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  1. WE ARE ******ED!

    1. Gman


      Why are we not striking over petrol/diesel prices??

  2. Yeah all over the BBC radio today, apparently from the institute of chartered surveyors. House prices will rise up to 10% GIVE ME A BREAK!
  3. How this post from March 2010 finally hits home to the Blind folks on here. Fuel prices will never go down from here, yes they may stabilize, but they will never drop.
  4. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-20/bank-of-england-to-start-raising-interest-rate-within-six-months-cbi-says.html and so it begins....
  5. well here was GS predictions for 2010 written Dec 2009 With the US Federal Reserve expected to keep its short-term nominal interest rate target near zero through 2011, we expect the low US real interest rate environment to continue to provide strong support for gold prices in 2010 and 2011. However, as we also expect US inflation to remain subdued, we expect gold prices to come under significant downward pressure once the US economic recovery strengthens and the US Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates. Consequently, an earlier-than-expected tightening of US monetary policy is the pr
  6. Hi, I was on my (early) Christmas works party on Saturday and whilst i was out I bumped into one of my cousins who I haven't seen for over 20yrs. He is now an EA in the North of England. Obviously I had a few drinks and I detest LA's and EA's so I started talking doom about the financial markets and housing market. I asked him why the hell have house prices risen in a falling market and houses that have been on the market for over 4yrs have actually also had a price hike (in some, NOT ALL areas) his answer was this.. Estate Agents are very powerful people and can manipulate the market when
  7. Well the dead horse looks like its coming back to life. I am now buying silver, not gold any more.
  8. Yes. They use all the necessary means now we are in 'The age of austerity'
  9. Tell him to buy gold (and a bit of silver). Tell him that he should forget his silly idea of trading, it is a lose lose situation in the many hard years ahead.
  10. Commodities always fall before July 4th Holiday in USA. They invest in bonds and cash and at the end of next week, it will rise again. BUY BUY BUY! Get your cheap gold whilst you can.
  11. True, but there are more dodgy Krugers and Mexican 50 peso coins than any other. Errol, do you think that you would get more than a 'little' over spot or scrap value if you sold your maples to Bairds? I think so somehow.
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