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  1. Thats quite informative Si1, i didnt know you have to do 35 hours a week, so all those 16 hours aweek claims are finished are they?
  2. We are tatered is my thoughts. Just look after no 1 like many many do.
  3. Universal Credit £ 266.73 per week How to claim This amount includes the extra £20 per week uplift. This is due to end in September. From September, if your circumstances stay the same, your Universal Credit will be £246.73 per week. We are campaigning to keep the £20 uplift. Ask your MP for their support. There is usually a five-week wait for the first payment when you start your claim for Universal Credit. Child Benefit £ 35.15 per week How to claim I have just madw up a claim and this came back. Said I was with a partner rentng 2kids, thats a nice top up. I h
  4. for information on income-related benefits, tax credits, Council Tax Reduction, Carer’s Allowance, Universal Credit and how your benefits will be affected if you start work or change your working hours. Ive just pulled the above from the.Gov website. Si1 looks like you need to do some research
  5. These Tax Credits the LP bought in have been a lot of the problem, can they ever be reigned in . I dont think so ,its going to be a long hard slog to get back to reality if they ever can. So labour want a million council houses , what in big sink estates or the odd one on a private estate. What about housing associations do they have anything to offfer?
  6. Oh dear, have we another Woodford case upcoming? Wait till the Daily Mail reports on it, therell be photos of boomers with angry compo faces , love it..
  7. to Si1 the police are upset because they were contracted out? How much do they want? A lot have retired after 30years with a very nice pension and they want more through SERPS??? ok there State pension will be lower but they paid lower NI ! Cant folks see that.
  8. in the Mail piece it saysd hes paying 5k to the removal firm, hes got a lot of sh*t to move for a 34 year old.
  9. It needs 100 k spending on it. The previous owners werent gardening fans, I clicked on the map and see its close to Knobcrook, cant believe Ive never come across that name amongst the funniest names in Britain before.
  10. Entirely new 6,000-home town being considered in heart of Leicestershire countryside - Leicestershire Live (leicestermercury.co.uk) This made great reading this morning. We have a massive amount of new developments going on at the moment. Our MP Andrew Bridgen will love this the local Council always seem to allow any development that comes along. This area is about 2 miles from EastMidlands Airport.
  11. We wont have a Venuzuela type situation scottbeards just get used to more shrinkflation and tax rises. Ive expected a 70s Scenario for at least 15 years but its not happened, thevplates havent stopped spinning yet. I have just seen a Vodafone advert and it says CPi +3.9% increase . Who allows this ? Is it Ofcom ?
  12. I hope you are right, was round a friends house the other and the daughter of another friend was recalling the story of her Skoda Fabio new last december its been into the garage with a fault and they cant find it. Checked the prices out later and they are £14000 plus to buy. I think hers would be on pcp, As an aside shes very busy at work dealing with surveys and mortgage requests for an estate agent! It seems a national obsession to have as many cars on the drive as possible, I go out cycling a lot in Northj Leics and the amount of traffic is ridiculous plenty must still be on furlough.
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