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  1. i think many of you need to separate the issues here and deal with each separately. 1. The death of Mark Duggan and the riots are only tenuously related so put that aside and deal with it separately (if he was as suggested by the press a thug I have nothing but praise for the police in seeking his arrest and sympathize with the policeman who shot him - his life is changed for ever.) 2. The riots: the initiators were predominantly black, and largely afro-carribean. This sector of our society is responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime. FACT! The data show that ~80% of serious crimes in London are committed by blacks, who represent ~13% of the population - do the maths. Only and idiot would suggest therefore that the police should do anything other than focus on the people most likely to commit crimes. The obvious truth is that there is a very ugly part of our community who don't have the same morals and ethics - you only have to go to the West Indies to see what I mean. It's a filth hole, full of stoned and resentful people who think selling beads, and fathering illegitimate kids is the road to prosperity. Only they can solve their cultural problems - not the bleeding hearts who think we should all be paying them social security, pensions and providing health care for nothing. 3. Yes there ARE blacks who have integrated, used our education and integrated. These should be applauded and don't represent the filth culture we all know exists across london. 4. Yes, there is a white scum culture too. They are also more likely to commit crime and should get the same treatment as indolent blacks. 5. The issue of white collar crime is not a reason for anarchy. You should all seek a better understanding of why the bankers were allowed to set up a financial system that was clearly destined to fail. The answer lies in the USA where the large investment banks have corrupted the worlds financial markets. Any attempt in the UK to rectify this is doomed to fail without the support of the American people. The proposals made by Gordon Brown are evidence of the truth. Since 2008 there has been NO action to resolve the lack of regulation and corruption of Washington. Despite the recession and looming depression bankers are being paid more now than they were. This is not a reason to riot and destroy the property of ordinary people. This IS a reason to get very angry with our corrupt politicians and the bankers.
  2. I have been waiting to see if the rumours of France being downgraded today are turn out to be true. It seems neither S&P, Moody's or Fitch started the rumours which have wiped tens of billions off bank equity and jeopardised the EU's stability fund. LINK Does anyone know where they started......
  3. My earlier predictions of an economic war between the USA and EU are starting to look alarmingly true: LINK This will get very scary. The USA is trying to find scape goats for its appalling fiscal management. Lets all remind outselves of the IMF reports findings on who the 800lb gorilla is!
  4. If they were living in Houston the answer would be no. They would have the right to defend their property and shoot the intruders dead. There are plenty of actual cases where this has happened and the people defending their property have not even been asked to go to the police station. If this carries on then we should have the same laws and the government should send troops in to defend property even if it means the looters are shot.
  5. Some of the posters here seem to have lost the plot. The riots were not caused by the death of the Mark Dugganwho from the current evidence shot at police and therefore risk his own lifeand lost. The riots were caused by liberal immigration and housing policiesthat allowed large uneducated communities to build up to ‘critical mass’ levelsin areas with low chance of them being employed in anything other than menialjobs. This however is no excuse for the riots and attacks on the police. Theactions of the past three days are anarchy and must be stamped out by whatevermeans it takes. We have moved past the point where the police should be askedto deal with the violence: it leaves them in the untenable position of havingto maintain normal order, once the riots are brought under control. It alsogives the rioters a bogus excuse to blame normal policing on their abnormal andanarchistic behavior. The answer is touse our armed forces to stamp out the violence with no holds barred – fear isthe only solution. Those who argue this is the consequence of social injusticein the UK are plain wrong. This human filth is educated in our schools, treatedin our hospitals, supported by our social services, and provided with pensionsat everyone else’s expense. Being angryabout not having a job is not an excuse for anarchy, and being impoverished bya foul culture, and lack of education, is not an excuse to riot. It is,however, a reason not to employ them and that applies whether you are white orblack. The real issue here is government policy, which has allowedan influx of uneducated, and unskilled blacks from Africa and the West Indies.How this happened, god alone knows, since there was never any clear benefit tothe UK. The USA learned its lesson from the days of slavery. They only grantvisas to people who bring a net benefit to the USA for fear of worsening racialproblems. Their blessing is to have Mexico on their borders. The ‘turn a blindeye’ policy on illegal immigrants here means that hard working, and generallypeaceful, Mexicans get to fill the low wages jobs. Now contrast that with thesome of the filth imported from Jamaica and Africa. It’s reached a point wherethe good ones amongst them have bread a critical mass of resentful and indolentyoung people who are able to connect at the touch of a cell phone. This ain’tno spring uprising. This is criminal and anarchic rioting and David Cameronneeds show leadership, and stamp out any expectation that there should be someform of compromise between the law and peoples bogus complaints of injustice.They should look to their homelands to understand how lucky they are.
