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  1. "Mods... Website Infected?" Did no 'Rockers' ever get into the Web design game?
  2. "What Will It Take To Halt The U.k. Housing Market?" Guilotines on the streets of Britain.
  3. You suppose wrong you muppet. Also at least I paid for my own cave with only one income, mine or my wifes at a time.
  4. Maybe you could free up a bit more of your 'capacity' by refraining from wasting your productive time on web forums and sticking a broom up your @rse whilst you are at it.
  5. It was 40% and over in many areas during the last Tory recession 90-92. A chap I knew in Chard, Somerset bought a 2 up 2 down in the eighties - he ended up with massive negative equity and 3 kids rammed in one box room for years.
  6. When I was on JSA a few years ago I noticed that I would get charged (8% of my weekly JSA) if I asked for the street or would be waved on free if I mentioned the Job Centre.
  7. You cut your nose to spite your face. Cutting benefits puts a brake on economic activity. I know Osborne has successfully peddled his version of economic fantasy and illiteracy to the masses but the real world is the real world. Worse if you combine this with taking money out by reducing corp tax which is channelled straight to Bermuda or Cayman.
  8. I thought it was pretty simple stuff like net economic output divided by man days with by sector granularity as well as an overall figure.
  9. There are two McDonalds & BK sitting side by side in Milton Keynes. The McD is usually rammed but you rarely see more than half a dozen people in the (now, newly refurbed) BK. TBH - there is not much difference between either 'saver menu' but at least McDs display theirs near the counter. The 'Big King' can currently be had unadvertised for £1.49 but a Big Mac it is not (mainly down to the nasty bun). I too like a Wopper but for consistency McDs win it hands down. My only beef with McDs is that they change their menu too often - sometimes I feel greedy and fancy a Big Tasty and it's not on that day. I would never feel a shred of embarrassment asking a poor NMW zero hour slave about the 'saver' stuff. After all, especially in BK, get it wrong and you could have a burger and beer in Wetherspoons cheaper.
  10. In economics, I can confirm that ripping out car wash machines and replacing them with Polish graduates is going to push down the productivity figures.
  11. With IDS gone the full extent of the UC omnishambles will become mainstream news. I am sure this will blow away any vestige of public confidence in the Tory/Liberals ability to govern competently.
  12. See how it all started in 1979 with Thatcher, Reagen and the bilderbeger neolib/cons?
  13. There is certainly nothing strange about it at all in Crony Britain.
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