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  1. 20 year old Toyota had it 12 years just keeps on passing the damned MOT cost me £2900, will run it till it dies.
  2. Wow there's a house over £100K 🙂
  3. For sure you will never get your money back, even Saltburn seems to be struggling
  4. Carlin How is still cheap as chips
  5. Move to Aberdeen sounds like you are already half way there. We are currently looking at rural Aberdeenshire as a good location too.
  6. Well I have the BBC one news on this morning and the interview with Laura dogburger hasnt even been mentioned not even at the end of the credits, its been totally overlooked................... good old Aunty
  7. I think it will continue in some guise / name as I am sure there are going to be a lot of job losses coming soon and they do love propping shit up dont they.
  8. and on Monday........... take it off take it off take it off............ where's Davina!
  9. Well Sunak must be sh1tting himself as he is apparently postponing the budget until 2022.
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