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  1. Latest from Germany. Looks like all Brits will have to sit German exams.
  2. Depends. https://www.dualcitizenship.com/countries/cyprus.html CITIZENSHIP BY DESCENT Those born abroad to at least one Cypriot parent or those of Cypriot origin are entitled to citizenship and can register for citizenship with a local consulate. Those born abroad between August 16, 1960 and 1999 to a Cypriot mother may register as a citizen after age 21.
  3. I have a German wife and a German daughter and no guarantee that I will be here end of March 2019. The messed up thing is, if I leave or get kicked out, the German Tax authorities will want me to pay my Tax in Germany because of my daughter and my wife.
  4. I have 11 years but I can`t seem to master the German language which prevents me from going for citizenship. If I have to take any language test I am in trouble.
  5. Maybe i can hijack this thread a bit. Living in Germany and have no clue what will happen next. In todays announcement UK citizens who have lived in an EU state for a period of more than five years must be granted, subject to certain conditions, long-term resident status. Now what does subject to certain conditions mean?
  6. Is this a new thing. I phoned my bank this morning and they said that it came into force this year. Cant seem to find any info on this new law.
  7. So I got a letter from the bank asking where I was Tax Residence (living in Germany), now I have left my UK accounts as they were when I left. No dodgy business going on. Why the after all these years does the UK Government want to know where I am. Can I just ignore the letter ?
  8. What is wrong with having the Australian migration policy ?
  9. Merkel allowed the migrants into Germany because she thought she was filling a skills gap, it had very little to do what was happening in Hungary. Once she realised that there were no doctors, engineers etc, she closed the border as soon as possible. By then it was too late.
  10. WTF ??? Do you really believe that ? What happened was Germany thought they were getting scientists, engineers and doctors. What they got was horny aggressive males. The time they realised this the whole continent was f**ked.
  11. Accidental ? http://www.wsj.com/articles/obscure-german-tweet-help-spur-migrant-march-from-hungary-1441901563 Scrapping the Dublin agreement is not accidental.
  12. I am thinking of buying a flat in Germany and am wondering what are the risks of buying off plan. The payment plan is a bit aggressive so you pay the full cost without actually seeing the flat. I am wondering what could actually go wrong and whether it is too big a risk to take.
  13. Been Lurking a few years on this website and I hope someone can answer my question, as the politicians do seem very useless. Back in 2006 when we were in middle of a messed up crazy house boom, I did what any young guy would do, I packed up and left for the EU well Germany to be exact. Now fast forward to the present day, we are leaving the EU and now I feel would be a good time to come back. Now here is the complicated part, I have a German Daughter and my girlfriend is also German (mother of the child). I still don`t know if I will be allowed to stay in Germany or whether I can bring my family back to the UK. Even though it is early, now would be a good time for some advice.
  14. what

    The Ukraine Chernobyl Thread

    Its too late we have already humiliated ourselves. The only thing the British can now do is say "We are deeply concerned". Russia has the EU and Britain over a barrel and there is nothing the EU will or can do.

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