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  1. Well I hope savings rates go up to 5% or more then.
  2. They go to great lengths to save face. I've got a mate married to a Chinese woman. She moved here 10 years ago. They've been seperated for 18 months, soon to start divorce proceedings, as it went seriously sour. Her Facebook page (or the Chinese equivalent) suggests she's happily married, and living with him. It's so her relatives back home think she's doing well in life. She simply can't lose face. It's a huge cultural thing. Even her boss (a Chinese man running a restaurant) thinks she's still living with him and they're happily together. My mate doesn't even live in the same town as her anymore.
  3. Before the Russian invasion I read somewhere that the demographic with one of the highest suicide rates in the world is men in the Ukranian army. It was a problem recognised over a decade ago. I forget where I read this, but I definitely read it about a year ago. So now they're actually having to fight a war, I suspect the rate is now sadly higher.
  4. I know I'll get a lot of flack for saying this, but my schadenfraude is off the scale with the above mumsnet comment.
  5. I feel like I've jumped through a sudden time portal or something, lol. I'm just wondering, who on earth valued that house, and the others? I looked at Hartlepool earlier on Zoopla, and noticed 8 houses priced at £5k. They must be truly awful areas to live.
  6. Any idea why there's a sudden influx of sub £20k properties? I've noticed several posted in this thread the last few days, and if I'm not mistaken, there's been hardly any before. The retirement flat with 93% off (down to £10k) and still not selling is really bizarre. Also, £5k??? I know it's Hartlepool, which is a meathead's paradise, but shurely shome mishtake? It's like the early 90s all of a sudden.
  7. I'm lost for words at one of the 'key features'.... I can hardly contain my orgasm. 360 VIEWS OF MILTON KEYNES
  8. By that logic, liberal democracy has the potential to evolve and improve, so it's worth fighting for, is it not?
  9. Nah, 70s women were 100x prettier. Today they certainly suffer from 'rampant inflation', if you know what I mean. In this regard, I wish we would go back to the 70s.
  10. And there are disturbingly too many people in this country who think there's absolutely nothing wrong with mass surveillance.
  11. Out of curiosity, how are the markets pricing those rises in?
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