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  1. thewig

    New homes 'crumbling due to weak mortar'

    brand new DEBTslavebox falling to pieces? just chuck a family of scumbag tenants in there on a cheeky teaser rate for christmas buy some cheap nightvision on ebay - check through the windows one night (3am is deep sleep time) then if they look good and settled... BOOM just bang the rents up on em. then charge them for any structural repairs if you can.
  2. thewig

    Another Sex for rent sting

    reminds me of when I was renting a house in a welsh mining village a few years back, I lost my job and couldn't pay the rent so the DEBTjunkie scumbag (some withered old doctor bint who called herself an academic portfolio something or other) basically offered to let me off each months rent if I were to "service her needs" in return once a month. Anyway long story short I weighed up all my options, robbed a bank, bought the house off her for cash and burnt it down immediately then moved out of the area. Bad memories, man.
  3. EA scumbags gonna EA scumbag
  4. thewig

    More EA Desperation For Income?

    Scumbag tenants exist to be gouged, don’t like it? Become a legendary homeowner and walk tall
  5. Just bang the sand bags up
  6. holy fkc just saw an advert for together "lending for the new normal" advertising shared ownership. a young couple of artists or some sht going balls deep on a 40year 125% mortgage for 25% of a newbuild shtbox. OH MAMA!!
  7. thewig

    Twig up your home kit

    Buy twigs losers = DEBTjunkie scumbags DEBT DEBT DEBT = twigs twigs twigs
  8. What does 1,000 a month mean though? 1,000 at any one time is a lot different to the number of homeless people increasing by 1,000 every month.
  9. This is gonna be the making of the DEBTjunkie vermin, finally their time in the spotlight has arrived. Wonder how they will curry the favour of the great British public this time... If I was on PR duty for these cretins I’d be putting forward the nations leading academic portfolio DEBTjunkie scumbag (Dr Trainwreck P.D.) to speak on behalf of all DEBTjunkie scumbags about how downtrodden and persecuted they all are for merely signing up of a shitload of DEBT then not being able to pay it back Comparisons to the holocaust would be actively encouraged if not immediately forthcoming. I’d also recommend a targeted tweet campaign against the Samaritans for stopping their non paying tenants from committing suicide thus allowing them to remain in their props for a few more months until they can evict man these fckwits are going to keep on doubling down and with each PR release raise their rancid profile among the general public more and more enjoy the show 😊
  10. thewig

    Converstaions with BTLs

    pics not loading...
  11. The DEBTjunkie scumbag alliance are cracking skulls all over the place. Look out!
  12. just bang em (the asking prices) back up?
  13. A certain Bos Train-wreck (nations leading academic portfolio DEBTjunkie) would be all over a cheeky seven bedder, she won’t take this one lying down... prepare for a long long letter in the paper or an even longer paper in the bin of some councillor

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