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  1. I think the worst of it all is, if we have the dreaded second wave we've got ourselves into the situation where we'll have to do a Sweden anyway.
  2. It's amazing news that coronavirus only targets people who aren't backing noble causes. Thats a labour mp btw.. We're a clown country.
  3. The IFR is looking to be like 0.3%, and for people under 50 it's even lower. People under 20 have more risk of dying from the flu. Average age of death in Italy is 80! I think the only reason we're doing this phased reopening, rather than full tilt is to save face for the government. They've got it very wrong. Ask yourself, why were 1000s allowed to gather in Albert Sq yesterday?
  4. Very interesting and utterly depressing. Thanks for that.
  5. 16hrs a week family. How are they better off than the person earning 40k? Or similar off. Like I said, I don't doubt you, just can't make it add up
  6. If I worked at tesco, or worked delivering parcels, i'd be pretty pissed off to have people coming in buying crates of booze who aren't working and are getting to enjoy the great weather for months on end.. Its harshest against the working and low middle class people. +1. Agree 100%
  7. Sadly, I'm sure you're right but could you back that up with some figures?
  8. Your credit record contains payment history and credit balances though. So it'll be visible to the bank that for 3 (or 6 months) your mortgage balance didn't change. Surely they could asses on that? I know they can't let it affect credit scores, but you can't force a bank to lend. If computer says no, computer says no
  9. I rang up barclaycard yesterday to close my account. After 10 minutes of a phone maze to get through to the right team Sorry this team is not currently working, please try again later...ding How is this ok? Why aren't they... gov needs to step in.
  10. I don't see how any other way is fair. A business that is allowed to operate is treated the same as a business that is ordered by government to not operate? Madness. It should be wound down a lot quicker, or reduced from 80%. Its utterly ridiculous this scheme
  11. Rates won't go up in any significant way, otherwise half of the SE would lose their house. Its ********, but it is what it is.
  12. SSSHHHH.. you can't ask questions like that. London and Ulaanbaatar are totally comparable. Mongolia also surely has 100s per day arriving via rafts. People making these comparisons are being totally fake. The UK is still a hub of the world, and isn't comparable to Mongolia.
  13. Yup, we've got an 11 year old kia ceed. Sat in it you'd never know, still drives nice, interior looks good. Whats the point taking on something else? Absolutely worth nothing at resale, so will hold onto it until it explodes
  14. your credit score might have gone up. But it'll be clear as day on your record if you've taken a payment holiday. Will mortgage lenders feel as confident lending to people who need a holiday at the first sign of trouble?
  15. This is utterly ridiculous. Whats the justification? I feel bad for the people thinking they're getting 6 months off payments with no harm to their credit Good luck at the remortgage.
  16. You won't be happy until we're all locked in, with state sanctioned drops off will you?
  17. You really do wonder don't you? Why do they even need 900 office staff? never mind the ability to make that many redundant
  18. The backers of ubi, never seem to explain why we need it, or how it would work or be paid for. Most of the backers seem to say automation is making jobs not exist anymore, thats not happening, unemployment was at its lowest ever, when companies automate a process they generally repurpose staff It seems to be pushed exclusively by single millennial men. If was so such a good idea and would look to so much innovation, I'm sure we'll see similar from the 7m people currently furloughed.
  19. The UK and US haven't been overwhelmed by cases. In the US they're furloughing nurses because there isn't enough work!
  20. An increase of 1 per million? It's nothing. We could save more lives by reducing every road to a 20mph limit. We could save 100 * more lives by banning sugar and transfats. We don't though. Why is Covid so special?
  21. Interesting tidbit from the article. This is the highest in the world, above the UK, Belgium and the US, which have 5.57, 4.28 and 4.11 respectively. So Sweden who didn't do a lockdown, didn't shut everything and didn't destroy their economy (although the world has tried to do that for them) have .5 higher deaths than us per million people? Surely this is compelling evidence against our measures (and the rest of the worlds!)
  22. I was posting in the South Manchester thread, but I tend to agree with your missus. Stock is in such short supply in the few desirable areas that I don't think we'll see prices go down in areas where people want to live. If you're close to a tram / village in Didders, Chorlton, Sale, Alty, etc you might see a nominal drop of a few %, but nothing proper. Too many coiled springs. Drops will probably happen further afield, and in places that have been increasing because these areas have become so unaffordable, maybe Urmstons surge will revert for example
  23. Yep, sorry I didn't mean to be offensive. In reality I know plenty of lovely people who live there, and want to stay. I was being flippant to the extreme that internet anonymity allows you to be. These places are obviously going to get nicer as the majority of working people can't afford to live in South Manc anymore, the prices are just utterly stupid. I do think you run the risk of living on a nice street, then having a god awful street the next one over, but you get that in Chorlton.. so hey ho
  24. Yep. They'll feel much more smug when the furloughed people don't come back
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