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  1. Hello Count, good to see you too. Keep em peeled out there 😉
  2. DEBTjunkie scumbag in "trying to convince self and others he's not a scumbag" shocker.
  3. Aren't all these DEBTjunkie scumbags on interest only DEBT? If so doesn't a 25% increase in base rate from 1.00-1.25% basically mean a 20% (assuming 80% LTV) increase in the cost of servicing the DEBT for these fckwits? And assuming the price of these BTL houses has been set by the DEBTjunkie scumbags outbidding the owner occupiers with their interest only play (vs owner occupier having to use repayment mortgages) doesn't this now mean the amount a fckwitted DEBTjunkie can now bid on a BTL house has also dropped by 20%? Tell me where I'm wrong on this one..
  4. Just bang those rents right up there chief, problem solved no? 🙄
  5. “We had a black out in our village the other night. It it was a terrifying couple of hours until one of the villagers shot him.” boomer humour
  6. How much “growth” in the U.K. “economy” is accounted for by the black magick accounting trick known as “imputed rent”?
  7. No such thing as a good DEBTjunkie scumbag, they’re all vermin who would benefit from a touch of compulsory euthanasia bit like the difference between the good and the bad aids
  8. Yep there’s a certain haggered weathered run down look to Londoners. Defo look a bit dirty and tired to my measured eye
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