  6. Good point Mightytharg. I shall get Baldrick to ask Queenie to chop of his head..... and stick it on a pole at the Tower (along with about 5000 of the blackhead rioters).
  7. Very interesting...... keep the facts coming - it keeps the wafflers here quiet. +1 Tha Masked Tulip +1 Moonriver +1 to the others i have forgotten ;-) The UK CDS rating is clearly nonsense since the debt levels are worse than France. Oddly Spain is nowhere near as bad as the press suggest so you can only draw one conclusion. The press are manipulated and complicit. This all stems from the City of London and the likes of Martin Wolf who seem to look at the UK through Biggles Goggles.... chocks away woggy.
  8. Get ready for the next series of downgrades: Link And guess who will be next! As The Masked Tulip points out above the UK is in an exclusive club of countries with outrageous debts.
  9. Concorde was a commercial failure in part because the USA refused to let it land at many airports on grounds of noise levels. I can't imagine the aircraft designers didn't take this into account so was it nobbled? There is speculation that the USA was suffering sour grapes and feared loosing its dominant position in aerospace. A success for Concorde would have spurred the development of some very sexy airplanes. Link
  10. So true. You know what really brought it home for me was living in the USA. You start to see the UK in a very different light and it's not good. The class system is very evident in the attitudes and actions of Brits and it's quite revolting. Americans see the UK as a quaint almost third world place - I was talking with someone who had spent a week in Bournemouth on a course and he had the experience of a few nights out watching the filth of Britain soaking up beer and staggering around the city centre vomiting and generally being foul mouthed..... to a typical god fearing jesus freak, this makes the UK look like a very primitive society. And you know, in a way it is. I can't say why brits are so socially divided, but it's clear you don't see the same behavior in American, French or Italian cities. I was frankly cringing last year sat outside a very nice pub surrounded by what seems to be human filth. They were drunk, searing and the conversation was of a very low level. Our working class have been bred like factory chickens with no hope other than to breed and continue to have no aspirations. This suits the Royal Family and he civil list and the parasites that live off them since there is no hope of serious challenge and the formation of a republic. They can sit there cloaked in their upper class, and the rest get to bottom feed in tiny scabby houses where they talk like chavs and eat chips. Of course, there is a good side of the UK and thats its middle class who all take holidays in France and Italy and dream of a better place in the sun.
  11. This is where the psychosis begins. We are already being fed the lie that the UKs independence (ha ha!) is a blessing because it can print its way out of default. We all know where this leads, and how hard it is to control inflation once it starts. The Germans know this, the Argentines know this, the ECB certainly knows ...... but apparently the USA and UK don't. I heard this morning the talking heads on ABC telling americans not to worry about default and how there is ZERO chance that it will. All because it will simply print money to pay its debts. Only a fool would accept this as anything other than default by inflation and dollar devaluation. So, here we are. Masked Tulip has presented the facts about the levels of government debt, budget deficit, and household debt. When will some here acknowledge the 800lb gorrilla is the USA and UK. THE FACTS should speak louder than some of the misinformed words here. Now the point to note (as has been stated by the EU) is Ireland, Greece and Portugal are a SMALL part of the EU's GDP (Greece is a pathetic 2% and that's mostly from Brits buying bottles of Boutari and Kebabs). This means the markets (based in NY and London) are deliberately targeting the weaker nations and ramping up pressure on their economies. This was easy until last Friday however the S&P downgrade will scare the living daylights out of a lot of investors. We are at last seeing the true picture and the EU should be ready to fight back.
