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  1. No. Science has a empiricist presumption. The scientific consensus was established by the practical success that China, Taiwan and South Korea had in suppressing the virus - in essence, treating it like SARS rather than influenza - communicated to the rest of the world in real-time via the WHO. The Imperial model was undoubtedly flawed, as all models are, but by corroborating that science it helped shift UK govt policy away from the disastrous herd immunity model it had been previously pursuing.
  2. The Japanese govt instituted a month-long emergency shutdown, temporarily closing non-essential businesses and restricting the opening hours of bars and cafes while encouraging everyone to stay at home. The most infected region of the country (Hokkaido) underwent a full lockdown, not once but twice.
  3. The UK and Sweden have by far the highest rates of infection in Europe. That's what happens when you don't listen to the science! Sweden doubled its average rate yesterday. Potential second wave already, like Iran and Saudi.
  4. Academic? He's Professor of Politics at the University of Kent! He denounces Labour's failures re. the 2019 General Election but neglects to mention that the Corbynistas came within an ace of winning in 2017 with the same policy agenda. He also neglects to mention that the Tories borrowed the thick-end of a trillion pounds 2010-19 maintaining the Potemkin facade of economic recovery. How sustainable does he think that is? Jackass.
  5. These dirtbags are still running the (shit) show. 👇
  6. Banks are originators of credit finance not intermediaries between borrowers and savers. Lending creates deposits not vice versa.
  7. Growth of 1.5% a year for the next twenty years might get the UK economy back to where it was in 2016.
  8. Standard commercial terms in a monetary economy.
  9. Sure. Go along to your local BMW dealer and they'll arrange the financing.
  10. Show me what you intend to invest the money in.
  11. A culture that prizes results over grandstanding. 👍 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/04/angela-merkel-has-become-the-spend-spend-spend-chancellor
  12. Fantastic nonsense. Economies are driven by investment, innovation and consumption.
  13. Basket case? The UK's aggregate debts dwarf those of Germany, Italy or Spain... ! Decisive intervention by the ECB and Angela Merkel today has taken Italexit off the table for good.
  14. People come here because there are jobs here. The market determines the demand. Migrant labour provides a mechanism for economies to grow even after the constraint of full employment is reached.
  15. You protect everyone by eradicating the disease! Mandatory quarantine for new arrivals, face-masks, social distancing, sanitisation and TTI. It's not rocket science. You don't need a model. It can be done in a month (see Vietnam).
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