners, a pilot, landowners. These are the folks she met, Why do these sort never mix with dustmen , plumbers or window cleaners.
  10. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/cars-firebombed-home-former-deputy-19438006
  11. If we had joined the Euro would Brexit have reared its head? I agree Tax Credits helped bring the Eastern Europeans here and encouraged the 16 hour aweek dog walkers. His pension changes were a disaster and killed Final salary pensions. Some legacy.
  12. Thanks ubuntu for that explanation, its a lot clearer now. I suppose hell never be seen again in the country again, hell be on his yacht in Monaco. When did he get his knighthood?
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