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  1. Converted houses with 2 or more flats fall under the fire safety order. The current guidance is that low rise is fine esp re EWS1 and getting a mortgage. I read the bill that passed yesterday and it basically covered risk assessing external walls and fire doors (which we already have). I mean, it isn't just leasehold, there are some freehold houses out there refused mortgages due to wooden cladding on exterior.
  2. When house searching in London in 2019, I found that the HTB developments were far too expensive and I could only afford older flats. Also the new build developments in my area of north London were targeted at downsized with £1 million + equity. My 1930s mansion block flat has no cladding and freehold is owned by residents. In 2020, a flat in my development sold for £30k more than what I bought it for due to stamp duty holiday. The people mainly affected are those who bought new build flats with 5% deposit/shared ownership.
  3. 1. Replace council tax with property tax that is a percentage of the house value. Poorer home owners subsisting on low income/state pension can defer their payments until death when the house is sold. But this would mean people in their 40s would not want to pay over the odds for a home when it ceases to be a tax free investment but would either use up disposable income/make a dent in kids' inheritance. 2. Build more council housing but also expand on the programme to build suitable homes for FTB on average incomes in addition to the current rental stock. Basic small 3 bed flats/ house
  4. i live in a very jewish neighbourhood in north london, so thats quite hard to replicate in other parts of the UK (other than manchester). Also do you have any stats on the fact that 'white people are the least anti-semitic people around'. I mean anti-semitism is historic in Europe, going back centuries. Jews are largely an urban people, as there needs to be economies of scale to make running certain facilities viable. London's diversity means you don't stick out as much as you would be in a more mono-cultural setting.
  5. My husband's family have been in London for 100 years. There is a lot of anti-semitism and it is probably worse outside London (unless you move to Manchester). I am also BAME. Its interesting to note that 60% of Londoners are now BAME which means the vast majority of the people moving out are white. I think the london exodus is just a lot of white flight even if there are more ethnic minorities moving to suburbs on the London border. I always wonder if all the comments on London being a cesspit refer to London having too many non white people and therefore not looking like the id
  6. @Money Frugality Friends (and many of these sit coms/dramas like Sex and the City, Big Bang theory) are in urban settings so it would be weird if they didn't live in apartments. In fact, these shows have been criticized for being unrealistic as the flats were 'too nice' for the incomes the characters were on. My husband's family and my family have always lived in cities and going back 4 generations or so, we always started our newly married lives in flats (with the exception of my father who bought a terrace with his parents). Its the same for my husband and myself as we bought in our 20s in L
  7. @dances with sheeple I am a woman. I have been catcalled and sexually harassed in the streets more times than I can remember. Was first groped at 15 but not the last time. I don't actually know any woman who hasn't been catcalled/sexually harassed in some way at least a couple of times It may not be the majority of men, but unless the tiny percentage of men literally spend all their spare time harassing women, it must be a sizeable percentage.
  8. Well firstly, I am not sure when it would happen. I had stayed with family for 3 years and could not continue doing that forever. I could rent but I wasn't willing to do that if I started a family as I didn't want to have to look for new homes if my landlord decided to sell up when I was on maternity leave etc. So I thought I would buy this and overpay to the mortgage to reduce the debt so that when the crash happened, I could upsize. Thats what my MIL did and it worked pretty well for her, she is still in the house she bought during the crash even though she sold her 1 bed flat at a loss of 4
  9. @Si1 Thanks. Truly I find it to be an impossible situation and I thought actually the pandemic might restore some sanity. But the government is propping up the market to a degree that I would have previously thought impossible.
  10. @TheCountOfNowhere i live in London though so what happens up north isn't really applicable? Btw most people in London do hope for lower house prices even the home owners. The only people it is bad for are the downsizers and they largely bought in the 1990s so it would just be a smaller profit and less money for the kids to buy a home (but thats just circular reasoning anyway). The high house prices just highlight the huge chasm in salaries/family money i.e. friend who is a trainee lawyer in small firm earning less than 30k gets house bought for him, husband's colleague on 100k can't afford t
  11. @Si1 Not really even if it doesn't apply for my flat. I bought it to live in, not to invest. I hope they do go down a bit more as prices going up would make it harder for me to upgrade actually. I had a big deposit so less worried about negative equity.
  12. @Si1 Its true, i mean, people on this site must be used to being slightly surprised as HPI has been going on for years. But don't worry you will all be vindicated when the crash comes and uk house prices drop 50%. I don't know how that is going to happen with a Tory government.
  13. @Si1 I prefer to have autonomy when I hire workmen. I don't feel comfortable having workmen in my home if something like my oven needs repairing as I can definitely live without an oven as I don't really use mine. But your own call. What spare cash do you have from government stimulus? I haven't got anything, the only money i saved is from commute which is maybe £160 per month? tbh its probably different in other parts but the average home in my area is a £1 million, 400k upwards for a flat. The money driving most recent purchases in my area is family money, (husband grew up in the area
  14. @Si1 Value is largely unchanged at £425k, service charges are the same, Unaffected by EWS1 as its a low rise period mansion block. I know as there were recent sales. I do hope prices would dip a little in my area so it would be easier to upgrade. I am now overpaying mortgage fairly aggressively as our savings of £25k only gives me £60 in interest. Which is ridiculous. Before i bought, our savings of £70k or so would have languished in a similar state. at least now we have our own place to live during the covid pandemic (I have my own home office) and don't have to deal with landlords (my
  15. @spyguy I was comparing the cost between renting my flat and buying it.
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