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  1. See that 64% of Sun voters, and I saw a similar vote in the daily mail of 69%(!) of votes for legalising some or all illegal drugs, does make me wonder whether things may be starting to change w.r.t. the war on drugs. That said, the media craze which lead to the ban of Mephedrone* was appaling, likely the media will have a role in standing in the way of reasonable debate. I see also that the UK is looking at "blanket banning" of legal highs - yeah thats going to end well, with increased useage of illegal drugs. Some things are just not well thought through by the government. * Though there
  2. Well yeah, seems to be keeping a fair few in jobs. I'm not so sure. I think things may change in the 5-10 year timescale. The problem is that middle england don't want it to happen, and they are the ones who generally vote. I don't think any of the current political parties have the nerve to do this, but possibly in the future?
  3. +1 One of the best posts I've read on here. Agree with every word. The so called "war on drugs" is one of the single biggest, laughable failures in human history. What impact has it had on drug use? I would have said minimal to nil. Whats the cost? Millions of lives ruined, many people who are not criminals being criminalised, probable increase in crime, funding of terrorism and other hostile activities. Not to mention the many multiples of billions of dollars wasted globally on this. The thing I really dislike is the fact that the majority of drug users (in the UK at least) are recreation
  4. Soon to be moving from the Public sector to the Private sector, so can't really vote.
  5. Is this what he is claiming now? A severe hurricane will only affect the top most 100 or so meters of water depth, and will only significantly affect the water through mechanical mixing in the top 20 m or so, with little affects below that, therefore any claims of the cap being dislodged by a hurricane are just nonsense. This Matt Simmons is strikintg me as a bit of a tool atm.
  6. +1000000000000000000! I was getting sick of some of the armageddon type posts on here.
  7. Interesting point you have raised here - I'm thinking of moving into the Oil Industry as a Geophysicist / Seismologist / Reservior modeller. I have a degree in Geophysics, so looks like a logical move.
  8. Although they quote wages going up by 1% a year, in real terms this equates to a substantial rate of fall of real wages when inflation is taken into account. Inflation has been 5-10% year-on-year in real terms. Its not all good in the public sector tbh, I'm thinking of defecting to the private sector myself.
  9. I have to agree completely. Its funny how everyone slags off Gordon Brown, even though Tony Blair is to blame for most of this. He got out at the right time - could see the experiment failed, and left it to Gordon to pick up the pieces. Personally, I think Gordon Brown is incompetent, and living in "fantasyisland". I think Tony Blair is pure evil. I'd prefer Gordon Brown to Tony Blair any day of the week. That said, most of the cabinet of NuLabour are evil, and have their own agenda. I used to look forward to hearing the news of Gordon resigning, but now, I'd rather not, as there are some
  10. I really hope you are joking... Are you on a wind up here? Peter Mandelson is a million times worse than Gordon Brown... A truely vile individual, if he got into power. i'll be seriously considering emigration.
  11. Fair enough. It would reduce the drag on the car a bit...
  12. I don't think house prices will fall that low per-se, but its clear that all the inertia re: bailouts and economic stimulus is going to fail sometime soon, creating an all bl**dy mess! QE will only go so far (though it seems a real risk that they will overshoot massively, potentially exposing us all to hyper-inflation through profound currency weakening). What with rising unemployment, rising national debt, and deflation, well the fundamental forces are going to take over soon. We haven't seen the end of this by any means yet. Can I ask? What proportion of people on here do you think liv
  13. Thats unnecessary. True he comes up with some silly things sometimes, but thats no reason at all for calling him a fag, just because he (says) he is gay. I'm sorry, but that sad kind of name calling (which you may expect from an 8 year old), just discredits any weight your arguement may have had.
  14. Can I ask? Why do you post this after EVERY SINGLE POST you write? Are you trying to get a rise out of people? Are you really that sad?
  15. Yeah, for existing customers. The banks are not passing any of these reductions on to new customers. Additionally, what do you think will happen when the government (is forced to) increase baserates? The banks are going to keep charging the same margin, crippling millions. Many will be paying >10% interest rates before too long.
  16. Well, the bonus was the same for all staff in all the divisions (eg entry level scientists get the same award as managers). Additionally, accuracy of forecasts (and I hasten to add, the short range forecasts at the Met Office are excellent - amongst the best anywhere), are only a small component of the determination of the size of the bonus. Long range forecasting is very difficult, almost statistical. Either way, it will reveal little more than a trend.
  17. Come again? Last time I checked, the Met Office didn't show earthquakes.
  18. Hot air maybe? After all, when one looks at the situation realistically at the moment, its not hard to see that any green shoots of recovery is at best, unsustainable over the medium term. I personally reckon a fair bit of it is, dare I say it, akin to "propaganda".
  19. Nicely done! I've only flown easyjet myself, though didn't find them bad at all. Mind that was back in 2002, not sure what they are like nowadays.
  20. I wouldn't take that as gospel. Liverpool University and Leeds University are very similar in terms of reputation and overall teaching/research quality.
  21. Actaully, given the specialism in my job and the responsibility and the level of qualifications needed to do the job, its not actually very much at all. Half of it would put me probably below minimum wage. But hey, carry on. All I'll say is bailed out banks SHOULD NOT be allowed to use taxpayers money to fund bonuses.
  22. Er, I think you'll find we had absolutely no choice in the matter. Christ i've seen some nonsense written on here, that I think takes pole position.
  23. Oh well, if it happens, it happens. Its good news if you enjoy working and your job, I suppose.
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