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  1. Interest rates have been trending down for years and years, as long as I can remember at least, no reason to think that won’t continue for EVER
  2. You’re better off getting a 130% IO mortgage those things are like gold dust, but if you find one... go balls deep like it’s closing time my friend no pesky deposit to worry about, no unreasonable “repayment” term, just a big fat truckload of juicy DEBT to chew on delicious
  3. thewig

    HPC Watches: Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits

    Why do all skint people “own” a handful of cheeky BTLs on interest only?
  4. tell your scumbag DEBTjunkie mortgage holder to eff off. if the cockroach wants to sell, give you notice, if not, no dice. these soon to be bankrupt vermin can't have it both ways.
  5. thewig

    Australian Luxury Property Problems

    So what's my excuse for what?
  6. thewig

    RICS survey

    Take some of the equity for repayment snake eating own tail right there
  7. thewig

    15,000 pound cheaper than next door

    These guys are looking at this all back to front next door is fifteen k more than us? Just bang ours up THIRTY k and see how they like it... Next door sees it; no way do they take that lying down... BANG another thirty k on theirs to restore their lead AND set a new ceiling price for the street then the neighbors get involved and start just banging their houses up for sale at ever higher asking prices EVERYONE in the street becomes wealthier by the day, this is what expert economists (and scumbag eas) refer to as the “wealth effect”
  8. thewig

    RICS survey

    No. MMR just extends the term doesn’t do anything to ‘affordability’
  9. thewig


    Relocating to: NO just hoovering up a job lot of cheeky new build exec apartments on the outskirts of some up and coming hotspot in: YES YES YES
  10. thewig

    Biggest fall in RPI since Jan 2009

    Just bang it back up again job done
  11. thewig

    Official tenant fee ban 1jun 19

    Hmmm let me think what I’m going to do next... so you’re now telling me I can’t charge for broken smoke alarms directly? No problem I’ll just bang a smoke alarm premium onto all my lots rents to cover it. Tenner a month should do it eh? BOSH and we’re gravy again whats that? You can’t afford it? Well boo hoo and here’s your notice to leave, I’ll just chuck another family in there on a cheeky teaser rate, just bang the rents up on em as soon as they’re good and settled man I love property, think I’m a bit addicted truth be told
  12. They made their own luck I guess
  13. thewig

    I think the wait is over

    Bit racist mate

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