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  1. Don't be daft. Russia doesn't have the ability to take on NATO. Sending money to Ukraine is a complete waste of taxpayers money. More so given the current state of our economy.
  2. I've spoken to a few of the youths I work with. One has given up and just bought in Liverpool. In a fairness, he got good value as the seller was desperate to offload. He's also decided he won't have any children given percentage of income going towards mortgage. Another is renting and waiting for inevitable crash. Has bought some gold for interim so as not to have savings inflated away. Two, whom are in the early 30's, are single children, living with parents and expecting to inherit at some point in future. Vowed never to vote Conservatives again despite having been pro Tories entire life.
  3. Why are you being so overly dramatic? Mikhail is right, well overblown reaction even as it was crystal clear from the early stages, the vast majority were getting through after a couple of rough days, if not symptom less.
  4. Being pegged to gold is far more significant. Can't see governments printing gold to devalue.
  5. Halifax customers should already have been aware after Tuesday's accidental announcal.
  6. I honestly don't understand how they grt their ******** numbers.
  7. Drove past 5-6 garages on the weekend over a range of about 2 miles. Prices ranged from 153 to 175.
  8. Your first two words describe it perfectly. Not sure how we can get a radical change.
  9. I just explained the reason and you post another article. Example: If a mother would happen to stab someone and her child were to be with her at the time of arrest, police cannot just abandon the child. They have every right to protest but taking children with them is not necessary.
  10. Partilly. Azov is known as a neo-nazi group which is an active part of the Ukrainian armed forces. To call the entire nation Nazi's, well that is a big stretch.
  11. How can you possibly compare Ukraine with British Army? The neo-nazi units have been incorporated into the Ukrainian army.
  12. Not enough. Need to 10% mark up this year. 😐
  13. Maybe because it's blown out of proportion? The parents of said children were leading a protest. Obviously the police cannot leave children behind. It's common sense not to take children to protests.
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