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  1. My faiths rests on that first month where "HOUSE PRICES PLUMMET BY 2.5%" leading the way down. I think a lot of people will want to cash out at the top, and FOMO will drive the rest.
  2. I still have faith, albeit an anemic one, in sentiment and fear driving the market down.
  3. I'd guess that when we first became aware of Sars-Cov-2 it was a mutated variant from a much less transmissible variant quietly circulating around the world during mid 2019, perhaps earlier, and was always mistaken for pneumonia or similar. And from there it's mutated into more transmissible variants since. If we consider the Kent variant in relation to the original variant, it seems plausible the original variant can be similarly thought of in relation to an even more original variant.
  4. So with age your narrow waist and broad mind changed places 😜
  5. lol, exactly the same for me. It got to the point where I told one very good looking woman to "just go away" after she wasn't taking my hints. The look I got was like something I've never seen before. Obviously nobody had ever said that to her before. I've completely lost interest in women.
  6. Somebody likened this in a post last year to a party, where the punch keeps getting topped up, some cocaine is passed around, and even granny tries to get laid at the end, but the inevitable hangover eventually comes.
  7. A few nights ago on LBC there was a long discussion about this scandal sparking a new financial crisis and potential housing crash because of the negative equity on flats (thus the implications for mortgages) if leaseholders couldn't be bailed out by the taxpayer. There are over 1 million of these flats in question, and would need £5 billion just to pay for fire wardens for 1 year, yet alone the cladding alterations. Though my sympathies lie with leaseholders, and my moral side wishes for freeholders to be liable, I'm all for anything that can spark a housing crash to end the insanity, an
  8. And if she accepted your advances and expressed a desire for a relationship based on equality, you would say she was a communist.
  9. You'll never see a feminist in a house fire. (start from 2:16)
  10. I have too, for exactly the same reasons. One day, a couple years ago, a particularly nasty chugger asked "would you like to help save children's lives?" and I felt very indignant at the emotional manipulation. How can you say no? So I said no. The look in her eye was utter contempt, which made me feel more indignant. I think the whole thing is sick.
  11. "Tell me, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?"
  12. If nobody ever complimented her looks she'd probably feel just as indignant about beautiful women being 'privileged'. Anyway, if women being complimented on their looks does "silence women's professional attributes", suppressing them in the workplace, thus affecting their earning, then they'd have less money to spend on mortgage repayments, and house prices would drop a little. In light of that logic, I'm all for the misogynistic practice of, er, fancying women.
  13. In today's insane world, I would no longer find it ironic if, when applying for a mortgage, computer says no based on the the reason "you've got a bad credit score because you've paid back all your credit in full, and on time".
  14. Yesterday I saw at least 2 cars driven by sole occupants wearing masks. I half understood that during wave one and two, but now it's just ridiculous. It's akin to living alone and wearing a condom to bed. Some people have been so conditioned by the relentless media exposure and government messages, that they'll never recover from it. I hear them ringing into LBC, still calling for lockdowns and bemoaning people sitting in beer gardens and socialising with people they've not seen for over a year. People build such psychological prisons for themselves. I think that's more of a pandem
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