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  1. Spyguy you have some good skills at internet searching.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/meandmymoney/article-7668239/If-chancellor-increase-income-tax-personal-allowance-says-Alastair-Stewart.html I enjoy these articles in the Mail at the weekend, another boomer going on about paying 15% interest and being in penury. Seems something not quite right hat has still got a mortgage after 45 years. I can see that if you were relying on an endowment he could have been a bit short but these people should have gone onto a part repayment when it came out that the endowment wouldn't make enough. Also I thought these people are subcontracting to the TV companies so would have an accountant whod sort everything out. Think on, 67 still working with debt on a 6 bedroom house. This is going to be more regular in the coming years.
  3. should say waster, have sticky t key on computer.
  4. Well done Spyguy, on that investagative work so shes a girl who has got a child with a waser who has now got a bi arsey. I couldn't get through all that facebook post. Id say theres people like his in most towns .
  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nurse-left-44p-month-live-20793474#comments-section This seems fairly typical, over £1000 a month in the North East and using food banks, we will be bombarded with examples like this in the next few weeks.
  6. These people will be getting a fair bit of coverage in the next few weeks during the Election.
  7. I have read most of that mumsnet threas and it is very interesting. The most amusing thing was that someones wants nmw to be£ 20 per hour!
  8. So continued good times for builders and BTlers, lets hope the roads are invested in to cope.Where are they going to be working? Id have said we are at saturation point when it comes to working out a good quality of life.
  9. That list of HMOS Leicester is interesting, some of those streets are full of HMOs. Is the £900 fee annual or once only?
  10. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/dexter-blackstock-hit-heavy-fine-3440422 Looks like Dexter Blackstocks BTL empire has gone down the pan.
  11. They do want stopping, I hope if Brexit goes bad there's an emergency/panic budget which results in a mass reorganisation of Local Government which sorts it all out, I pay £1350 Council tax for getting the bins emptied. Don't forget the gold plated pensions, 6 months full pay 6 months half pay sickness entitlement .
  12. Someone at work says that the Schools in the States teach 46weeks a year. Is this right? There are a lot of things about the States that don't seem that great. No wonder they have trailer parks. Personally I get 29 days plus Bank holidays in Local government.
  13. To winkie I am not sure where you are getting the underpaid from, £1000 a week is normal for bricklayers. I had a plasterer round to do my bathroom 2 yrears ago he told me painters were on £750 a week.
  14. Why does Fergus dress like Greengrass? He cant be short of a few bob. Needs a Pr agent
  15. Roman Roady , heard the trailer for that , VIne was saying its the worst type of capitalism, which is a bit rich from someone raking in about 500k a year for playing a few records. What is the answer nationalisation or soviet style blocks of flats.
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