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  1. I was planning to retire at 55 but retired at the grand old age of 47.
  2. That's lots then. Like a trillion light years to our nearest space persons. the mind keeps boggling
  3. They need to install a strong natural leader to control all the tribes in Iraq. Someone like Saddam Hussein
  4. and another +1 from me. It really is all going to end in tears
  5. Not one single expert saw it coming. I went into cash in dec 2006 and survived with profits. Any financial advisor that was any good would have made his pile and retired years ago . Any financial advisor who has to work for a living must be suspect
  6. Read my sig below. I now have more money than I know what to do with. Charts are nonsense. If not everyone would be a winner. Those who followed the charts in 2007 lost fortunes.
  7. seems a waste of a good quality sheet. Buy some old curtains from a charity shop
  8. organised a couple of funerals last month. they come in at around £3k a pop. Not bad really when you break it down.
  9. That's when people knew their place and were happy with their lot. Today people aspire to own a property but are not prepared to pay much for it. What on earth is the attraction ? In the fifties a few lowly paid white collar workers would virtually live from hand to mouth all their lives in order to say they were buying a house. Kippers and curtains are what the renters called them.
  10. Good god. That was a blast from the past. I thought it was only me that remembered that . It was the last time life seemed normal in the UK
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