  12. Of course, jut like there will be a referendum on Britain joining the war in Iraq, and a referendum on the raising speed limits by 10 miles an hour ;-) We all know the vote would be no, and the result would damage every european. You presume a referendum would to result in better democracy when in reality the press and media have failed to present the real advantages of the EU, many of which are complex and cross the evil of racism, and national 'bombasticism' - it was not so long ago people in Germany voted by silence to slaughter jews. Few europeans have actually bothered to find out how the european parliament works let alone find out about the net benefit of integrated markets and currencies. Like it or lump it the world is going to Globalize and small countries will suffer. One standout example of how the EU has succeeded is Airbus which has displaced Boeing as the worlds leading aircraft manufacturer. This could not have happened without the EU and provides a model for the future strengthening of European industry. And do you think the USA would have let the Large Hadron Supercollider be built at CERN were it not for the full weight of the EU behind it? There are still rumblings here in the USA about why the USA let Europe have the toy that might find the 'god particle' and I read recently suggestions that the USA should pull its funding. Only an integrated EU can stand up to the USA and only an integrated EU can negotiate a sound strategy with China and India. Of course, you will find no end of Nigel's and Daniel's to carp on about the downside of the EU however you never hear them weigh up the effect of their views. Its one thing to criticize and another to present a credible vision of life without the EU.
  13. In summary the article says: 1. downgrade will result in higher borrowing costs 2. several other AAA rated countries (no names but you can guess who, France cited as a 'for instance') will suffer downgrades 3. S&P downgrade will lead to problems for the ratings agencies on the basis they are only supposed to downgrade every one else. The article at this point is a little comical since according to the FT its fine for S&P to downgrade the PIIGS but not the USA. 4. The downgrade could herald a dislocation in global finance because the whole world is beholden to the dollar. Answering the comments above. Those who think the UK is a safe haven are kidding themselves and sound like the folks here in the USA who carped on about how the USA would never default, and would never be downgraded. The UK has for two long used financial services to offset the decline in manufacturing and production. This is set to backfire since it's clear the EU, Russia, China and India have seen how London is a shill for Wall St. Even Tim Geithner pointed out the role of London's LAX REGULATION in the fall of Lehman Brothers. I was talking to an Attorney last night who has an accounting specialisation. He confirmed what I have always thought and that is the USA used London as a vehicle to dump CDOs on the rest of the world. He told me it was common knowledge in 2007 that investment banks were sending people overseas to sell securities that everyone knew were toxic yet rated AAA. This was planned, and part of the reason London's investment banking sector grew so rapidly in the 2000s. This is now common knowledge amongst the leaders in Europe and there are two paths from here on: first disarray, default by the PIIGS, and an EU member nation haircut; or second 'emergency' measures that bring about greater integration and control from Brussels. The later is the more likely scenario and if that happens London will find itself out on a limb as the Wall St caves in. This will push the UK further into recession and raise the prospect of default by inflation caused by QE. If you read Foreign Affairs you will have seen some interesting articles suggesting that the EU is toying with moving to a stronger EU-Asia axis with the USA and UK being marginalized by their corrupt financial practices. This could spell the end of the Dollar as the reserve currency. I also read today that the USA is looking at two strategies wrt China: one, give in and let China become the dominant world power, or two try and destabilize China in the hope there is a peaceful break up into several provinces. If the USA pursues the later then its clear the UK must make a choice between the EU and the USA. China can then fight it out with the USA with the EU sat on the sidelines.
  14. FT article suggesting S&P will downgrade other Triple A's LINK My guess is the UK and France are in for a BIG shock and will get AA-
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