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  1. I wonder how much this plays in the mind of our overlords. Trash the pound making UK property cheap again. Pile in from your off-shore trusts. Cancel Brexit (yes I'm assuming much can kicking to come) or rejoin the EU. Profit. Not to mention, trashing the pound might stave off a HPC as house prices appear less peaky to foreign buyers. On the other hand... falling prices AND falling pound... I wonder how long foreign investors will hold their depreciating assets before bailing out...
  2. What's the playbook for this then? Wait until everything and everyone has embrace blockchain and then crush it, and all financial institutions along with it? Been watching too much Mr Robot recently makes this seem all too likely.
  3. Interesting, can you expand on how you think the futures market will impact bitcoin and the wider ecosystem?
  4. Looks like profit taking has begun on iota... heading south fast!
  5. It's funny that, it's almost as though the more you inflate the cost of travel, the more you restrict demand. Perhaps we've reached peak price-elasticity? People can no longer accomodate price increases so have had to change behaviours instead.
  6. Surely this is easily circumvented by any potential scammer. If they see £1-£10 enter their scam account, they just immediately forward it to the correct destination account. When asked if the money has arrived the solicitor will confirm, but when the next payment goes through, it won't get forwarded of course.
  7. I don't know if this has already been posted, but it's a well written piece about one of the hacks on ethereum which does well to explain the risks in the system. Worth a read! https://medium.freecodecamp.org/a-hacker-stole-31m-of-ether-how-it-happened-and-what-it-means-for-ethereum-9e5dc29e33ce
  8. Has anyone made a graph to show how these adjustments affect the headline rate? eg a graph showing the published alongside one with the revision-effect removed? It would be interesting to see. Doesn't this manipulation come out in the wash for year on year rates anyway?
  9. Our flat was perfect – until planners let a restaurant open below The author gets totally destroyed in the comments...
  10. Hah, you're right! Wrong cliche used. Canaries in the gold mine.
  11. Phone in about housing this morning. Various callers calling the top. Old lady ex landlord boomers calling the top.
  12. Hah... patsy and edina calls the HPC... "it's today sweetie!"... who'd have thought!
  13. What if that happens (dB failure, Greece etc)during the brexit process... would we be on the hook for our share of the bill? Where's the cut off?
  14. Game changer? forget Brexit! The engxit from the Euros is surely going to kill the housing market this summer!
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