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  1. Not sure if sarcasm, but when help to buy was rolled out, I've read in various sources (Private Eye being one I can remember) the names of housing companies who made donations to the tory party. Donations which preceded HTB. I thought it was common knowledge. I only imagine such donations continue to this day. That's probably why HTB is continuing for a few more years. Thakham homes and Bloor homes are two such companies. There are also plum executive jobs for tories in HTB firms. Have a read through this article I dug up with a quick google search. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/xwpvva/developers-who-got-rich-off-tory-housing-policy-are-sponsoring-conference
  2. I haven't looked at house prices for over 6 months. But I just looked on Zoopla, and the cheapest, shittiest of shithole houses in my county was £100k, and that was in Corby, hardly noted for being pleasant. Think about that for one moment..one hundred thousand pounds. That's a lot of money to the average person. The big 70% crash cannot come quickly enough.
  3. I know it's a paradox, but the poorest are often the fattest. Obesity is not necessarily related to the amount of food eaten, but the quality of food eaten. 99p will get you 20 frozen burgers at Farm Foods, burgers filled with fat and calories. And then there's the cheap bread, chips, etc. Poorer people are also likely to be much less educated, and therefore unable to think too critically about the food they eat or the type of calories consumed.
  4. Until 2 years ago, I was driving a 1998 Micra (cost £1050 in 2009), and tax, M.O.T, insurance, annual service, repairs (which were few), AND petrol came in at £1500 per year. Sold it in 2017 for £250 too. So in 8 years of ownership, the depreciation was £100 per year! There are people at work who pay more than £1500 for a couple months' payments to the loan company on their 19 plate Range Rovers.
  5. Careful what you wish for. If you ban 1 massive lorry, you'll need 2 or 3 smaller ones to carry the same quantity of goods - goods that Londoner's are consuming. And an increase of goods traffic will lead only to higher pollution (and more congested, more dangerous roads. As it stands, the Euro-6 emissions legislation for large vehicles makes them very very clean compared with just 10-15 years ago.
  6. Buy a very small detached property upto £500k, and live a simple life off the remainder well away from London.
  7. We've got several haven't we? Cryptocurrency.
  8. Apologies for digression, but it has to be said, in my news feed, there's a local bit, and the one story 'recommended for me' was a new garage open on the edge of town that had a Subway, Krispy Kreme, and 2 other fast food outlets I can't remember. You only need 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and you've exceeded your daily recommendation of calories. I do laugh as people get a lot larger, and newbuilds get a lot smaller. Something has to give! Anyway, back on topic.
  9. Ha ha, love it. I can definitely imagine a youtube video of such a droid walking up a few steps, sitting down, and stroking a dog in there, while some balding Jap in a navy lycra roll-neck with open suit jacket smiles at it all.
  10. It looks rather soulless too. I'd rather laugh in a Micra than cry in a Ferrari.
  11. You think? I'd put my life savings on the government looking beyond the EU. We'll employ Turks and Africans to drive our lorries, wire our houses, and plumb our toilets before encouraging Brits to get off their lazy, welfare "vote value" arses and into substantial apprenticeships. All whilst simultaneously appeasing corporate donations for such policies to be implemented for the sake of ever cheaper labour. Globalism and diversity, innit.
  12. You don't know my mate he's a chancer and a tight git.
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