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  1. It’s called “thinking outside the box”, it’s something we southern metropolitan elite are great at, and it’s exactly what Brexit needs to be a success. Those plucky northerners may not have a job at Nissan anymore, but they can always make money by renting out their whippets or something. They just need to “imagineer”.
  2. We’d prefer not to eat shit, but if we want to be free to decide whether or not not to eat shit, we’re going to have to eat shit. Impeccable logic.
  3. Believe me, quite a lot of people are looking back to the 1970s. But yes, there are also the free market advocates ushering in trade tariffs with our biggest trading partners. Much less contradictory.
  4. That’s what the Brexiters wanted though isn’t it? ”Everything was great back in the 70s before we joined the EU, but don’t vote for that Jeremy Corbyn, or he’ll take us back to the 70s” Or something.
  5. 12. Take up dogging With the EU’s bureaucratic customs checks causing huge tailbacks across the country, there’ll be plenty of bored lorry drivers looking for a bit of action to pass the long hours waiting in a flooded lorry park. You could also boost our economy by providing work for British VD clinics.
  6. 11. Eat your own testicles Now that we’ll be free of the EU’s draconian regulations on food standards, you can do your bit for the British economy by eating your own great British testicles. Let’s face it, if you read the Daily Mail you’re probably over 70 so you won’t be needing them anymore.
  7. This was my favourite one: 4 Suck it up! With no 'level playing field' agreement, Britain will be able to ditch EU rules, such as the one that limits the power of vacuum cleaners to 900-watts. So if the UK repeals such red tape, you'll be able send a message to Brussels about their regulations by buying a model up to the old 1,600-watt limit. Just what I’ve always wanted. Not sure who sells 1600 watt vacuum cleaners, maybe Dyson will start selling them now they’ve off shored their previously British workforce.
  8. That’s sooooo 2010, you need to get with the program man. It’s all about bureaucracy and state aid now. Kent border checks and red walls. Charity begins at home, level up. Literally everything this government is doing is about spending more, not less, and the voters are lapping it up.
  9. Yep, company insolvency is a lagging indicator. We've also got quarterly commercial rents becoming due at the end of Dec, all into the backdrop of an escalating winter lockdown. Q1 2021 is going to be an utter shitshow.
  10. Very interesting, yes. Comfirms my view that (regrettably) liberalism is on the back foot. That a draconian, authoritarian surveillance state like the CCP can be regarded as “small government”, simply on the basis of GDP share, is in complete contradiction to all of the associated benefits of classical liberalism described in that lecture. It demonstrates, as is eluded to by the lecturer, that “what works” economically is not necessarily synonymous with a free society in any form that we might recognise.
  11. Yes. Big government should get out of the way and be more like... er... China.🤔
  12. The polls aren’t looking too bad for them though are they? Remember, there is a large quorum of pensioners who aren’t affected by the economics of any of this. So long as those people can be kept angry about things like immigrants and statues, the Tories will remain high in the polls. Economically, nothing can’t touch them short of inflation picking up.
  13. Yeah, I did ask that, but apparently there’s still enough contract work around too. He does Thames Valley btw, Reading, Slough, Bracknell etc. Dunno if that’s representative of other areas too.
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