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  1. Agree. Hopefully Boris is one of the 90k Councils are the worst. We're having a nightmare with our parking permit yet the parking permit team "Don't have phones". WAT.
  2. My local area is becoming more and more like a province of Hong Kong. I can't imagine it can carry on at such a pace without people getting upset. Already hearing people complain about the amount of Chinese kids in the local schools
  3. Not to bang the WFH drum, but so many jobs in the civil service can't be done from home, yet people are being allowed to multiple days per week. I know lots of civil servants operating at 30% self development time, 20% time for 'emails' and 50% in office doing actual work. I think they've shown that we can get rid of a large chunk of them, get the rest working and we're away.
  4. Yes have thought the same. If your mortgage goes up £200 pcm, it's a pain but most will be able to pay it. If your mortgage shoots up £200, gas £100, elec £100, food £100 you got a problem.. or the banks have a problem.
  5. The nest eggs were likely real, but how many people have anything left in them now? Inflation might quickly fix itself when people have no money to buy anything other than heating and electricity
  6. To earn that on salary, they're like to be lawyers, bankers, etc who probably do end up marrying each other because who else would put up with someone working 80 hours a week
  7. BOE November 2021: BOE Feb 2022: BOE March 2022: BOE May 2022: So, how much do you trust their graphs?
  8. Those tweets read like a piss take haha.
  9. I’m actually surprised they’ve adjusted at all. It’s a pointless move, will make no difference at all. it does feel like it’s time to shit or get off the pot these tiny changes are the worst of both worlds
  10. Raising interest will not bring down energy prices, nor will it bring down the price of food. I just don't see why the BoE are going to do it now. We're going to hear the same things we've heard throughout, supply side issues, new legislation (brexit), etc. We'll see tomorrow, but 0% is a safe bet right now.
  11. The $ is currently strong against the £ because everyone knows the fed are going to raise rates. When they do, I'd wager that the BoE are hoping the £ won't drop as the rate changes are already baked in to the current exchange rate Like I said 0.5% raise will cause too many problems. We've just increased tax and by the end of the year energy prices will have doubled, inflation will take care of itself when no one has any money.
  12. You're correct its not fully disappearing to tax, some of it will be pension which is obviously your money but for a lot of people its a long way a way and not worth the extra hassle now for more money in 40 years time (maybe) 50k salary with student loan, 6% pension = 2754 pcm 60k salary with everything the same £3197 An increase of 443pcm. If you've got 2 kids - £85 from that. So your 10k raise hits you in the pocket with £443 or £358 pcm. In my case this was tied to coming into the office.. for a lot of people they're going to feel an increase of £100-200pcm at best, just not worth it. For those with longer commutes they're probably losing money If it's happening at my work it'll be happening at others. I should say, I was one of the three. But I live near my office so was happy for the easy money, and to get out of the house ha
  13. I think people here are delusional if they think a 0.5% rate rise will happen. I'd be surprised if 0.25 happened. Look at the wider economy, we've just had a tax increase, energy prices will have likely doubled by the end of this year vs last year, rate rises will crush the economy rather than get inflation under control. They'll stick, no matter what inflation is.. and it'll be high.
  14. I got the same one, I was confused as I was sure the news on this was due tomorrow. I guess there isn't much news and it is happening..
  15. Young people are taxed to the hilt. Boris and his oblivious pals don't understand that money isn't a motivator if you don't get to keep any of it. At my workplace, we have work that needs to be done in the office. We offered £10k pay increase to a staff of 100+ to work 4 days per week from the office (one day at home upskilling). We had 3 people come back and say yes. Most asked it just wasn't worth it to them. Of £10k, they felt like they'd see about £4k of that, and then half of that is gone to commuting and lunches. What's the point? I'm certain if they were keeping £8k of that, they'd be rushing back in, but as is.. no chance. Rishi and Boris have caused WFH, and they've made it stick with their idiotic covid and tax policies.
  16. All jokes aside, i'll show my arse if we're anywhere near 2.5% by the end of the year. It just won't be possible with all of the other pressures on spending. Lucky to be at 1.5%
  17. We're not just heading for a house price crash, we're heading for one hell of a recession. You can pretty much directly blame Boris and Rishi for half of it, time to go lads, you've done enough damage.
  18. I believe if we have had a cat in charge for the past 10 years, we'd actually be in a far better position than we are now. Every single government policy and intervention has been an expensive disaster, none of have made the lives of people better and have just made everyone poorer.
  19. My current car is goosed and I'm looking to buy a new one myself at the moment, prices are still very high in the used market. I keep hanging on thinking they'll level out/lower but it's not happening.
  20. I agree it shouldn't, but that doesn't mean much. I think thats where the key problem lies for me, it depends on trust and as much as people bleat on about how trustworthy they are, we know by and large people are not. It's a slippery slope, that 5 minute skive in the morning, after a year of wfh becomes an hour.. your lunch hour soon becomes lunch 2 hours. We've all seen it, but because people want to keep wfh a blind eye gets turned.
  21. It's really interesting the work from home debate, in my lifetime it's the first time I've really seen employees have power. I've said elsewhere on here, if it was my business and my money, there is no way I would allow fully remote work to be the norm. I've no idea how it will work long term in big orgs when your apprentice/juniors are not learning on the job anymore. It's so easy for seniors to hide away now. We're obviously not going back to 5 days a week in the office, and how justifiable is it to keep an office open for people popping in 1-2 times per week at best? Interestingly a lot of the big players in tech, google, apple etc are making people come back. Normally they lead and others follow, I wonder if that will happen here
  22. We have friends in their 30s with no kids. Thinking about starting a family but need to clear their debt first.. I was just sat there like how do you possibly have any debt, we've had 2+ years of lockdown and restrictions. The money people have thrown away over the past 2 years is absolutely crazy
  23. Does boggle your brain a bit. If you were into conspiracy theories (is it even a conspiracy at this point) and believe covid 19 came from a Chinese lab, you have to think, what do they know that we don't? Why are they doing this?
  24. Let me explain it to you. I like working from home. I meaning me personally. Do I think it benefits the business I work for? No. If I ran the business would I allow myself to work from home? No. That does not mean I do not like doing it. If it was my money, paying my wage and others, I would insist on office based majority of the time. However it's not, and the business I work for are free to use it how they like. When they come to their senses and insist on a return to office I will go in without complaint.
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