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  1. Jesus you're right, they're depressing. The song "Little Boxes" springs to mind.
  2. I must offer a video to back this up. Here's a professor who, by listening to him talk, and understanding that his whole life has been spent studying this stuff up to and beyond phd level, is somebody I'd trust. There are plenty of these types of people trying to inform us, and as a huge cynic myself, I actually put faith into these people. The only explanation I have for people being so sceptical and so cynical about these vaccines, is that governments have lied to us so much that it's led to a pandemic of mistrust. But the boy who cried wolf did actually tell the truth one time. It's a shame
  3. I'm pretty much max'd out on premium bonds, and was receiving around 2 £25 prizes per month on average. But now it's about 1 x £25 every other month. I've 'won' £175 so far this tax year. I hope to top £200 by April. Mustn't grumble.
  4. There are no rights without responsibilities, and it's time for the public to bare the responsible side of the bargain for a little while. I'm aghast at how childish, entitled, and spoilt the British public are right now. It's embarrassing. We've got the most libertarian government I think I've ever seen, and Boris is an absolute libertarian. Those 'rights' (I prefer the word privileges) will be given back to us at the earliest opportunity. One of the reasons we're in this mess is because Boris was too keen to return them, and too reluctant to take them again. Patience grasshopper,
  5. But granny was vaccinated a few months before me. Unlike 2020, I doubt she's now going to hospital when I pass it on to her. I might even give her a little kiss (no tongues).
  6. I think that's rational, and I think enough people would buy that. One last push lasting til the end of Feb, then slowly begin opening things up on a one way path to eventual complete normality, hopefully by summer's end give or take a month or so.
  7. They're also forecasted to be eligible for state pension in 2100.
  8. The denier flat-earther types are becoming really dangerous. The other night at work I walked into a collection point at an Amazon warehouse and 3 other lorry drivers were in there, all of whom I know. None were wearing masks, and I was. One of them mockingly asked "why are you wearing that mask?" I mentioned a new more infectious strain, to which he sarcastically replied "of course there is" and laughed at me, then told me "it's very convenient, isn't it?", followed by "there isn't a pandemic". Outside I confronted him about his attitude, and was told it's all government propaganda, and
  9. Let's pray it doesn't also mutate into something as deadly as Ebola.
  10. From what I've see this year, my prediction is 20% negative decrease.
  11. I just sat here in the dark, facing myself, and the void.
  12. What if you're stood in the middle of the staircase in total confusion about which direction you're going in, or indeed why you're there in the first place, and somebody shouts "Hey, what direction are those stairs going in?" I need some fresh air. BBIAB.
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