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  1. Like most articles like this, it's written in a way that is "sympathetic" but is clearly designed to enrage the reader. All of these problems should could easily fix herself.
  2. I always laugh at the 'car free shopping' spiel. Ok you're making it difficult to drive in, but you've also added no other methods for getting in. My local town is the same, you can't drive, there is no where to park your bike without it getting stolen, bus service is shite and just as expensive as driving. I'd be all for car free shopping if they gave literally any good alternative. Waiting an hour for a bus, or getting your bike nicked because you've tied it to a tree is not a good alternative!
  3. Just seems like another “what’s the point” to me. The only thing Scottish Independence will do is line the pockets of politicians and their mates. Scotland will have to increase tax and will inevitably face brain drain. As an earlier poster said, another referendum on the topic has to have clearly defined lines on what independence actually means. No more we’ll sort it after the fact.
  4. Do you honestly believe anyone at Glasgow council is working themselves into the ground?
  5. If Glasgow council is facing a funding deficit of around £40 million next year, and they can reduce all full time workers down to 4 days a week does it not make sense to reduce the work force by 20% and save the local tax payers some money?
  6. My parents whole estate is the same. It started off as a family estate, full of people with kids and the like. Now every family is priced out and all thats left is empty nesters sitting in large 4 bed detached houses wondering what to blow their cash on next.
  7. My first mortgage was a 40 year term around 8 years ago. We remortgaged when the initial fix was up and due to the crazy bubble were able to reduce the term to 18(ish I cant remember) years with a lower monthly payment. Obviously doesn't work as well if house prices go the other way, but our politicians and the BoE have shown they'll risk it all to keep house prices up. We moved and put the term back up until I'm 67.. even with the increased rates thanks to the insane bubble at the moment we could do the exact same thing again.
  8. South Manchester defied logic pre this bubble, it's insane now. Anything liveable will sell instantly at insane prices.
  9. Given Boris governs by whats in the news each day, I suspect they'll get what they want. Is this going to be another thing tax payers subsidise? When does it end
  10. Pensioners own houses, and vote tory en mass. Remove the triple lock again will generate lots of negative press. There is nothing more to it. It's win win win for the tories, screw the workers.
  11. 0.75. Holy moly, BoE staff might even pop into the office tomorrow. This is a crisis for sure.
  12. Only tangentially related but do the government care? I'm starting to see more and more people on those electric scooters that are illegal. Why not legalise them, and back them? They're cheap, green, super effective for short journeys, and would reduce costs. Have a campaign advertising them, come up with some that have a seat on and maybe a way to carry things in, would do wonders for health, the roads, the environment.. It seems like there are so many obvious solutions and we just look past them. We're never going to have good public transport outside of major areas, why don't we try and come up with some actual solutions?
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