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  1. she made 323million, the product is overpriced
  2. for point 2. Why have they learnt a lot of cash from a successful business? Overpriced good or services? Fraud? Monopoly?
  3. you cannot separate the two, that is flawed logic She cannot have made the money without conning other people out of money
  4. ..plenty of people on Cardiff can afford 500K+ properties , you need to take into account all the self-employed small-large business owners in the area...all those who bought property over 10 years ago and those who have inherited a property...
  5. yep same goes for almost all the houses on sale in Cyncoed at the moment...its a start though, its a very big house, and others will have to follow....
  6. Lots of overpriced properties on the market in Cyncoed in Cardiff over the last year hovering around the £1million mark, none have sold...first of the big drops http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-39814102.html, hope this impacts further down...
  7. ...you don't get it do you? the some people size is not that big a deal, location is.... that will always be the case
  8. ...its Toulouse not Paris.... BTW Pools don't cost that much we just don't have the climate in the UK to make it worthwile
  9. I soundproofed our bathroom by simply building a false partition wall ( which was also handy to hide all the pipework. ) It cut out the sound massively, though you can still hear the power shower on the neighbours side when its on. Our attic also has a suspended floor ( which is the current building regs ) I can play music loudly in their and you can't hear it in the bedroom below…though if someone bangs the chimney 3 floors down you can hear it in the attic as if it was the same room, as the sound travels straight up...
  10. ..sound like BS to me even poor areas of Wales had private bathrooms then…I remember one house in our street without, and we thought that was odd...
  11. ..Got to pick you up on that… Thats obviously an exaggeration of some kind…not sure what you are comparing in terms of house quality , but for a certainty even within California there are areas of small an expensive houses…I have a friend who moved to San Fransico and his house is small and much more expensive than mine in the UK…. all I'm saying is make fair comparisons or the arguments get lost….
  12. These is no one single explanation for peoples behaviours. There are certain people who are aggressive savers not matter what, and some who are aggressive spenders…the rest in-between. Its only whats rational to the individual that matters, and your life experience effects that to some degree…
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