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  1. Patfig

    Where's Venger

    Where's Injun
  2. Patfig

    Will Htb Be Removed?

    HTB Hard to Bear
  3. Die die die you *******
  4. Cut those rates Carney you C_nt when it does go bang its gonna be big
  5. Patfig

    Interest Rates

    whatever they do it feels like it really all gone Pete Tong Maybe now is the time to do a bunk and leave
  6. Patfig

    Interest Rates

    up up up hpc we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you
  7. Patfig

    Interest Rates

    I started to explain but then thought gfy I cant be arsed
  8. So which way? Just had a conversation witha guy who has told me that interest reates will be dropped to zero to stimulate the economy........... I think I may have entered the twilight zone
  9. Nigel Farage is an anagram of " a leering fag"
  10. But when the f is the crash coming................................ no time soon I reckon
  11. Patfig

    Gardian: Latest Poll Shows Eu Exit In Slight Lead

    I talk to a lot of folks down here in Kernow and I would say leave is way out in front
  12. Well George seems to be doing a pretty good job of f---ing it all up regardless

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