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  1. Hilarious article! Looks like OHP was designed to deliberately confuse and obfuscate the hoi polloi and they've succeeded. Typical behaviour of those wanting to "hide" their assets. I suppose that's how they got rich in the first place.
  2. I can think of 2 other bad effects of low interest rates off the top of my head and I'm not an economist: 1) Malinvestment allied to malinvestment 2) Keeping zombies alive ie over-indebted companies/individuals/property owners(?) going when in a "normal" interest rate environment they would be dead and buried. (Maybe this is the new normal and there won't be any interest rises.)
  3. "Prepare for this thread to be deluged with absolute whining nonsense from the wise old owls over on housepricecrash" HarpoBoy's comment Betty4321 is definitely on our side though
  4. King of S Just a thought about your stats. I notice a lot of properties in the SE especially are on twice with 2 different prices as they are often offered at "reduced price for over 60s". There seems to be a scheme which is essentially part rent/part buy in operation aimed at the older age group. I also noticed a few places (more than usual?) on with several agents so again multiple entries. I don't know if your methods allow for this or if you could tweak your program so you can increase the accuracy of your figures even more. Just a thought.....keep up the good work!
  5. "I do not believe that the FOMC are keeping tabs on Mark, Ros and Connie in order to make the right decision about when, and in which direction, to move the policy rate" Bland this is hilarious. I wish they would in which case there will be a rate hike any day now
  6. Apparently they have a history of getting it wrong. According to the radio yesterday, in the 30s they predicted a fall in population because there was a low birth rate at the time of the prediction.
  7. The date on the video is Feb 2014 so that was then. Now it's on the turn especially in PCL (Prime Central London) so there will be some sharp drops and a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money (Shadenfreude )
  8. Agree. The first rule of investing is surely to spread your available resources over all asset classes so to put it all into property is a bit daft, leaving aside the fact that property shouldn't be an investment class for anyone with any morals.
  9. I've been following an area in Herts and can confirm the £500K minimum for a bog standard 3 bed semi. The prices have risen at quite a pace for the past several years (approx £350K in 2007 to £500K today). My theory is that people in London in the know are selling up while the going is good and moving out to within commuting distance hence pushing up prices in the smarter areas. This is the so-called ripple effect in action. However when the London bubble bursting picks up speed who's to say that ripple will also not spread outwards? I don't know what I'd do in your situation except hold on to my hat
  10. I can concur with this. Happened to me in 1994. I was hooked by the high valuation and the house sat on the agent's books for 4 months with no viewings. I lost faith in the agent and took it off the market and waited a few months before putting it on with another agent. I admit I was green and EAs use every trick in the book. Now we have HPC we can all learn.
  11. I'm in the same boat. No debts, no credit cards just debit and what's more I live in a small town with limited shops yet I rarely need to go elsewhere for purchases. (I don't use the internet for shopping either). I must be the worst consumerist ever
  12. Cunning tax rises by the back door. No wonder they don't amalgamate NI into income tax.
  13. ....."I find a house that breaks my tool........" sorry to hear that
  14. "A bit of extra cash in the pockets. The essentials are down in price" But what about housing??
  15. Probably the type of scheme which will end up with Tony Hetherington of Mail on Sunday as a tale of woe where someone has lost their life savings.....
  16. I would give notice by return of post....that'll learn him
  17. This is the bit I love ie there ain't nothing they can do
  18. Don't lose heart...I think we're on the cusp of a big turnaround. It's been building for much longer than I would have thought possible (at least from 2003) and I thought we'd got there in 2008 but no. Hang on in there....you're right about sentiment and that's why it's taking so long but when it goes it will be spectacular I should think. I don't think it'll only be property either. I reckon all asset classes will be toast.
  19. +1 I just voted in the Telegraph poll for no tax exemptions (along with 50% of the other voters)
  20. Yes it's the monthly payment which matters....never mind the total debt
  21. rubbish! There are plenty of homes......they're just not being used in the most efficient way.
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